What if my baby chews on the crib?
What if my baby gets stuck between the slats?
Do you sell Bed frames or rails to convert the stages cribs to a full size bed?
Is my crib part of the recall?
What size mattress should I buy for this crib?
Can I paint my crib?
Are conversion kits necessary to convert from a crib to a daybed and toddler bed?
Do your cribs come with toddler rails?
What are the weight limits for the daybed and toddler bed stages?
How many pounds will this crib hold?
Are Storkcraft cribs JPMA certified?
Should I use a crib that was given to me by a friend or relative?

Dressers and Change Tables

Can the changing table be detached from the Crib and Changer combinations?
Can I use the top of the dresser as a changing table?
What is the weight limit for your changing tables?


Do Storkcraft’s colors match well with other brands?
Do cribs and bunk beds come with mattresses?
Are your products made with wood or particle board?
Where can I find my Assembly Instructions?
Can I purchase products directly from your online catalog?
I have purchased several Storkcraft items for a room set. Can I expect the colors of all the pieces to match exactly?
My product has a broken part. How can I get a replacement part?


Can the glider cushions be cleaned?
Are the glider cushions removable?
Do the gliders lock or recline?
How much weight can Storkcraft gliders hold?

MAP Policy

MAP Policy


How do I know if my used crib is safe?
How do I know if my Storkcraft product has been recalled?
What do I do if my crib does not meet the safety standards?
Is it safe to buy a crib in a garage sale?
Are cribs governed by Safety Standards?
What type of paint is used in cribs?
Can I remove the safety stickers off my product?


Is my product covered under warranty?
What does our warranty cover?
What does our warranty not cover?
How do I claim for service under warranty?
What information do I need to provide when making a claim?

Youth Beds

Can the bunk bed ladder be moved to another side?
Can the bunk beds be split into two twin beds?
Can I only use the top bunk and leave the bottom empty?
What is the weight limit for the bunk beds?