Baby proofing your house: Living room edition

April 12, 2019

Is your baby almost 6 months old, and will soon start crawling? If so, it’s time to create the most baby-friendly living room. Read on, as we shed light on some of the most important baby proofing tips for your living room

A clean house is an essential first step towards maintaining a safe house. In our previous blog “Baby proofing your house: Nursery Edition” we shared five insightful tips to help parents in creating a safe haven for their little ones. Before you know it, your little one will start crawling and following you everywhere you go! And, while you are not paying attention, they will lurk around and notice even the smallest things that no parent would otherwise think could cause any harm to their little munchkins. In this blog we will share stories of some parents who eventually learned from their mistake

baby biting plastic cup
    1. Get high and get low… literally
      Carolina from Southern California is a mother of four and a self-described “clean freak”. Since day one, Carolina instilled in her little ones to clean up after themselves, pick up their toys after playing, and to not leave a mess behind. She says, when you are cleaning, try to get a high-level view of what is in the living room and make sure that there are no potentially dangerous objects in the area. Finally, try to see the living room from your little one’s viewpoint. Small objects that would usually go unnoticed to most adults could be especially dangerous to your little ones.


  1. Bring out the interior designer in you
    Growing babies like to play with anything and everything around the house. Nancy from North Dakota, a mom of two, has travelled to over 45 countries and collected numerous priceless souvenirs and artifacts. The day she realized that, to her little one, everything in her house was a toy, she was determined to make her house the most child-friendly playground in the city. She started by covering all of the sharp corners and edges in her home with foam protectors. She invested in cord clips, and a cabinet with aftermarket door locks to showcase (and lock off) her prized possessions.storkcraft dressers 4 and 6 drawer dresser
    Storkcraft Alpine 6 drawer Dresser and Storkcraft Alpine 4 Drawer Dresser

  2. Buckle up and anchor down
    As your little “Neil Armstrong” explores the new planet around them, they will creep and crawl around every single corner of the house. As your little one learns how to stand up and walk, they will most likely try to support themselves by grabbing onto the objects around them. Buying furniture that complies with federal anti-tipping standards, and utilizing furniture anchors can help you to avoid numerous injuries for your little one. Anchoring big objects like your TV and TV stand, and even securing the fireplace are some basics examples of baby proofing your living room.
  3. Easy Walk-Thru Wooden Safety Gate

  4. Mark your territory
    Most seasoned parents know that, as soon as your little one starts crawling or walking, the word “privacy” does not really exist. Your little one will follow you around, no matter where you go! Maya, a stay-at-home mom from Ohio, says that she cannot even use the restroom without her 1-year old daughter following her there! At this stage, things can get especially dangerous around the kitchen, which has made cooking an impossible task for Maya. One essential to baby proofing your living room is clearly marking the “safe zones” for your little one. Using safety gates makes it easy to keep your little one safe, and keep them within their marked territories.
  6. Tips from our previous blog
    In our previous blog Baby proofing your house: Nursery Edition”we covered two essentials that you should follow when baby proofing your house in general. Windows, doors, and power outlets are in every corner of your home, and are essential for your maintaining your little one’s safety. Doors and windows are a major source of dust that inevitably enters your home, and covering power outlets is essential for your little one’s safety.

Baby proofing your house should be considered a non-negotiable top priority as soon as your baby can sit without support. Remember – to your little one, your home is one big playground! Although it is fun to watch your little one play, their safety will give you peace of mind. Stay tuned to our blog for the next edition of baby proofing your house.