Summer Sun: Keeping Baby Safe

August 4, 2015

This season of exceptionally hot temperatures has been a lesson in how to keep everyone cool, especially your baby.  Here are our five must-haves for this sunny season.

1) Muslin Swaddle Cloths:  Don’t mistake the word “swaddle” for limited usage.  These cloths can do so much more than just bundle up your baby.  Light and airy, and generous in size, these cloths make the perfect stroller or car seat cover when the sun is shining just a little too intensely (Make sure that baby is getting enough air flow and regularly check that temperatures are comfortable enough though!).  They double up as blankets, cloths for wiping up spills, and cover for breast feeding.  Did I mention that they are so easy to hand wash and dry wonderfully quickly with just a hang-dry?  Yup, it tops the list of must-haves.

2) Sun Hat:  Young children often have very fine or no hair, so protect that sensitive skin and eyes with a cute hat with brim.  A good hat is also crucial for toddlers who would rather run around on their own than sit under sun hat

3) Sunscreen:  It’s not always the most convenient item to put on a child, but it will be worth it to avoid any burns especially during those long days outdoors.  My favorites are the ones that come in a solid/twist stick form so that you can easily apply without ending up with greasy hands, and no chances of spillage inside the diaper bag.

4) UV Protected Swim Wear:  So you have the LO lathered with the sunscreen and it’s time to hit the water park, right?  Well don’t forget the sun protective swim suit.  Keep in mind that sunscreen needs frequent reapplication and will come off underwater, so add a layer of protection with a UV protected swim suit.  I especially like ones with sleeves as the shoulders and back are the parts that usually receive the most exposure to the swim suit

5) Beach Canopy:  My LO was born just right before the summer season so we spent a lot of time outdoors from the very get go.  The beach canopy was a great accessory to have during beach picnics when we would want our hands free and still let baby stretch out and roll around for a bit.  It still works great to this day as our LO enjoys having her “own tent”.