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Cyber Week 2014 Deals

graco mattressSC Mattress      beatrice 4       Sorrento Crib White            aspen 3

Graco and Stork Craft Mattress-in-a-Box         Stork Craft Beatrice 4 Drawer Dresser           Stork Craft Sorrento Crib                      Stork Craft Aspen 3 Drawer Dresser



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Stork Craft Crib Mattress-in-a-Box Reg: $49.99  NOW: $34.99  *LIVE*
Graco Crib Mattress-in-a-Box Reg: $49.99  NOW: $34.99 *LIVE*
Up to 40% Off Stork Craft Aspen and Beatrice Dressers (Select Finishes only) *LIVE* 
20% Off Stork Craft Destin Dressers with Tufflink Assembly (Select Finishes only*LIVE*
20% Off Stork Craft Concord Dressers with Tufflink Assembly (Select Finishes only) *LIVE*

10% Off Zutano Tivoli Crib  *LIVE*

20% Off Zutano Tivoli 2 Drawer Changer *LIVE*


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Buy a Stork Craft Crib and get a Stork Craft Mattress-in-a-Box for FREE *LIVE*
Buy a Graco Crib and get a Graco Mattress-in-a-Box for FREE *LIVE*
Stork Craft Sheffield II Crib (White and Espresso Only) NOW: $79.98  *LIVE*

Stork Craft Caribou Bunk Bed (Espresso) NOW: $179.98 *LIVE*

Save $200 Broyhill Kids Destin Junior Loft with Slide *LIVE*

Save $200 Broyhill Kids Marco Island Twin Loft and Twin Bed *LIVE*


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10% Off ALL Stork Craft Products* *LIVE*
20% Off Stork Craft Aspen Dressers *LIVE* 
20% Off Stork Craft Beatrice Dressers *LIVE* 
25% Off Stork Craft Destin Dressers with Tufflink Assembly *LIVE*
25% Off Stork Craft Concord Dressers with Tufflink Assembly *LIVE*

Up to 20% Off Zutano Tivoli Collection *LIVE*

 * Promotion applies to regular priced items only. Not valid with any other offer




Graco Dressing Tables (Lauren-Natural FinishNOW: $49.98 *LIVE*



simply baby

Buy any Stork Craft Nursery Set and get a Stork Craft Mattress-in-a-box for FREE* *LIVE*

*Use the code: STORKMATT at checkout 





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Up to 35% OFF ALL Stork Craft Cribs *LIVE*

Status Milano Glider and Ottoman Set  NOW $174.99  *SOLD OUT*




Up to 35% OFF ALL Stork Craft Cribs *LIVE*

Status Milano Glider and Ottoman Set NOW $174.99  *LIVE*





***All prices are subject to change without notice***


Tackling Black Friday… With Children

Every parent of young children knows this much:

Shopping with Kids

Image courtesy of Confessions of A Crazy Lady


So what does one do when Black Friday comes along and you really need to take advantage of the deals?  Have a game plan.


1) Map It Out- As the old adage goes, “Time is money and money is time”, and never more so when you (and the rest of the world) plan on snatching the best deals out there.  Rather than simply “showing up”, list out and prioritize specific stores that you have in mind ahead of time.  Make sure your walk (or dash) to each retailer is plot out so that time is not wasted shuttling back and forth indecisively between stores or different departments.


 Image courtesy of Car Meme


2) Attire- Throw modesty out the window when it comes to clothes shopping, because if you are going to have to wait for a changing room, be prepared to wait a long time.  To avoid any indecent exposure, wear a well fitted base layer (Like tights and a cami) so that you can quickly throw on the items for a quick fit-check in front of any mirror and then get out the door.  This is the one time of the year when it is acceptable to walk out of the house in winter like conditions with flip flops for easy on-off reasons.  This goes the same for the kiddos:  Forgo looking like the Gap Kids ads.  No laces, buttons or anything that requires nibble fingers.  For anyone 8 and under, if it does not simply slip on and off, then it’s velcro, velcro, velcro!


3) Bladder Management- For the adults and older children, pace out your fluid intake and make everyone do that one last potty stop before getting into the car.  As for the little ones, best not to be planning any potty training during the next few days leading to up to Black Friday.  That diaper will just have to do!

Potty training pesty toddler

Image courtesy of To Each Their Own


4) Coupons- Ever watch Extreme Couponing?  Take some notes from the experts: Before the day of reckoning, surf the web and newspapers for appropriate coupons, then clip/print them out.  Wait, you’re not done yet.  Organize, organize, organize.  Those little pieces of paper are no good if they are not easily accessible when you need them, and certainly no one in the line up behind you will appreciate it if you’re caught taking too much time rummaging for them.  Categorize the coupons by the stores that you plan on going to and can use them at.  File them in something that keeps them neat and easy to find like an accordion file.

Coupon meme kevin hart

Image courtesy of Meme Crunch


5) Teamwork- Divide and conquer.  Prep your troopers to know where they are assigned to go and what they are to look for.  Set rallying points and times to regroup and reaccess.

For the Little Ones that have to follow along with you or other team captains, mutiny can be avoided with small snacks that were brought along from home.

As for the spouses that consider picking up the weekly jug of milk “shopping” and claim they take only 5 minutes to grab their annual pair of Levi 501′s, just leave them at home.  You only need team members who appreciate the fine art of shopping.


Image courtesy of Smart Canucks


6) Be Patient and Friendly- At the end of the day, shopping should be enjoyable.  Don’t sweat over missing out on certain items.  Take on the mentality that “If it is meant to be, it’s meant to be”, and if it wasn’t, that means you didn’t have to spend that money.  Now how is that for a half glass full?


7) Plan B- If all else fails, there’s always Cyber Monday.  Sure, the war still wages on: You will need to battle in getting what you want in that virtual shopping card before stock runs out.  But at least you can do it in the comfort of your own home where the kids can have meltdowns without other shoppers silently judging your parenting skills.


Feeling ready yet?  In T minus 3 days, you will be able to have said that you survived shopping with the troops in tow!  Success!

Fist Pump Baby Black Friday




Thrifty Thursdays

With Christmas coming around and all those expenses that add up, we’re on the hunt for good deals and ideas on how to live well, yet without having to spend a whole lot.  Here are five items that have caught our eye this Thursday morning for doing exactly that.



“At times it can be hard to know that what you have is enough. Really—who cares what others are spending their money on. Comparison doesn’t bring joy. Be happy with what you have, not unhappy with what others have.”  Read more of Oh Dear Drea’s take on “How to Have A Great Life Without Spending A Lot of Money + Saving Some Too“.  We’re inspired!


Image courtesy of Oh Dear Drea


Good Buy:

Simply Baby Furniture is having their Thanksgiving sale going on right now where they are offering a FREE Storkcraft mattress with the purchase of any Storkcraft nursery set.

free crib mattress promo



It wasn’t until I went back to work after my mat leave did it really occur to me how hard it is to find nutritious, economical and most of all, easy recipes.  The reality is that for busy families, there isn’t a whole lot of time to get wholesome meals together when you are tired from a day’s work.  It’s often just too easy to resort to eating out, which can add up quickly.  So thank goodness for these one-pot-wonders.  They really do just require you to put everything in a single pan or pot.  The ingredients are simple, the recipes can be modified to make larger portions for storing, and (for all parents of picky eaters) these are actually delicious (Do we hear angels singing?).  Take a look at our favourites here, here, and here.

one pot chicken and potatoes

Image courtesy of Let the Baking Begin



We all have that well-loved sweater that we just cannot bear to part with but is no longer fit for wearing in public (OK, so every once in a while we slip it on for that coffee run and pretend that no one notices…).  Now here’s a simple DIY that can repurpose that old sweater into something new.  Depending on the size of the sweater, you could probably fit a few pairs in for the Little One, or reserve a set for yourself!  An extra smaller set for baby can be made from the ends of the sleeves.

DIY mitts

Image courtesy of Soel Boutique



Have you seen this seasonal buying guide from Consumer Reports or this one from Lifehacker yet?  Sometimes finding the best deals for an item that you need requires some planning ahead.  Like that BBQ that the hubby has been pining for.  Rather than waiting for June, the guide says that the best time is Fall/Winter.  Hey, maybe you don’t have to look much further for his Christmas gift already (And need we mention that come summer time the rest of the family benefits well from this gift too? ;P).

seasonal buying guide

Image courtesy of Lifehacker



Web Wednesdays

The world of amazing blogging mommas just never stops surprising me, and in a very good way!  Whenever I think I have found the perfect rotation of blogs to read, I stumble upon more and my “to-read” list just keeps getting oh-so-pleasantly longer.  Here are two more to bookmark for some great the-kids-are-finally-asleep reads.


1) Oh Dear Drea: This beauty hails from the sunshine state of Florida.  Andrea takes us on a journey of “simple pleasures, cooking, natural living, veganism, gardening, home and design—- and all things creative and aesthetically pleasing.”



2) Finding Dutchland: This American transplant now lives in Holland and became the talk of the town with her post on “The 8 Secrest of Dutch Kids, The Happiest Kids in the World“.  You will love exploring the Netherlands through this photographer mommy’s eyes and also seeing how another part of the world raises children.

Finding Dutchland




Thanksgiving Favourites

How is your November going?  It’s a month where we are starting to really feel that Fall chill creeping up, but it’s also the time when we look forward to entering into the season of Thanksgiving.  Here are 5 ways to bring on this wonderful holiday.



Wondering how to make use of all those wonderful varieties of apples that you have been seeing at the local grocers?  We’re loving this simple baked apples a-la-mode recipe from Le Creme de La Crumb and we are sure your family will too!

baked apple recipe

Image courtesy of Le Creme de La Crumb



It didn’t seem SO long ago when we were cozying up to our own copies of The Berenstain Bears, so we’re so thrilled to see that this classic series is still going strong!  Grab your hands on The Berenstain Bears Thanksgiving All Around, that just came out this year, to read to your own Little One(s).

Berenstain Bears Thanksgiving All Around



Those rubber boots are perfect for those rainy day outings, but sometimes they just need that extra bit of plushness in the cold.  This easy-peasy boot sock tutorial from Back to Domestics is perfect for keeping warm.  Make a pair for yourself, or the kids.

diy boot sock

Image courtesy of Back to Domestics



Plaid used to be the pattern of lumber jacks, but with it making its way into slimmer cuts and various patterns, it’s looking oh-so-good on the rest of the family.  Have it on an accessory or peaking out from under a cozy sweater, layering is key.  Here’s some inspiration for incorporating this versatile pattern into your LOs, spouses’, and your own wardrobe.

kids plaid outfit serendipity creative

Image courtesy of Serendipity Creative

men's plaid shirt

Image courtesy of Pinterest

plaid scarf outfit

Image courtesy of Monkia Hibbs



Need a quick and easy idea to put your Thanksgiving table up a notch?  Make your way over to Craftaholics Anonymous to print your own utensil holders.  Do we already hear potential nominations for 2014′s Host(ess) with the Most(ess)?  We sure do!


Image courtesy of Craftaholics Anonymous



Holiday Gift Guide: Winter Whites

We may only be at the start of November, but it’s never too early to get cracking on that holiday shopping list, right?  They say “No white after Labour Day” but we think otherwise.  Take a look at our top picks for baby essentials, all in winter white.

Holiday Shopping Guide: Winter Whites
Holiday Shopping Guide: Winter Whites by storkcraft-manufacturing on Polyvore

1. Let’s face it, this Hoop Glider and Ottoman is just as much for mommy and daddy as it is for baby.  But hey, us tired parents deserve it!

2. A classic crib that is still our top seller after all these years: The Tuscany Convertible Crib

3. Have your little one cozy up in this Zutano Elf Onsie

4. It’s all about storage!  This Avalon 3 Drawer Dresser can do double duty as a storage piece and a change table

5. This handsome stallion will be sure to delight any little boy or girl

6. Mommies will tell you that it’s not easy finding a diaper bag that is aesthetically pleasing and practical, but this one hits all the right points


#StorkcraftNursery Love

We love seeing how our customers are setting up their #storkcraftnursery.  Here are a few of our recent favourites from around the world wide web.

Monza II White

Monza Crib White

How sweet are these two images of this little girl in her Storkcraft Monza II Crib?  Images courtesy of @innesya.


Savona Crib White

Peek-a-boo to this Little One in her Savona Convertible Crib.  Image courtesy of @tayelika.


Storkcraft Rocking Horse

Our Rocking Horse is a big hit with @n__________ni ‘s toddler.


Aspen Dressing Table

You know what they say about storage: You can never have enough!  @momspotted is maximizing hers with the Aspen Dressing Table.


Storkcraft Aspen 6 Drawer and Hoop Glider

Sometimes it’s us grown ups that need to kick up our feet and catch a little breather in the Hoop Glider & Ottman Set.  That cold one is sitting on top one of our favourite storage units: The Avalon 6 Drawer Dresser.  Image courtesy of @conleecan.


Got images of your little one(s) enjoying a Storkcraft product that you would like to share?  Send it in to us at or tag them with #storkcraftnursery!



Halloween DIY

When it comes to Halloween, every parent knows that this one-day event takes on a whole new meaning with children.  Gone are the days of staying up all night to hit up a house party or club with the significant other (now that there are bed times to rush home to).  But the whole process of hunting down those ideal costumes and lugging home those pumpkins for a decorating fest is still happening in full force.  In fact, now that the kids are taking part, you can be sure that each year the bar gets raised for creativity and lots of hands-on DIY.  Here are some of our favourite unique, but simple and cost-effective (Ah, our fave!) Halloween crafts.


Dress Them Up

How cute is this Frida Kahlo? Pair a colourful dress with a flower headband, and finish it all off with a unibrow.  Voila, you have yourself an iconic 20th century artist!



Image Credit: Oh Happy Day

Got an October newbie?  Keep your little jail bait cozy and comfortable in an orange onsie and this DIY sign.


Image Credit: Costume Works

These headbands are so easy to make and customizable that you may just find yourself crafting up several pairs.


Image Credit: Hart & Sew

A hoody and some felt squares is all it takes to whip up this prehistoric getup.  No sewing machine?  This could easy be done by hand sewing or with a hot glue gun.

DIY Dinosaur Hoodie

Image Credit: DIYing To Be Domestic

Can we say thank goodness for hoodies and glue guns again?  Transform a plain hoody and headband for a magical unicorn.

DIY Unicorn Costume

Image Credit: Twin Dragonfly Designs

Pumpkin (No Carve) Decorating

While we love a traditional pumpkin carving, these updated, carving-free ideas are hard to resist.  These gorgeous gourds make for great projects with your little ones and are so easy to incorporate into your decor.

DIY No Carve Pumpkin Silicone

HGTV Gardens

Thumbtack Pumpkin

A Subtle Revelry

Hello Kitty Pumpkin


Crayon Melt Pumpkin

Crafty Morning

Glitter Pumpkins

Project Nursery

Tasty Treats

You know the kids will already be plied with candy so how to best counter all those sweets with some healthier, but tasty treats?  We’re loving these finger food ideas that both your big and small guests will thank you for.

Candy Corn Fruit Cup

Candy Corn Fruit Cups by Family Fresh meals

Banana Ghost Pops

“Boo”-nana Ghost Pops by Skinny Taste


Hot Dog Mummies by Raining Hot Coupons

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!


Web Wednesdays

How has your week been so far?  Here are five things from around the web that have us smiling and powering on through this week to the weekend.


1) Inspiration:

We love this feature on Humans of New York yesterday (If you haven’t been following HONY already, then it’s about time that you did so!).  It’s too beautiful not to share for our Web Wednesdays.  Is this father’s thoughts not exactly what every parent hopes and dreams for their own child(ren)?

“He makes me want to know about little things, so that I can teach him.  Like when we sit by this lake, I wish I knew what kind of turtle that was, so I could tell him.  And I want to figure out what kind of duck that is, so I can tell him all about it the next time we come.”

“What do you want most for him?”

“Whatever his dreams are, I’m down to ride for him.”

“What’s your biggest fear for him?”

“That he won’t try. If he doesn’t try, I’ll be hurt. Cause then we’ll never know how far he’d get.” 

Humans of New York

-Humans of New York


2) Dress:

Right when we think that we cannot leave the summer sun and breezy dressing behind, leaf-covered roads, pumpkin spice lattes and the upcoming Thanksgiving has us falling for Fall!  But now that the weather is getting colder, a little bit more planning and layers are a must.  How cute is this little girl’s Autumn look?

Fall Dressing for Children

Image: The Berry

Black tights, stripes, top knot, and sparkly flats?  This is one hip mamma outfit to house that growing baby bump!

Maternity Style

Image: Pinterest


3) Live:

How do other mothers live around the world compared with those in North America?  A Cup of Jo gives us a glimpse with 24 Surprising Things About Parenting in the United States.



4) DIY:

We did a whole post on incorporating animals into the nursery and one way was with taxidermy (Faux, of course!).  Now here’s a fox one that you can DIY by the ever creative Hannah from We Lived Happily Ever After.

Fox taxidermy


5) Product Love:

How awesome is this Broyhill Kids Destin Junior Loft Bed set?  It includes the loft bed with ladder and slide, two shelf units, desk extension and the chair.  It’s available in espresso or white.  We know you will love the storage and the ease of having pretty much an entire bedroom set ready to go, but your child is going to go crazy for that slide feature.  Waking up and getting out of bed never looked so good!

Destin Junior Loft Bed



Storkcraft Favourites

Whenever I do write about Storkcraft products, they’re usually in the context of announcing a new product or how to incorporate a design trend in the nursery with a Storkcraft piece.  But I recently realized that I have yet to share about my personal favourites- Items that I would have on my own “must-have” list if I could re-select my nursery all over again.


The Sorrento Convertible Crib-  I am partial for pieces that tend toward being more streamlined and modern, but this Sorrento crib with its classic shape is one that I absolutely love for it’s wider slats, generous wooden rail cap detail and the awesome price-point (Currently on sale for only $226.43 at!).  I am currently going through an “everything in white” phase too so the white finish is my pick, though it does come in a handsome espresso and also cherry too.

Sorrent Crib White


So most of my friends who have had kids will probably have one of these Rocking Horses as I give them as either baby shower or birthday gifts.  In a world where children already know how to work an ipad by their first birthday, it’s nice to know that there are still some toys that just never go out of style and still encourage imagination.  This Rocking Horse in Natural is on my Christmas shopping list for my own Little One.

Rocking Horse Natural


The Thomasville Kids Upholstered Glider & Ottoman set by Storkcraft is the most recent addition to our lineup and I only wish that they had come out with this one sooner when my LO was just born.  This would have been just what was needed for those late night feedings and transitioned perfectly for our current night time routine of reading a book together before bed.  It’s extra roomy, and do I even have to comment on that amazing fluffy back cushion?  I’m loving this gray glider set as shown below with its neutral, but far from boring shade (It comes in a fresh green and also yummy chocolate microfibre too).  Throw a fun decorative pillow or quilt on there for a pop of colour and personality.

Upholstered Glider Gray


Now, I know that I just mentioned above that I love white finishes, but this new Dove Brown finish that we are introducing to many of our current and new products is just too dreamy to ignore, especially in the form of the Broyhill Kids Marco Island Captain’s Bed.  The colour is light enough to keep a room bright and airy, even with larger pieces of furniture, yet rich enough to show off the texture and character of the wood.  Combine the Dove Brown colour with a bed that comes with a trundle for extra sleeping accommodations and bottom storage drawers, and I would say this is rivaling kid’s room perfection.

Marco Island Captain's Bed


You can’t ever have too much storage, and bonus if it is easy to put together too.  Storkcraft offers a whole range of dressers to match to cribs and beds, but the new Destin 6 Drawer Dresser is my current fave.  It’s got the Tufflink Assembly feature (Watch the video here!), which will make you wonder how we all managed to previously deal with pesky bags of hardware and all that time spent on assembly.  As for the style itself, I love how the legs elevate up the dresser to give it some visual lightness, and the classic lines lends itself to easy mix and matching with various other furniture pieces.  And with all that generous storage space, this is a dresser that can definitely grow with the little one.  Take your pick of finishes in espresso, cherry, white, black, dove brown or gray.

Destin 6 Drawer Dresser- Dove white JPEG