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7 Tips for the Nursery

Crib? Check.  The perfect paint colour? Check. Bedding sets that you have absolutely fallen in love with?  Check.  So what’s left for that nursery before baby arrives?  Here are 7 nursery tips that often get missed but would make those sleepless nights and hectic days a whole lot smoother.


1) Light Dimmer-

It’s a relatively easy installation and/or feature to include in your lighting selection and it will allow you to navigate those late night feedings and clean up with a bit more ease.  A dimmer works wonders in giving you just enough lighting to get your job done, but will not startle or stimulate baby when you need your little one to go back to sleep.


2) Daybed-

If you have the space, any type of arrangement that can allow you to lie down in the same room as baby will be a godsend for those nights when the LO is not feeling well or needs close monitoring.  Your partner will also thank you for it as it will reduce disturbing his/her sleep as well.  By day, it also offers an extra surface for folding away those baby clothes, displaying those adorable stuffies, and eventually turning into the “big boy/girl” bed down the road.


Image credit: Decorpad


3) Open Storage-

I loved having all the little clothes and accessories neatly stored away in the two dressers that we had set up in our nursery before baby arrived.  Little did I know, however, that there would come the day when I would find myself holding a struggling baby with a huge mess down her front in one hand, and trying to wrestle a drawer open with the other.  Save yourself the hassle and get some open storage to put items that are on high rotation in (nappies, blankies, a change of clothes, or diaper changing accessories).  Changing tables with generous shelf space underneath (See our Aspen and Tuscany options), or large baskets to place on the top of a dresser work well for easy access when nothing else seems easy.



4) Easy to Clean Surfaces-

That designer silk pillow set and hand tuft rug may be hot pieces for the nursery, but make sure you do not mind the occasional spill (Milk) or splatter (Throw up.  Eeps!).  Mommyhood and daddyhood also comes with a whole lot of cleaning up, so unless you have yourself a 24hr maid service, make it easier on yourself by selecting easy to clean surfaces:

-Rugs and pillow covers that can be tossed into the wash

-Skip the changing pad cover in the warmer months as wiping the plastic surface of any mess is easier than scrubbing out fabric.

-Select upholstered furniture such as gliders/chairs with spot-cleanable fabrics and even removable cushions that can be replaced, in case there is a stubborn stain that cannot be removed.


5) Blackout Blinds-

Unless you are that one enviable parent that has a kid that attains the golden 2.5 hour naps regardless of surroundings, the rest of us need blackout blinds.  They do not solve the struggles against naps and night sleeps, but they will aid in giving your little one the sleep cues to start winding down.  I have noticed that they come in handy as the days get longer and there is still light outside at 8pm.


6) Comfortable Chair-

If space allows, get one.  Your legs and back will thank you during those times when your LO needs the extra cuddling.  It’s also great for story time, breastfeeding, and also those late nights when baby simply will not settle without you being near.  See our Tuscany and Hoop Glider & Ottoman sets.



7) Decorating Safety-

Unless you do not mind reinstalling that ceiling mobile or wall hanging in 4-6 months when baby can sit up or even stand, make sure that accessories (canopies, netting, etc.) and decorations near and over the crib are well out of range of curious hands.  Too often I see decorative elements that are great features in a room but are simply hung too low.  Taking safety into account from the get-go will save you from unnecessary anxiety (or redecorating) down the road.

-Use decals.  Most are removable without damaging paint and they do not pose risk of falling into a crib.

-Hang up mobiles and items like bunting well out of reach.


Image credit: Apartment Therapy



Colour Love


UPDATE May 28, 2014:

Please continue to check the Zutano website for updated dates on the Tivoli Collection’s arrival to your preferred retailer.





Zutano’s Tivoli collection by Stork Craft is showing some major colour love, and we are excited to announce that it will be available in June 2014!  Bringing together form and function, the Tivoli collection pays tribute to the clean lines and simple shapes of modern design.  It will feature a convertible crib, a 2 drawer changer and a 3 drawer dresser.  The colours include the sunny/natural combination as shown above (which I have absolutely fallen in love with), as well as classic colours such as espresso/white and grey/white.

Need some inspiration on how to decorate your little one’s space?  Head over to American Baby where they feature the Tivoli convertible crib in their Hawaiian inspired nursery.



Master Nurseries

Having grown up in the suburbs, I had always imagined that I would have a house on a tree-lined street to call my own by the time that I had my own family.  Who would have thought that I would wake up with a baby and be living in a two bedroom suite?  It’s a lifestyle choice that my husband and I have chosen in order to stay within the city.  So now with the Little One added to our family, we have had to get creative with our place.  While our second bedroom is our dressing room/guest room, our LO is sharing her space with us for now.  Yes, it is a little cramped, but we have managed to make it work.  Click here for some inspirational Nurseries in the Master Bedroom from Apartment Therapy.



Image from Apartment Therapy



Out and About

Now that Spring is in session and the cold, dreary days are easing up, I can’t wait to take baby out and about town.  I had previously written about indoor places to go in Vancouver, BC to shake off the winter blues.  Here’s three places to take the children to welcome clear skies and warming weather.


1) Southlands Farms-

With my LO’s obsession with farm animals (She loves saying “quack quack quack” and “moo” to her stuffies and picture books), the Southlands Farms is the perfect place to introduce her to the real thing.  Just large enough to keep your LO entertained and exploring, but small enough to cover the grounds and make it back home in time for the nap, this family run farm has all the essentials: A stable (They have riding lessons!), petting zoo with goats, sheep and pigs, orchard, and chicken coup.  On your way home, check out the market stand for fresh, local produce and products.


Image courtesy of Southland Farms.


2) Kitsilano Beach-

Need some fresh air and gorgeous view of Vancouver?  This is just the place for a relaxing stroll along the jogging path.  For children who are steady on their feet, Kits beach has a great playground.  Well equipped with a rubber surface for soft landings, and sprawling play decks, slides and bars, let your little one get their energy out here.  My 11 month old isn’t fully walking on her own yet, so we will be sticking to the baby swings.


3) Easter Train-

This miniature train runs rain or shine and is fully covered, so no fear of getting wet with Vancouver’s often inclement weather.  The two kilometer ride through the forest and tunnels will have our little one excitedly saying, “Choo choo!”.


Image courtesy of


“You probably have a Storkcraft crib, don’t you?” is what I often get from people when they ask me about my nursery furniture.  And I do!  I have the Bradford 4-in-1 Convertible Crib in white.  Our LO has adapted well to going from a bassinet during the initial first few months to clamoring around in the full-size crib, and in turn, my husband and I are happy to know that she has a safe and comfortable environment to sleep in.


20140314_151429 20140314_151529

^My LO having just woken up in her Storkcraft crib



Thoughtful Thursday: Musings of a New Mother

There were many things that I expected when I became a mother …and then there were many things that I did not.  Looking back on this past year as a stay-at-home-mom, here are five things that surprised me the most.


1. Sleep Deprivation

With the arrival of baby, I could not believe how sleep deprivation from the night feedings and eventually the baby sleep regressions (Helloooo sleep training!  More on this later) would wear the life out of me.  What happened to the night owl that used to thrive on pulling all-nighters in college?  What happened to the woman that used to poo-poo the concept of naps?  Well she isn’t here anymore.  While I had thought that I still had the sleep rhythms of a spritely 21 year old, this new momma could not see straight with such broken up sleep.  When they say “Take a nap whenever your baby does and leave the chores alone”, take the advice.  If you need your partner, close family or friends to help hold baby just for you grab that 30min of Z’s or to simply wash up for the day, do ask for it.  It will help you keep your sanity (My husband will attest to it!).


(^Image credit)


2. Post-baby Body

They warn you… but they don’t warn you.  Yes, there is the whole post-delivery sutures and ickiness, but it was the “muffin top” that really got me.  While there is the small percentage of celebrities and “that friend of a friend” who bounce back in a few weeks into those skinny jeans, the majority of us normal people do not.  You’ll have a full wardrobe of your carefully curated clothing and shoes sitting inactive for a good many months, while your boyfriend shirts and the one pair of jeans that you had to go out and purchase in order not to become “sweatpants lady” is on heavy rotation.  I felt like people were “just being nice” when they said things like “It took nine months to grow the baby, so it will take nine months to shrink”.  But fear not, it is true and there will be the day that you will get the joy of discovering that you can re-fit into your original clothing again.



3. Generosity

I have a great support system, but I never really knew how great until I had the baby.  Prior to having a kid, I always believed in being self-sufficient and not being a “burden” on other people with requests.  But with post-delivery recovery, the lack of sleep, and a baby that will not be waiting for you to even take a pee break, learning to being open to people’s generosity was humbling. It redefined the word “gratitude” for me.  Say yes to those who offer their help (They want to!).  Even if you do not have close friends and family around, simply going to your local mom group or baby activity class at the community centre will allow you to receive and, in turn, share and remind you that you are not alone.  Being receptive to generosity opened my life and my relationships grew.


4. You Mean Babies Don’t Know How to Simply Go to Sleep?

Again, on some internet forum or from that “friend of a friend” you will hear about the baby with the dream schedule: He/she sleeps from 6PM to 6AM by three months.  The rest of us?  Yeah, sorry.  No dice there.  If you do not have a great sleeper, get ready for sleep training somewhere along the line between 4 months to a year.

I sure never knew that you had to teach a baby to sleep.  My LO was addicted to her soother and could only sleep with it in her mouth.  This meant that every time it fell out, which was several times a night, I would have to get up to find it.  This was a recipe for a baby that frequently went into distress and a mommy that couldn’t function in the mornings.  At nine months my husband and I decided enough was enough and that we had to buckle down to train baby to self soothe and sleep on her own.  It took a lot of tweaking to see what method worked best for our baby and sticking to our guns even when we wanted to give up.  It took three long weeks with just as much crying from me, but in the end was worth it for the LO and parents’ sanity.  Whichever method you end up choosing, you will thank yourself for committing to it when you and baby finally get uninterrupted nights of sleep, and more importantly, more patience and endurance to take on the next morning.



5. Changing the Question of “What do I need to do?” to “What do I need to be?”

While I knew that I had been given the big duty of caring for a little being, I was surprised to find that it bothered me so much that I was “stuck” at home and couldn’t account for what I was doing in a quantitative way: I wasn’t bringing in income, didn’t have the time nor energy to upkeep the home in the way that I was accustomed to, and with baby’s feeding and sleeping schedule I couldn’t just fill my calendar with social events like before.   For someone who was so used to always asking herself, “What do I need to do next?”, I felt like a failure to adapt to this new, stay-at-home mom life.  But one night, while washing off the day’s frustration in the shower, it dawned on me that with all the fuss I was putting into “being productive”, I had forgotten to ask myself “What do I need to be?”.

I needed to be patient.  I needed to be kind.  I needed to be grateful for a loving husband and a healthy baby.  I needed to be OK with not being busy just to be busy.  I needed to be content with the here and now.  I needed to savour the privilege of being able to stay at home to witness a little girl grow and come into her own personality each day.



How did you settle into motherhood?  Was it as you had imagined?  Or was the experience full of surprises?



Grey is the New Neutral



Grey has been the go-to neutral for a while in fashion and décor, so it’s about time that Storkcraft came out with a grey crib.  Say hello to the Storkcraft Sheffield II Crib that will be available soon.  This piece pairs easily with the Storkcraft Beatrice dressers in white for optimal storage space and a backdrop for cute accessories to stand out.

Beatrice 631HZSHDZ8XL._SL500_

Or change it up with a bright and bold coloured re-finished vintage piece and accessories like the ones below.


^Pop of yellow with chalk paint



^Coral and brass






Back With Pinterest Tuesday

I’m back from maternity leave and, boy, has time flown by.  When I first packed up my desk for the leave at 11 months pregnant, I thought that a whole year would be a “long” time to have off.  But like any parent knows, time runs like water when you have a child.  My little girl is already approaching her first birthday, so all things birthday party related has been on my mind lately.  Here’s to re-starting up this blog again with a Pinterest Tuesday, and this time as a new mommy so I can take this crazy journey of parenting along with you.





^Bright and colourful for the children (and the children at heart), and sophisticated enough for the adults.  I ran out to get the plates, hats, noisemakers and Happy Day banner already and will be incorporating them somehow into baby’s bday, but who says you can’t take inspiration and create your own colour theme with some DIY?  (Image credit 1 and 2)



^My little girl has a love for balloons and would be delighted to see this table set up.



Say hello to the non-traditional cake (Pinata cake, Doughnuts, Brownies).  I think the piñata cake may have to be saved for the day I polish up my baking skills, but the other two are great DYI and would still be easy to transport and assemble should the party be at a location outside of home.






Having been to a few children’s birthday parties for my friends’ children, I can say it’s not easy to hunt down a gift.  My dilemma is usually that kids seem to “have it all” these days.  And if they do not have it, it’s probably for good reason, like the parent does not wish for their child to have it (Ex. A drum set or any noise making devices) or it’s in a price range that is out of budget.  So what’s a good “auntie” to do?  I have stuck to old fashioned items that I hope still awaken the imagination in today’s children, as much as it did in my childhood.


^The Storkcraft Rocking Horse is my go-to gift for baby showers and birthdays.  It’s a piece that will last for years to come and may even be an item that your child could pass down to the next generation. 



^To our surprise, my LO has taken a liking to books (Yes, that’s her up there).  Whether she flips through the pages on her own or wants you to read her a story, she has yet to grow tired of books that are illustrated by Caroline Jane Church.  We can’t wait to add more to her collection.


 diy-baby-tees-3 diy-baby-tees-5

  diy-baby-tees-6 diy-baby-tees-1

^Get your DYI on and gift some custom T’s.  With this craft project from 100 Layer Cakelet, you’ll be sure that there won’t be any gift duplications.



^How cute and thoughtful would a framed infographic be as a gift for a first birthday?  This is taken from the lovely blog, Life Love & Lucy.  Not a graphic artist?  Me neither.  I will be custom ordering mine off Etsy.





Pinteresting Tuesdays

Now that I am on week three of my mat leave, I have been trolling Pinterest like never before, looking for recipes, craft ideas anything that strikes this expectant mother in general.  Here are a few of my top picks for this week.


Getting Crafty:

With a little one on the way, baby showers, little children birthday parties and homemade toys have been on my mind.


I love the simplicity of decorating with balloons like this by Oh Happy Day.  Perfect for a shower, little child’s b-day party or a weekend dinner.


Creative invites


Sometimes the simplest toys make the best ones.  Take a look at more DIY cardboard ideas here.


Good, Good Food:

I had initially thought that with the extra days off work while waiting for baby to arrive that I would turn into the baking maven.  Talk about wishful thinking!  So, my solution?  Easy recipes that make me appear to be one.


Summer No-bake Strawberry Ice Box Cake


Bananas, oats, chocolate chips.  That’s it!


Finger Food that is handle-ready for potlucks and summer picnics.


For the Little One:

Hello to the most adorable coats by littlegoodall.




Changing Table: Yay or Nay?


A changing or dressing table is one of those pieces of nursery furniture that is often up for debate as to whether it is a basic essential item for baby or not.  While it can be argued that you can pretty much change baby on any safe surface, here are the top reason why I have prepped for one to be included in our nursery.


1) Extra surface area:  For anyone living in an urban area where space is in short supply and bathrooms do not have long counter tops for baby toiletry storage, a changing table offers the extra surface area that is desperately needed.  Living in Vancouver, BC, Canada where real estate is at a premium, our 2 bed, 1 bath suite doesn’t have much counter space.  A changing table provides the extra shelving for the diapers and bottles, as well as a secure place for our changing pad.

Better yet is a piece that could offer the changing area top but also transition easily into the extra shelving for when your child no longer needs diapers.  The StorkCraft Beatrice and Aspen Cube Organizer Change Table does exactly that.  It makes for a great cubby for toys and books down the road.


(Images: Aspen Cube Organizer Changer in espresso)


2) Easy Access:  With the shelves situated just below the changing level, all of baby’s toiletries, diapers and wipes are right at your finger tips.  No need to separately pull out all the necessities and then having to put them all back, which would be something that would have to be done if changing takes place on a bed or floor.


3) Designated Space: Babies are creatures of habit, and having a set space for the diaper changes lets your baby know that changing time is taking place whenever they go to the designated area.  Doing a diaper swap on the floor or some random place each time may seem alright, but baby may think that it’s play time or wiggle around in curiosity as the space is not familiar.


4) Correct Height:  For any mommy who is recovering from a c-section or any caregiver with any back problems, doing several diaper changes in a day on the floor or a bed may cause extra stress on the body.  A proper changing/dressing table offers the correct height for getting the deed done and eliminates the need to get down on hands and knees or do major bending to lift baby back up.


5) Safety: When it comes to handling baby at any height higher than floor level, safety is always a concern.  While beds, counter tops and standard dressers may seem like good alternatives, they do not offer the raised sides that a changing table does.  These raise sides keep the changing pad from shifting around especially if baby is particularly active and wants to move about.