Around the World Weblinks

April 2, 2015

We’re finally seeing some Spring weather and hoping that it will hold up for this weekend’s Easter Sunday’s egg hunts and family days outside!  In the meantime, here are a few fun links we’ve been lately absorbed in.


– 10 tips for postpartum and nursing friendly clothing (that is stylish and affordable?  Yes please!)

– The (sometimes hilarious) effect of typography: To Comic Sans or not to Comic Sans?

– Throwback Thursdays to 80’s kids commercials.  Do you remember any of these?

Nursery design trends for 2015.  We love the tips on dynamic art and multipurpose furniture.

– Do you believe in how your name influences your behaviour?  Does this affect how you select a name for your little one?

– Sometimes some of the best toys are the simplest toys.  This Marble Run is going on our “to-do” list the next time we finish that box of cereal.

– Car seat installation at different stages of the little one’s growth can often get confusing.  This cheat sheet is an easy way to do a quick check yours.