How to Design your Toddler’s Woodland-Themed Room

February 26, 2018

Inspired by our new toddler beds and our love of the outdoors, we’ve come up with some décor ideas for your toddler’s bedroom. Taking designer rooms as inspiration, we’ve found simple ways on how to achieve similar looks including DIY projects for personalized touches.

The base of these designs start with the wall colors and right set of furniture. With this room, we recommend the Storkcraft Hillside Toddler Bed and any dresser from the Storkcraft Avalon collection in a matching finish. You can find out more about this bed here. Whether you live close to the forest or in the middle of a bustling city, we think the Hillside Toddler Bed would fit perfectly with a woodland theme.

In the Woods

This lovely In the Woods themed room provides an abundance of decor inspiration. The Evergreen trees by the window, tall wooden branches, bedding and campfire all tie together to create a cozy forest theme. See below for ideas on how to get the same look and feel with simple and budget friendly items. Image courtesy of Thistle Wood Farms.


Thistle Wood Farms

Trees and Branches

We love these beautiful tree branch wall decals which not only are easy to install, but effortlessly add design flare. There are various designs, colors and shapes to chose from to best match your space. If you want to take the look a step further, consider adding other decals that coordinate with the theme, such as leaves, deer, butterflies or grass. Images courtesy of Darcie and Innovative Stencils.


Trees and Branches Room

Trees and Branches Wall Paper room

Raw Wood Touches

Bringing in wall accessories with raw wood or with the grain still visible will add rustic charm to any room. Shelves, picture frames, coat hangers or any other décor with raw wood will work well. We especially loved these snow peak shelves below, images courtesy of Dream State

Campfire DIY

A fun way to include the campfire from our inspiration room is to make this DIY paper campfire with your little one. Toilet paper carton rolls or paper towel carton rolls (depending how big you want your ‘fire’ to be), markers, construction paper, scissors, tape, a cardboard base and pebbles are all you’ll need for this cozy campfire. Use the markers to add lines and swirls to the carton rolls, making them look more like logs.

  1. Use tape or glue to secure the logs and pebbles onto the base.
  2. Cut the colored construction paper into triangular shapes with curves. Vary the sizes and width of shapes for a more realistic look.
  3. Layer the different paper colors, with the lightest color in the center and darkest on the outside.
  4. Use tape to secure the colored paper onto the logs

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Storkcraft Toddler Beds

Boasting elegant arches and a timeless design, the Hillside Toddler Bed is a great option as your little one’s first ‘big-kid’ bed. The fully-slatted design with guardrails on either side create a secure environment. With clean lines and modern paneling, the Mission Ridge Toddler Bed offers versatility for any room décor. Made of sustainable, high-quality New Zealand pine wood and composites, this fully-slatted design offers guardrails on either side of the bed for added protection.