5 Activities for your Baby’s First Halloween

October 24, 2018

It’s never too early to start forming traditions with your little one. With Halloween around the corner, we’ve thought up some fun activities to do with your baby to get into the spirit of the holiday. These ideas make your baby’s first Halloween a special occasion for the whole family.

Spirited activities for the whole family

1. Visit a Pumpkin Patch 

Head out of the city and spend some time in the mud with your little one. Many farms host pumpkin patch events, with games, photo ops, and Halloween decorations. This is a great chance to enjoy the outdoors with your little one, and start creating fall traditions together.


2. Hand out Candy Together

With many years of trick or treating ahead, enjoy this Halloween night by staying in. Handing out candy is a great way to connect with the community and enjoy the energy of this holiday. Add to the excitement by dressing up your little one, and showing them off to all neighbors and kids that come to your door.


3. Decorate Baby’s Nursery

We decorate our front yards and entryways for Halloween, so why not baby’s nursery? Babies learn quickly and love exploring. Adding new decorations will create new stimulations in the nursery, allowing your child to learn new shapes, words, and colors. Decorations like pumpkins, bats and colorful ghosts keep the nursery from getting too spooky. If you have neutral nursery furniture, this is a great way to change up the colors and bring new excitement to the room on your Baby’s First Halloween.

BabyFirstHalloween-Decorate -baby-nursery

4. Decorate Mini-Pumpkins 

Have fun together and help your little one learn motor skills by decorating a pumpkin. Permanent markers and stickers are perfectly mess-free and easy to use. Paint can be used for handprints or footprints, finger painting, and other designs. The fun and abstract pumpkin created together will make any guest at your home smile.


5. Host a baby Halloween with Friends

The only thing cuter than a little one in costume is a group of little ones in costumes! Invite other new moms and dads, babies, and toddlers to your home for a baby’s first Halloween event. Touches like snacks for kids and parents, decorations and toys will make for a great get-together.


Having a newborn is all about memories and create new traditions. And what is the best way of creating new memories than celebrating your baby’s first Halloween? Any idea is valid to make your baby laugh and to add new pictures on the family album, but we wanted to make your life a little easier and give you 5 Activities for your Baby’s First Halloween. Hoped you enjoyed and… Happy Halloween 🙂