6 fun activity ideas for kids with busy parents

December 7, 2018

Ever wonder what you would do if you had the same energy as your little one? Kids are a total powerhouse and can run around for hours without taking a break! For busy parents, it is especially hard to come up with fun activity ideas for kids that will not completely drain their energy. Here are 6 fun activities you can enjoy with your kids that can indeed be relaxing for you and also teach them some valuable life lessons. 

  1. Silly faces photo album
    This might sound silly to some parents as we always want to capture that perfect moment! What we often forget is that there is perfection in imperfection. Kids love to dress up and make silly faces (especially in those important family photos!), so why not let them create a photo album of their own? This will keep them occupied and could be a mini project that they execute from the beginning to the end.
    Silly Faces Fun activity ideas for kids with busy parents
  2. Playing hide and seek
    This is one of the most fun activity ideas for kids with busy parents. It’s a lot of fun, there are lots of giggles and smiles, but most importantly, it teaches your kids how to count. To make it more fun and learning oriented, instead of counting kids could also do ABC or recite nursery rhymes while you find your hiding spot.
    Hide and Seek Kids with busy parents storkcraft
  3. Let them do the shopping
    Coming up with fun activity ideas for kids should also involve learning. Money management is one of the most important skills that many people lack. Give your kids a small fixed expense budget which they can choose to either spend or save is a great way to start this learning process. When you let your kids do the shopping, it helps them learn how to prioritize what they really want versus what they really need.
  4. Make them your personal photographer
    We take so many pictures of our kids that we often forget to take pictures of ourselves. Kids love to act like adults, talk like adults, and get involved with everything that mom and dad do! Giving them the responsibility to take pictures when you go out for a stroll gives them a sense of accomplishment and most importantly it’s cute and fun for everyone!
  5. Outdoor inflatable pool party
    Is there a more relaxing sight than kids playing and splashing around in their inflatable pool while you relax and get a tan or sip on orange juice in your backyard? This is one of the most fun and relaxing activities to do with your kids in the summer. If it gets too hot, then you can crash their inflatable pool party and play with them! To make it more fun you add bath toys and inflatable toys to keep the kids occupied.
  6. Dance till your shoes fall off!
    Dancing is one of the most fun activities for kids as they can do a happy dance, I’m really bored dance, I just finished playing dance, or simply just dance because they can. Dancing is a skill, a workout, and it encourages group participation. Having a secret mom and son dance or daughter and daddy dance can especially build a bonding relationship and memories that they will cherish when they grow up.

When coming up with fun activity ideas for kids, keep in mind that there is beauty in simplicity. Kids are still exploring this big world and learning something new every day. Even something as simple as playing board games, card games, or even Jenga could turn into a fun family activity for kids. The key to a successful fun activity for kids is the one that involves bringing the family together.