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Baby proofing your house: Nursery Edition

It’s time to put on your super-mom and super-dad capes: babyproofing your house should have should have been completed yesterday!

Have you ever wondered what your little ones are up to when you are not around? Have they already mastered the art of rolling over and holding up their head? Have you ever left them lying on their back and, within two seconds, they are already on their belly playing with their toys. We have gathered tips from expert parents to help you prepare for your children’s safety! To start, baby proofing your house begins in the nursery.

  1. Location of the crib in the nursery
    The most convenient location for your baby’s crib is right next to your nursery door. This will be especially useful when your baby calls for you in the middle of the night. One mistake to certainly avoid is keeping the crib next to the window: as much as we would like for our little one to get enough sunlight, the window can be hazardous to your little one. As children begin to sit or stand up, they often try to support themselves with objects in their surroundings. Because of this, window blinds can be especially hazardous at this stage. Windows also can be a haven for dust, insects, and hot or cold temperatures. For your child’s health and safety, it is important that the crib is located in the right spot.Espresso Crib and Dresser in the Nursery room

    Portofino Convertible Crib and Changer

  2. Using the right furniture in the nursery
    The toddler stage is one of the cutest and most fun stages in childhood, as your little one begins to speak, crawl, walk, etc. As a parent, you know that a simple “boo boo” hurts you more than it hurts them. Choosing the right furniture is crucial when baby proofing your nursery. Make smart decisions, and choose furniture that meets anti-tipping standards, has soft edges, and utilizes anti-tipping brackets for additional safety benefits to prevent any accidents.
    White crib and white dresser in a gender neutral nursery room

    Alpine 4 Drawer Dresser

  3. Don’t forget about outlets
    When we were kids, our parents told us not to play with fire. What did we do? Well, some of us learned it the hard way! Don’t allow your child to make the same mistake. Use safety outlet covers, or simply cover up the power outlets with tape, to prevent dangerous accidents.
    Baby playing with the outlet

    Image courtesy of and then modified

  4. Choose the right mattress
    There are so many mattresses available today that it is hard to know which one is best for your baby’s growth and development. Most doctors recommend that your baby’s crib mattress should be firm and breathable. Mattresses that are too soft or low in breathability can increase the risk of suffocation. When buying a mattress, it is highly recommended that you look for one that is high in breathability and is not too soft.
    Baby mattress

    Graco Premium Mattress

  5. What’s inside the crib
    The constant excitement and ever-present urge to clean and decorate while awaiting the arrival of your newborn! While we love the idea of using decorative pillows, blankets, soft toys, crib bumpers, and other cuddly things for our baby’s crib, these items can prove to be risky for your baby’s safety. Most of these items are low in breathability and present a choking hazard. Baby proofing your nursery should be the first step to baby proofing your house.
    Pink nursery room/blue nursery room

    Image courtesy of and then modified

If you are a new parent or a soon to be one, baby proofing your house should be your top priority. Remember – to your little one, your home is one big playground! Although it is fun to watch your little ones play, almost anything can present a hazard to them; it is imperative to prioritize safety. Simple precautions like using door stoppers, ensuring the windows are properly closed, and many of the tips above can prevent major accidents.

Stay tuned to our blog for more safety tips for your little one around the house.

Women’s Choice Award endorses Storkcraft for the second consecutive year!

At Storkcraft we believe in Family above all. Life is about bonding with those who we care about the most. From the precious first moments you share with your little one to the moments you share together as a family, we are committed to being there with you along the way.  

For the second consecutive year, we are honored to be recognized as America’s Most Recommended Baby Furniture Company by the Women’s Choice Award. The Women’s Choice Award is the collective recommendation of women across America and honors brands that women would choose for themselves and also recommend it to their family and friends. The Women’s Choice Award understands that women are busy, and that life brings about many challenges, so their goal is to provide women and their families with the tools and resources that will empower them in their life goals and improve their lives. 

We get it, we have been in your shoes; Our products are made by families for families. For the last 70 years, we have made great family furniture products so that you can focus on those precious moments with your family. We focus on Safety, design, and the community so that you can focus on the moments.  

As you prepare the perfect nest for your little munchkin, we’ll be here for anything you need. Need help on choosing the right crib? Need advice on decorating? Or maybe you just want to know what other parents have done? We’ll be right here. Our top-notch customer service will guide you through our wide assortment of beautiful cribs, gliders, rockers, dressers, bunk beds, and all other nursery items and help you build your dream nursery.


6 easy DIY healthy snacks for kids

Have you ever wondered if your kids are eating right? French fries, ice-cream, and store-bought chicken nuggets are so convenient but they simply lack all the good nutrition that your kids need. We have created a list of six simple DIY healthy snacks for kids that are convenient and easy to make. We hope that you can take some inspiration from this and add your own twist to these healthy snacks.

1. PBA (Peanut Butter Apple)

This is a simple twist on the traditional peanut butter and jam sandwich. Kids absolutely love sweet foods and apples are a great source of natural sugars. Apples with delicious creamy peanut butter make the kids go bananas! You could add your own twist to this by adding jam, softened cream cheese, and other fruit dips.  

Peanut Butter Apple and Jar

2. Homemade frozen fruit popsicles

It’s yummy, fun-to-eat, and the most loved of all the healthy snacks for kids. You can make these popsicles with almost any fresh or frozen fruit and try different combinations. It’s fun to get creative with this as you can make the popsicle icy, creamy, and give it different textures based on your kids’ preference. Try using zero sugar fruit juices, coconut milk, Greek yogurt, honey, and other ingredients for added flavor. This is a sugar-free, all natural, anti-oxidant rich, and nutritious homemade snack that kids love!

Frozen fruit popcicle

3. Popcorn with nuts and dry fruits

Popcorn is a must have snack for any family movie night. It’s easy to eat with your hands, can be made in a small kitchen (even just a microwave), and the delicious smell completely overwhelms your kids’ senses. Instead of mixing sugary treats like snacks like candy or chocolate, mix it with healthy snacks like almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, dried blueberry, cranberry, etc. and you will not even notice the difference.  

4. Crackers n cheese

This is an all-time favorite snack loved by kids around the world. Cheese is a rich source of calcium, good fats, vitamin D, and protein which is essential for your growing toddler. If you are a busy parent and worried about making healthy snacks for kids then this is a convenient alternative as most ingredients can be bought readymade in store and the prep time is minimal.  It is generally recommended that you choose low sodium and low-fat cheese for your kids. 

Fruits and Cheese

5. Fruit skewers

These are an easy-to-make DIY healthy snack for kids at home. This is a great snack for any kids gathering and convenient if you are prepping snacks in bulk. Kids love this multicolored snack and it is hard to ignore the healthy nutrition that your kids get from these skewers. To enhance the flavor try adding honey or even Himalayan salt to add some kick. 

Fruit skewers

6. Smoothie

Is your little one extremely picky for what they eat? Look no further as a smoothie might just be the answer to all your troubles. Smoothies are easy to make, highly nutritious, and the kids will believe you when you tell them that it’s a milkshake! It’s like playing Jedi mind tricks on your little one! You can use spinach, kale, carrots, banana, celery, nuts, and other nutritious foods that kids absolutely horrified off.  

 If you are trying to get your kids to eat healthy then start by avoiding processed and packaged foods. Homemade snacks are delicious and much healthier for your little one than store bought. Knowing your ingredients and making healthy choices for your kids will help them stay active and focused. Most importantly, have fun while making healthy snacks for kids at home, get your kids involved, and let them get their hands dirty.

Tips for New Moms – Baby Sleep

New moms: we know you are tired, so we’ll make this quick. It can be hard to get little ones to fall asleep in their cribs and keep them asleep all night long. There are many simple changes you can make to help your baby sleep for longer and make bedtime relaxing and enjoyable for both of you.

7 Ways to Get Baby to Sleep

1. Create a Pre-Sleep Routine

Follow some nighttime rituals to help your little one learn the difference between day and night and naps versus a good nights sleep. Start by turning down lights and keeping your little away from screens. Warm baths, massages, and cuddling help your baby to relax. Try lowering your voice and singing a lullaby to help your baby’s sensory system slow down just before bedtime.

2. Dream Feed

Dream feeding is one of the best ways to help moms stay asleep longer. The dream feed is a feeding given to the baby right before you go to bed. It’s a parent-directed, late-evening feeding in which you don’t wait for the baby to wake up hungry, but instead fill its belly just enough to steal a few more hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Dreamfeed baby

3. Swaddle

Swaddling helps infants fall and stay asleep for two reasons: firstly, your newborn was used to being tightly wrapped in the womb, so being wrapped in a swaddling blanket duplicates the experience which helps them sleep better. Secondly, sometimes babies feel as if they are falling, and this sensation causes the baby to incidentally wake up. Keeping a tight swaddle prevents babies from startling themselves awake, helping the newborn baby sleep both better and longer.

Baby sleeping

4. Form an Association between Crib & Sleep

As convenient as it may be to let your little pumpkin snooze in their car seat while you’re on the go, or cuddle in your arms while you relax, you should try early on for your child to always sleep in their crib. The more often you put them to sleep in their crib, the better association they will create between being in their crib and sleeping. This will be very helpful on nights when they are more active or awake – once you do put them in their crib, this association will come into play and help them understand that it’s time to sleep.

5. Lay Baby Down Sleepy

Every mom has gone through the frustrating cycle of having their baby sleep in their arms to only wake up crying once you let go of them! They can wake up from the difference in temperature, brisk movements, or from being in a different position. The best way to avoid this problem and teach your baby to self-soothe and fall asleep on their own. If you notice that your baby is sleepy, put them in their crib before they fall asleep. This will help them create an association between a crib and sleep (step 4) and falling asleep independently helps your baby drift back to sleep in case they wake up. Ultimately this will help your baby sleep better in the long run.

baby sleeping on mothers arms

6. White Noise

In the womb, your baby was used to constant sounds of your beating heart and other noises of your stomach. White noises can be especially relaxing to for your little one as silence could actually be startling. Using a white noise machine, playing a relaxing-sounds playlist on youtube or even using a fan can help your babies sleep better.

7. Let Baby Cry

The hardest part for any new parent is to let their little munchkin cry! Make sure that the basics are covered (hunger, comfort, diapers, etc.) and pause before rushing in if you hear them making a fuss. As hard as it is to listen to cries, tough it out and see if your baby can work it out themselves. If the crying continues, intervene in the least direct way, like using a calm voice or patting their backs. Only pick them up as the last resort. With this difficult step, your baby will remember a little sooner that crying doesn’t produce results.

baby crying

Every new mom knows what it’s like being tired. Just remember that sleeping is a habit that can be taught to your baby just like anything else. In the book “Winning Bedtime Battles: Getting Your Child to Sleep”, author Charles Schaefer mentions that most babies begin to sleep through the night between 3 and 4 months.

These tips will help you create triggers and cues for your baby which they will identify with sleeping. Developing these baby sleep habits will help you and your baby sleep tight.

How to get back in shape after pregnancy in 5 simple steps

Chocolate, ice cream, pickles, potato chips, spicy food, and all those tasty snacks get the best of us during pregnancy. The heightened sense of smell during pregnancy makes the yearning for these foods almost uncontrollable! Because of these cravings, most of us put on more fat than what the doctor recommends. This leaves most new moms wondering what post pregnancy diet to adopt and how to get back in shape after pregnancy?

Here are 5 simple tips to help you lose your pregnancy weight and fat

1. Drink a lot of water: There are numerous articles and research papers that emphasize the importance of keeping our body properly hydrated, especially post pregnancy. Water has zero calories, no sugar, and is easily available. Making simple changes like drinking water over soda, sugary juices, alcohol, and other carbonated drinks can help speed up your fat loss journey.

Drink a lot of water

2. Meditation: Being a new mom is stressful on your body and your mind. Your life changes the moment your baby is born, and so does your schedule. Meditating for as little as five minutes first thing in the morning takes your mind of all the stress and gets your ready to tackle any challenges that come your way.

3. Light Exercises: Back pain is one of the most commonly reported pains of new moms. Something as simple as lifting your baby from the crib, and picking up toys from the floor can cause back pain over time. It is highly recommended that you spend 5-15 minutes every other day doing light stretches, yoga, or even some floor exercises. One small step each day will get you ready for when your little ones are not so little anymore.

Light Exercises

4. Eating a healthy balanced diet: Now that the cravings are no longer there, finding the best mix of eating the right amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and fiber is the key to get back in shape after pregnancy. It is highly recommended that you consult with your doctor as your baby gets their nutrition from your feed. Having that right mix is not only important for you but equally as important for your baby’s health.

5. Get enough sleep: We know that getting proper 6-9 hours of sleep with a newborn is nearly impossible. However, it is a very important part of our health. Our body recovers during sleep and if you are well rested, you will automatically make healthier lifestyle choices. Some benefits of sleep include faster resting metabolism, enhanced physical activity, a clearer mind, and it helps prevent insulin resistance which is key to any successful body transformation.

We highly recommend that you consult with your doctor before making any drastic changes to your lifestyle, as your baby’s health depends on the choices you make. The bottom line is that making healthier lifestyle choices will help you lose the baby weight.

Image Source: Flickr