Frequently Asked Questions


  • My product has a broken part. How can I get a replacement part?

    If your product has a broken or missing part, DO NOT contact the retailer.

    You should contact Storkcraft customer service directly either by email, telephone or online. They will be able to get you the necessary part(s) to make your product whole again.
    Phone (toll free): 1-877-274-0277 (Monday to Friday, 6:30 AM to 4 PM Pacific Standard Time)


  • Do you have separate customer service and parts departments for all of your brands?

    No, you may contact Storkcraft for all customer service and parts inquiries for Graco, Broyhill Kids, Thomasville Kids, Canwood, and Ragazzi.

  • I have purchased several Storkcraft items for a room set. Can I expect the colors of all the pieces to match exactly?

    No. There are several variables involved: country of manufacture, type of wood available/used, and painting process. Depending on the country of manufacture, or even wood availability in the same country at different times, the same type of wood may not be used for every manufacturing run of an item. The same painting process may be used on two different types of woods, yet the wood may take the paint differently. Even within one tree, certain sections may react slightly differently to the painting process. This is just the nature of wood. So, while the color will always be very close, there may be slight variations between items, or even within different parts of the same item. Part of the beauty and uniqueness of Storkcraft furniture are these natural variations that indicate real wood fabrication.

  • Can I purchase products directly from your online catalog?

    Storkcraft does not sell directly to consumers, but supplies a wide range of retailers in Canada and the United States. To determine where to purchase Storkcraft products, please click on any of the retailer logos listed on our Where to Buy page. Please note product availability is subject to retailers’ internal planning and cannot be influenced by Storkcraft.

  • Where can I find my Assembly Instructions?

    Assembly Instructions may be glued to the bottom of the crib mattress support, attached to the outside of product, or loose in the box. If you can’t find them there, please check Assembly Instructions on our website or contact our customer service department.

  • Are your products made with wood or particle board?

    All Storkcraft products may be made from a combination of solid wood, veneers, and wood products.

  • Do cribs and bunk beds come with mattresses?

    No, mattresses must be purchased separately unless stated otherwise.

  • Do Storkcraft’s colors match well with other brands?

    Storkcraft products match best with other Storkcraft products. We cannot be certain if our colors match well with other brands.


  • Do you sell the rails to convert the stages crib to a full size bed?

    Yes, we do sell the full size bed conversion rails or conversion kits for selected brands. Shipping cost would apply.

  • When the crib is converted into a full size bed, does it still take the same mattress size as a crib did?

    No. The mattress size for the bed is a full size or double. The crib mattress cannot be used for the full size mode.

  • Should I use a crib that was given to me by a friend or relative?

    You may use such a crib so long as you are confident that the party giving it to you purchased it new, you know how it was used and stored, and whether it meets all current safety standards. If you cannot confidently answer the aforementioned questions then we recommend that you purchase a new crib.

  • Are Storkcraft cribs JPMA certified?

    Yes, all Storkcraft products are Juvenile Products Manufacturers’ Association (JPMA) certified, undergo extensive and rigorous testing, and follow strict safety standards and regulations.

  • How many pounds will this crib hold?

    The limiting factor for using the crib is not weight, but height. The maximum height for a child to use a crib is 35.

  • What are the weight limits for the daybed and toddler bed stages?

    50 Pounds

  • Do your cribs come with toddler rails?

    Toddler rails are included for most of our 4-in-1 convertible cribs.

  • Are conversion kits necessary to convert from a crib to a daybed and toddler bed?

    No, a conversion kit is not necessary. Everything needed to convert your crib into a daybed or toddler bed should have come with the crib.

  • Is this crib paintable?

    We do not recommend painting any of our cribs, but if you insist then you should only use non-toxic paint, which has no lead in it.

  • What size mattress should I buy for this crib?

    The mattress size should be at least 27 1/4“x 51 5/8”, and should not be more than 6 inches thick. The mattress should be of such length and width that the gap between the mattress and the sides of the crib is not more than 1-3/16 inches when the mattress is pushed into the corner of the crib.

  • Is my crib part of the recall?

    The 2009 recall involves Stork Craft drop-side cribs and Stork Craft drop-side cribs with the Fisher-Price logo. This recall does not involve any cribs that do not have a drop-side. This recall does not involve any cribs with metal rod drop-side hardware. It involves only those cribs with plastic trigger and one-hand-system drop-side hardware.

    The recall includes Stork Craft cribs with manufacturing and distribution dates between January 1993 and October 2009. This recall also includes Stork Craft cribs with the Fisher-Price logo that have manufacturing dates between October 1997 and December 2004


  • How much weight can Storkcraft gliders hold?

    Storkcraft gliders can accommodate up to 250 pounds.

  • Do the gliders lock or recline?

    No, the gliders do not have a locking position or recline.

  • Are the cushions removable?

    Yes, the cushions are removable.

  • Can the cushions be cleaned?

    Yes, the cushions for the glider are ‘spot cleanable’ with a damp towel.

  • How can I order replacement cushions?

    For replacement cushions you may contact Storkcraft customer service directly either by email or telephone.

    Phone (toll free): 1-877-274-0277 (Monday to Friday, 7 AM to 3 PM Pacific Standard Time)

  • What material are the cushions?

    The cushions vary from polyester to microfiber. It depends on the cushion type and color.

  • What are the dimensions of the glider seat?

    The dimensions of the actual seat are 20x18.

Dressers and Change Tables

  • What is the weight limit for your changing tables?

    30 Pounds

  • Can I use the top of the dresser as a changing table?

    We do not recommend using the top of our dressers for changing. We recommend a stand-alone changing table for safety purposes.

  • Can the changing table be detached from the Crib and Changer combinations?

    Yes, the changing table can be removed when the crib is converted into a full size bed. It transitions into a night table

Youth Beds

  • What is the weight limit for the bunk beds?

    The weight limits are 165 pounds per bed.

  • What is the weight limit for toddler beds?

    50 Pounds.

  • Can I only use the top bunk and leave the bottom empty?

    No the top bunk must be used in conjunction with the bottom bunk. If you are looking for a bed with a top bunk and an open space underneath, you may want to look into a Canwood Loft Bed.

  • Can the bunk beds be split into two twin beds?

    Yes the bunk beds can be separated into two twin beds when your children get older. You do not need to purchase any separate hardware or parts.

  • Can the ladder be moved to another side?

    No, ladders can only go in the one spot.


  • Can I remove the safety stickers off my product?

    The safety stickers contain important information and they are required by law. We do not recommend that you try and remove the stickers.

  • What type of paint is used in cribs?

    The law says that you should use only non-toxic paint, which has no lead in it. Make sure that this is always the case when you buy a crib.

  • Are cribs governed by Safety Standards?

    Yes. How cribs will be built and what safety features need to be incorporated into a crib is regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the United States, and Health Canada in Canada. It is illegal to build and sell cribs that do not meet these safety standards. The best manufacturers build their cribs to include both mandatory and suggested safety standards.

  • Is it safe to buy a crib in a garage sale?

    We recommend you stay away from baby furniture that is sold in a garage sale. You never know how the crib was used, maintained, stored and, most importantly, whether it meets all current safety standards. Do what is most safe for your baby. Cribs that are sold in garage sales are not covered by manufacturers’ warranties.

  • How do I know if my used crib is safe?

    We do not recommend buying a used/old crib in garage sales, as there is usually no way of knowing how old or safe it is, or where it was manufactured. If your crib was manufactured in Canada before 1986, the crib is most likely unsafe. Health Canada changed the safety standards in 1986. In the United States, additional voluntary standards were added in 1988 by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) to make cribs even safer.

  • What do I do if my crib does not meet the safety standards?

    Do not use the crib. Break it apart and throw it in the garbage.

  • How do I know if my Storkcraft product has been recalled?

    If you filled out the registration card that came with your product or filled out the online registration form, you will be notified if there are any safety announcements. Should you have any questions regarding recalls, please contact our customer service department.

MAP Policy

  • MAP Policy

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