DIY Daddy’s Day Gifts

June 14, 2016

With Father’s Day fast approaching (June 19th to be exact), we figure you and the kids might be in need of new and creative gift ideas to give Dad! Why are Dads so tricky to buy for? Probably because they’re extremely practical and are quick to buy everything they need.

Fret no more – we have the perfect DIY solutions for you. Fresh, unique and wallet-friendly gift ideas for the whole family to enjoy – made with 100% love (and maybe some glitter and glue!)


1.     All About Daddy: Framed Questionnaire

All about Daddy

Image via Daffodil Design

Simple, yet elegant: all you need is a computer with a color printer, and your little genius will do the rest! If you want to go the extra mile, take a trip to your local art store for an inexpensive picture frame and scrapbook paper for the triangular cutouts.


2.     Personalized Mugs

Personalized Mugs for Dad

Image via Envato

Does Dad not wake up until he’s had his morning coffee?! Why not give him something you know he will use every day? These personalized mugs are fun to make, and guess what – PRACTICAL! All you need is a white ceramic mug, sharpie and an oven: bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees to solidify your design.


3.     Painted Potted Plants

Painted Potted Plant

Image via See That There

You and your kids don’t even need to be that artsy – the brighter the better! Just grab some paints (preferably acrylic, but anything should work) small pots from the dollar store and a few miniature plants or succulents from your local Farmers’ Market! Your children will love the opportunity to create an abstract masterpiece. If dad isn’t the type who appreciates flowers, the pots also make great storage vessels for tools, BBQ supplies or his beloved TV remote control!


4.     The Ultimate Candy Card

candy card

Image via Lil’ Luna

Does Dad love his sweets? We know he’ll definitely enjoy the puns! Embark on an official shopping trip to the candy aisle and let the sugar guide your creativity. If dad doesn’t have a big sweet tooth, you can easily substitute candy for his favorite snacks. Useful tip: You may want to get the little ones their own treat, so they’re not tempted snack on the card!


5.     Photo Booth Bookmark

Here’s a chance to utilize that camera of yours! Snap a few shots of the kids, or maybe kids with Dad, and make your own photo booth reel! Don’t have a camera? Visit any mall or arcade and take advantage of their photo booth. Funny faces and costumes always make it interesting. Jazz it up with a ribbon and laminate it for longevity.



(Main Image via Milk & Honey)


Happy Father’s Day from Storkcraft!