6 easy DIY healthy snacks for kids

November 30, 2018

Have you ever wondered if your kids are eating right? French fries, ice-cream, and store-bought chicken nuggets are so convenient but they simply lack all the good nutrition that your kids need. We have created a list of six simple DIY healthy snacks for kids that are convenient and easy to make. We hope that you can take some inspiration from this and add your own twist to these healthy snacks.

1. PBA (Peanut Butter Apple)

This is a simple twist on the traditional peanut butter and jam sandwich. Kids absolutely love sweet foods and apples are a great source of natural sugars. Apples with delicious creamy peanut butter make the kids go bananas! You could add your own twist to this by adding jam, softened cream cheese, and other fruit dips.  

Peanut Butter Apple and Jar

2. Homemade frozen fruit popsicles

It’s yummy, fun-to-eat, and the most loved of all the healthy snacks for kids. You can make these popsicles with almost any fresh or frozen fruit and try different combinations. It’s fun to get creative with this as you can make the popsicle icy, creamy, and give it different textures based on your kids’ preference. Try using zero sugar fruit juices, coconut milk, Greek yogurt, honey, and other ingredients for added flavor. This is a sugar-free, all natural, anti-oxidant rich, and nutritious homemade snack that kids love!

Frozen fruit popcicle

3. Popcorn with nuts and dry fruits

Popcorn is a must have snack for any family movie night. It’s easy to eat with your hands, can be made in a small kitchen (even just a microwave), and the delicious smell completely overwhelms your kids’ senses. Instead of mixing sugary treats like snacks like candy or chocolate, mix it with healthy snacks like almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, dried blueberry, cranberry, etc. and you will not even notice the difference.  

4. Crackers n cheese

This is an all-time favorite snack loved by kids around the world. Cheese is a rich source of calcium, good fats, vitamin D, and protein which is essential for your growing toddler. If you are a busy parent and worried about making healthy snacks for kids then this is a convenient alternative as most ingredients can be bought readymade in store and the prep time is minimal.  It is generally recommended that you choose low sodium and low-fat cheese for your kids. 

Fruits and Cheese

5. Fruit skewers

These are an easy-to-make DIY healthy snack for kids at home. This is a great snack for any kids gathering and convenient if you are prepping snacks in bulk. Kids love this multicolored snack and it is hard to ignore the healthy nutrition that your kids get from these skewers. To enhance the flavor try adding honey or even Himalayan salt to add some kick. 

Fruit skewers

6. Smoothie

Is your little one extremely picky for what they eat? Look no further as a smoothie might just be the answer to all your troubles. Smoothies are easy to make, highly nutritious, and the kids will believe you when you tell them that it’s a milkshake! It’s like playing Jedi mind tricks on your little one! You can use spinach, kale, carrots, banana, celery, nuts, and other nutritious foods that kids absolutely horrified off.  

 If you are trying to get your kids to eat healthy then start by avoiding processed and packaged foods. Homemade snacks are delicious and much healthier for your little one than store bought. Knowing your ingredients and making healthy choices for your kids will help them stay active and focused. Most importantly, have fun while making healthy snacks for kids at home, get your kids involved, and let them get their hands dirty.