How to Decorate Your Nursery for the Holidays

December 15, 2016

Now that your Christmas lights are up and the tree is decorated, how will you make the rest of your home festive for the holidays? Here is your opportunity to show off your creative side and devise a ‘Winter Wonderland’ nursery or a ‘Santa’s Little Workshop’ playroom for your little one! Display your holiday spirit with kid-friendly artwork, crafts and accessories to ensure that your baby has a magical first Christmas (or second, third or fourth!)

Here are some of our tips on how to create the perfect holiday-themed room for your little one:


DIY Christmas Lights

(Image courtesy of Stubbornly Crafty)

(Image courtesy of Stubbornly Crafty)

Now easier and more convenient than traditional, home Christmas lights, work your creative magic to create this construction paper garland of colorful lights! What’s better than putting lights up around the house? Only construction paper lights that you can make yourself with just colored paper and a roll of twine. If you are planning a Winter Wonderland theme, try using only white, gray and light blue construction paper to capitalize on ‘snow’ colors.


Throw Pillows

Holiday Throw Pillow

There’s nothing like adding Christmas pillows to the mix. Although subtle, these festive throw pillow covers are versatile and can be reused for years to come. The best part about the accessory: there are so many holiday-themed throw pillows to choose from! Take a browse on Etsy to see what you can find.


Christmas Sock Stockings

Christmas Sock Stockings

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart

We’ve all experienced missing socks; whether they never recover from the laundry, or they just spontaneously disappear. We also know this is common for baby socks, as babies can be fussy about anything on their feet! Theoretically, this results in a sock drawer full of one-of-a-kind, mismatched socks. However with DIY Christmas Sock Stockings, now you’ll have a use for all those cute, but mismatched baby socks! There are no rules here: pick and choose which ever size, pattern or color scheme works for your nursery and hang them along a thick-cut ribbon with clothes pins. If you’re ever in doubt, the more colors and patterns, the better and merrier!


Winter Holiday Crib Sheets

Holiday Crib Sheets

You can change the décor of your baby’s nursery as easily as changing the sheets! Whether the pattern is “Snowflakes”, “Evergreens” or “Penguins in Santa Hats”, this simple accessory will help transition your baby’s room into a festive wonderland. Now available at Etsy, these seasonal but neutral Evergreen crib sheets will match any holiday theme, but also be fashionable year round.


Framed Wall Print

Holiday Wall Print

This accessory is perfect if you have an unused frame lying around! However, if you don’t, simply replace the contents of your favorite frame (only temporarily) and use it to host a holiday-themed artwork or graphic. Any festive picture will do the trick – however, if you’ve fallen in love with this one, like we have, it is available for download and printing on Etsy.


Joy Wall Decor

Joy Wall Decor

In case you are looking for something flashier than a wall print, this adhesive wall décor may be exactly what you need to enhance your holiday-themed nursery. Available in many different designs, adhesive wall decors do not require a hammer or nails and are the perfect temporary holiday accessory (especially for an empty wall!) This “Joy” Adhesive Wall Décor is available on Houzz.


Mini Tree


Give your little one their own Mini Tree and help them decorate it however you’d like. Ensuring that it is baby safe, we recommend placing the mini-tree on a surface that is out of reach from your baby, and to use non-breakable toys and ornaments. To make your own homemade Christmas ball ornaments, find colorful pompoms, in all shapes and sizes, and hang them from strings or twist ties. Mardi Gras beads and miniature candy canes are excellent options too!



Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from all of us at Storkcraft!