Baby, It’s Cold Outside! DIY Winter Wonderland Baby Shower Ideas

January 27, 2018

It’s the end of January and we’re officially through the first month of winter! The cold, crisp air and bright white snow provide great inspiration to ensure your sister’s, daughter’s or best friend’s baby shower is extra special. With the Winter Wonderland theme offering a gender-neutral option for a baby shower, we have some WONDERFUL ideas in store for you, including party decorations and food ideas!

Falling Snow

Bring the snow inside. Add whimsical charm to your venue with this easy decoration, which mimics light falling snow. This DIY requires cotton thread or fishing line, cotton balls or marshmallows of different sizes, glue, a needle and tape or pushpins.

Using your needle and thread, string your cotton balls or marshmallow one by one. To keep them in place, dab a bit of glue onto the thread before sliding on either the cotton or marshmallow. Vary the distance between the ‘snow’ and the length of the string, to give it a more natural look. Use tape or push pins to hang the lines of ‘snow’ on a wall or from the ceiling above a center table.  Images courtesy of Allison Hendrix and West Vita Photography.

Baby Bottle Snowflakes

This DIY combines the winter theme with baby bottles for a unique spin on the modern snowflake! You will need paper, scissors, a pencil and tape. String is optional.

Take a piece of blank white paper and fold in half four times. Use your pencil to draw the shape of half the milk bottle, using the folded side as your guide. Use your creative liberty to add hearts or extra details. Using scissors, cut out the shapes, then unfold to reveal the bottle-shaped snowflakes. Feel free to make as many as you would like, and hang them as falling snowflakes, or make a few larger ones and tape them to the wall for a hint of “wonderland”. Image courtesy of Clipzine.

Baby Snowman Cake

No need to be a master chef or designer to make this adorable snowman cake that perfectly matches your theme! Whether you choose to make the cakes from scratch or use a pre-bought store mix, you will need to bake two round cakes (one smaller and one larger) and purchase or make white and blue icing. If you don’t have blue icing, you can use blue food coloring to dye your white icing! You will also require a ziplock bag (with the corner cut off) to draw on the icing, round candies (red M&Ms or Smarties will work well here), black licorice, a mini carrot stick and a pacifier.

Place both cakes on the serving tray with the smaller cake placed above the larger cake, creating a ‘snowman’ shape. Cover both cakes in white icing. Next, using your ziplock bag (with the corner cut off the end) draw the blue scarf and hat onto the snowman. Use the M&Ms or Smarties to make the buttons, the black licorice for the arms and carrot stick for the nose. For the final touch, place the pacifier below the nose to finish your baby snowman!  Image courtesy of Cake Central.