5 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day with Your Children

March 7, 2018

While it doesn’t get as much publicity as Mother’s Day or many other international celebratory days, March 8th is indeed a very special day. It is the day where all over the world, women are celebrated for their strength and achievements.

Here at Storkcraft, we are inspired by women of all ages, which leads us to create products which both protect and comfort newborns, and help parents create lasting memories. In honor of International Women’s Day, we’ve come up with 5 ways to celebrate with your children, so they too can celebrate women for their accomplishments.

Create Puppets that Tell Stories

Creating cute puppets is a great interactive activity you can do with your children. Begin by printing out templates of your choice, and have your very little one’s color them in, while any older children can cut and glue the clothes and hair. Together, you can create a story about a woman who helps someone, learns something new, surpasses a challenge, conquers a fear – anything you can think of which matches the theme of the day! Templates, including instructions and more images can be found on HelloWonderful. 

Give a card

Writing a card will not only help your child think about how much they’ve learned from women, but can also help them appreciate those around them. Help your child write a card to a woman who has positively influenced his or her life. This could be a teacher, coach, family member, babysitter, friend or anyone else who has positively impacted them. You can make this activity even craftier by handmaking a card, or you can simply print or buy one – it’s the thought that counts! This printable card and many more can be found on CannyPic.

Read a Book or Watch a Movie

There are many powerful stories in both films and books which are themed around female empowerment. This is a simple way to participate in this special day and inspire your child. Depending on your child’s age, you can read to him or her, or give them an exciting and rich book to delve into themselves. You can find great book recommendations here.  Some of our favorite movies which feature strong female characters are Disney’s animated film Brave, Queen of Katwe which was based off a true story, and DC’s new superhero film, Wonder Woman. More recommendations for all age groups can be found on A Mighty Girl. Image courtesy of Disney.

Play a Card Game

On this day, we celebrate women who have helped progress science, social liberty, women’s rights, politics and much more. An interactive way to teach your children about inspiring women is with a card game. There are many decks available online, either for free download or for purchase. These card games will allow you to have fun together, while sharing stories and learning history. Women In Science (pictured below), which features famous scientists creating laboratories, was created by parents who wanted to teach their kids about real life heroes. History Heroes Women is a card deck which uses guesses, clues and questions for kids to learn about key figures. Famous Women in American History replaces the traditional card characters with important women, allowing you to play your favorite card games.

Join A Movement

You can inspire your little ones and show them you care about girl’s development across the world by joining or contributing to a movement. There are multiple ways to join, including volunteering, donating, or posting/sharing on social media using a hashtag. Organizations such as Plan International and Save the Children have created special programs including Because I am a Girl and End Child Marriage to help and empower girls through education, health care, advocacy and leadership. There are many organizations supporting women and girls, and we hope you feel inspired to connected with women (and their kiddos) in your circles to raise funds and awareness about some of the issues that impact women around the world. Image courtesy of Pinterest.