Father’s Day Gift Guide for the First-time Dad

June 15, 2017

Becoming a parent for the first-time is both an exciting and life-changing experience. Since adjusting to new responsibilities can be difficult at times, we’ve rounded up some great gift ideas to make life a little easier for those first-time dads!

A Masculine Diaper Bag

Masculine Diaper Bag

Who says diaper bags can’t cater to your own personal style? Although there seems to be an infinite amount of purse-like diaper bag options out there, that doesn’t mean dads must carry them. Diaper Dude offers a wide and versatile array of manly options first-time dads will appreciate and be proud to carry around. So, whether dad is the outdoorsy type and or almost always in a suit and tie, there’s a diaper bag option to suit his style. Get the perfect bag for dad here, courtesy of Diaper Dude.

Storkcraft Mini-Speedster Activity Walker

The gift aspect of Father’s Day doesn’t solely mean dads are on the receiving end. We have a great gift idea for dad to give to baby as well. 😉 The ultra-interactive Storkcraft Mini-Speedster Activity Walker is great option for stimulating your child’s senses as they grow. If your infant is using a walker, crawling or even walking, don’t forget to keep them safe and protected from hazardous areas with a safety gate. Once the home is baby proofed, dad can rest easy, read the paper, and relax! Visit our previous blog post on safety gates to learn about why they’re important to implement in the home. Safety Gates- Keeping Baby Safe

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

Give dad the gift of music with the Amazon Echo, which plays anything he wants to hear with just the sound of his voice. This neat device also has calling and messaging features, as well as answers questions, reads the news, provides sports scores and so much more. Who knew? It’s basically an assistant (without the hefty hourly rate) which makes it great for first-time-dads while they care for their little one. Amazon Echo 

The Dad Manual

Dad Manual

The best things in life don’t necessarily come easily. Although being a parent can be one of the most thrilling and rewarding accomplishments for many, it sure is challenging, especially for first-time parents. No, all the books in the world couldn’t fully prepare anyone for being a parent, but this manual is sure to give any first-time dad the knowledge and guidance when it comes to caring for the first baby in the family. Let dad rest easy, just like baby, by getting him this book. The Happiest Baby on the Block.

Storkcraft Tuscany Glider and Ottoman

Storkcraft Tuscany Glider and Ottoman

The Storkcraft Tuscany Glider and Ottoman is the perfect place for dad to rest comfortably, either during bonding time with the little one, or while baby cozily sleeps. Its gentle gliding motion is perfect for dad to put baby to sleep too. This glider is also a Baby Center award winner as the Moms’ Pick Winner for Best Glider 2017. Treat dad this year with a comfortable and welcoming place to rest for the days he needs it most. Find it here along with various finish and cushion options.

DIY Photo Frame

Dad Frame

There’s nothing dad would be more appreciative of than receiving a meaningful handmade gift, especially when its filled with photos of his little one showing his/her love. He’ll be proud to hang this piece up on the wall or have it sit on his desk in the office. This adorable picture frame with baby holding up letters in each photo that spell out “Dad” is the perfect do-it-yourself gift this Father’s Day. Find it here, courtesy of Little King’s Nest.

The Ultimate Baby Data Tracker

The MammaBaby app makes tracking detailed information on your little one a breeze. The best part is that the information can be shared between multiple mobile devices which means both parents can log and track. Anything from diaper changes, feedings, medications, growth, sleep and much more can be tracked. If baby begins to cry after mom heads out for the afternoon, dad can see if he/she is hungry by checking when the last feeding was. Or he might notice his little one hadn’t napped yet that day, so it may be time to put baby to sleep with a bed time story. MammaBaby app can be found here via the iTunes store.



Happy Father’s Day from Storkcraft!