4 Nursery Ideas Inspired by Meghan Markle

November 2, 2018

Meghan Markle has always been seriously stylish. In her new role as Duchess of Sussex, Meghan shows that her elegance and great taste are not just applicable to clothes, but all aspects of her life. Inspired by Meghan’s royal style, we have come up with 4 accessible nursery ideas.

Meghan describes her ideal interior style as elegant, chic, modern, cozy and inviting. These select Storkcraft and Graco inspiration rooms demonstrate how Meghan’s style is achievable with some simple decorating tips.

Stylish Nurseries for any little Duke or Duchess

1. Keep it Neutral

A great way to ensure a room looks cohesive and chic is to mix earthy neutrals. Meghan regularly wears outfits mixing beige, tan, camel, warm grays and browns. Using different textures such as natural materials, upholstery fabrics and glossy wood adds more interest. We love this room which mixes natural woven colors and to create an earthy and relaxed look.

neutral nursery room for your babyGraco Remi Upholstered Swivel Glider

2. Pops of color

Meghan loves wearing dark pieces with one bright color to keep an outfit simple, but still making a bold statement. She has regularly been spotted wearing an all-black outfit with a bright red lip and red nails. We reimagined this combination for the nursery, using grey for all the furniture pieces to keep the look grounded, and pops of blush pink to add brightness and fun. Other nursery ideas include using blue or yellow with all white furniture, for a more gender-neutral nursery.

colorfull nursery roomStorkcraft Eastwood 3-in-1 Convertible Crib and Storkcraft Steveston Upholstered Rocker

3. Everyday Luxury 

Meghan makes every outfit look luxurious with her careful attention to detail. Special details make ordinary items stand out, and combining these pieces together creates a luxurious space. In a nursery, details like upholstery, tufting, and wood paneling on cribs, dressers, and gliders create a luxe look.

nursery room for your babyGraco Linden Tufted 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

4. Timeless Pieces

Meghan once said, “when you invest in a great piece, you’re going to [use it] again and again.” An elegant and simple design is what makes an item timeless, and those are the types of items that she chooses. Convertible cribs and modern dressers can be continuously used and repurposed as your little one grows. Choosing timeless nursery items ensures that your child’s room will always look good.

Storkcraft Nestling Convertible Crib (Coming Soon)

The key to emulating Meghan’s style in these 4 nursery ideas is to “keep it simple.” Color themes with either bold or neutral colors will keep your nursery looking elegant and modern. Carefully crafted details like tufting add luxurious touches. Timeless pieces give you more value in the long run and keep your nursery in style.

Image of Duke and Duchess of Sussex via Flickr.