Spooktacular Meals and Treats: Halloween Recipes for Kids

October 26, 2016

Halloween is just around the corner, and in honor of this spooky tradition, we have some festive recipes for you to try out with the kids. Not only will these creations taste delicious, but they will make for excellent Instagram or Snapchat stories! For more recipe ideas, see our Pinterest board where we have pinned all of our favorite, kid-friendly recipes!


Eyeball Oreo Truffles













You would think that eyeballs would be unappetizing, but just look at these. Eyeball Oreo Truffles might be the most rich treat your little one will ever eat! With minimal ingredients and lots of creativity, this recipe is perfect for you and your child to make together; they will love crushing the Oreos, drawing pupils on the M&Ms and decorating the eyeballs with red blood…I mean frosting!  View the complete recipe here, courtesy of Mom Loves Baking.


Hot Dog Spiders








This might be the only time your child will be delighted to see a spider! It’s exactly what it looks like: a Halloween version of Pigs in a Blanket. However, this recipe has the added bonus of creepy, crawly spider legs.  The best part about Hot Dog Spiders is that this recipe was designed to be simple: all you need is dough (Pillsbury is an excellent choice here), hot dog wieners and black sesame seeds for the eyes. View the complete recipe here, courtesy of Applegate.


Stuffed Jack-O’-Lanterns

stuffed-bell-peppers-on-cutting-boardWhat’s better than carving pumpkins at Halloween? Carving orange peppers! Why? Because now your kids will be EXCITED to eat their vegetables…at least we hope they will be!

Carving can be dangerous, so it is important to ensure that adult supervision is present during the entire meal preparation. You may even want to carve the peppers in advance, and let your child help you stuff them full of delicious ingredients. View the full recipe here, courtesy of Everyday Jenny.

We know being a busy parent doesn’t leave you with lots of free time – for a condensed version of this recipe, and for added flavor, try poaching the chicken in boiling chicken broth until cooked, and then pull the chicken apart with a fork for the slow-cooked texture.



Pretzel and Cheese Broomsticks










The perfect after school snack, these broomsticks will SWEEP you away! (And they’re not too unhealthy either!) All you need are cheese strings, pretzels and chives for garnish – you may not even need to go the grocery store for these practical, food essentials. Best of all, these delightful treats are miniature in size, so they could even be served as hors d’oeuvres at a Halloween party. View the complete recipe here, courtesy of One Little Project.


Rice Krispie Pumpkins













For all those times your kids ask you if they can have dessert for breakfast – now you can use their breakfast cereal to create a new Halloween treat. For this recipe, begin by making Rice Krispie Treats as you usually would, but before adding the Rice Krispies, add a few drops of red and yellow food coloring for the authentic orange color. Also, instead of cutting squares, you’ll be rolling pumpkin shapes. View the complete recipe here, courtesy of One Little Project.

Healthy BooNana Ghost Pops

Processed with Snapseed.









The fact that they’re Halloween and HEALTHY says it all! There is an abundance of candy and sweets during this time of year, so why not make delicious treats using fruit and yogurt? All you need for this recipe are bananas, vanilla yogurt and chocolate chips – then relax for approximately three hours and let your freezer do the magic! Just don’t tell the kids that there’s no added sugar and each pop is only 65 calories: you can save that little secret for you and your fellow parents, as that is something they will genuinely appreciate. View the complete recipe here, courtesy of Mom’s Kitchen Handbook.

Have a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween!