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FAQ: What comes in a Stork Craft Stages Crib box?

Being in charge of Stork Craft online, I have come across a variety of interesting questions. Although I see unique questions on a daily basis, the one question that comes up time after time is:

“What is included with a Stork Craft Stages Crib?”

This is a very valid question. Stages cribs are a hot-seller for Stork Craft as they provide the customer with outstanding value and longevity out of their baby nursery. There are a variety of Stages Cribs:

2-in-1 Stages Crib (like the Ariel Stages Crib) converts from a crib to a full-size bed.

3-in-1 Stages Crib (like the Aspen Stages Crib) converts from a crib to a day-bed to a full-size bed.

4-in-1 Stages Crib (like the Chelsea Stages Crib) converts from a crib to a toddler bed to a day-bed to a full-size bed.

To answer the question about what is included in the Stages Crib box, Stork Craft Stages Cribs come with everything you need to convert the crib to different stages but do not come with the bed rails or bed frame to convert to a full-size bed. Full-size bed rails must be purchased separately from a bed rail retailer. Full-size bed frames with a double ended attachment can also be purchased from a bed retailer.

Whichever Stork Craft Stages Crib you decide on, you have chosen a crib that will grow with your child through every stage of their childhood.

(Pictures shown above are of the Rochester Stages 3-in-1 Crib shown in crib, day-bed and full-size bed stages)

Stork Craft Introduces Easy 2 Technology

Sometimes regular pictures just don’t do products any justice. It’s one thing for a customer to read about a crib’s features, or a description about a change table, but to actually see it up close, from a variety of angles and zoomed in is one of a kind. It really helps you not only see but understand the product as well as visualize it in a specific room in your house.

Stork Craft’s new interactive Easy 2 Technology can be seen for Stork Craft products online at Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Sears, Walmart and other fine retailers.

Here are a few examples of Easy 2 Technology:

Stork Craft Aspen Dressing Table with Drawer:

Stork Craft Rochester Stages Crib with Trundle Drawer:

Stork Craft Giveaway: Tuscany Glider+Ottoman…Enter Now!

Stork Craft is pleased to announce the giveaway of a Stork Craft Tuscany Glider on the popular Mummy Blog ‘Two of a kind, working on a full house’. To enter the contest, go here:

Extra entries are awarded for following our blog, becoming a fan of us on facebook and following us on twitter.

5- Follow the Stork Craft Blog publicly.

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Good luck everybody! Contest ends August 31st, 2009.

Thank you Baby Furniture Plus for visiting Stork Craft!

On behalf of Stork Craft, Ragazzi Fine Furniture, Status and Canwood we would like to thank those from Baby Furniture Plus who came to visit us here at Stork Craft last week. We really enjoyed showing you around our facility and introducing you to some of our new product lines, namely Status and Canwood as well as some new Ragazzi products. We also very much valued and appreciated all of the feedback and suggestions that you gave us.

The BFP Woods Comittee Chairperson, Zara Sawyer, wrote a very promising letter regarding the recent visit to Stork Craft. Some of the key points from her letter include:

-’…Stork Craft’s knowledgable and kind staff members’

-’We had a sneak preview of the new products – foremost of which is “Status”, at a lower price point a quality line worthy of your consideration’

-’The new Status will be shown at the ABC show and I believe you will find great interest in this new series’

-’Ragazzi furniture came out with innovating designs; and I feel they will be a big success at the ABC show too.’

Once again, Stork Craft was very glad to have you come visit our company and we look forward to working with you more in the future.

Attacked by a parrot (not a stork!)

I came to work on Monday morning at Stork Craft a little bit more tired than usual. Sunday nights are supposed to be quiet, relaxing evenings while the weekend is wrapping-up and you prepare for another work week. I spent some time with my family on Sunday night and I was getting ready to leave, I wanted to say goodbye to the two household pets that live with my parents- Ziggy the puppy and Mango the cockatoo. Mango was in her cage at the time and seemed quite playful. Throughout Mango’s 16 year existence she has always had a ‘love-hate’ type of relationship with me. As I put my face up to the cage to say goodbye, something must have triggered some angry feelings inside of her. She latched her beak onto my formerly attractive nose and took a chunk out of the front. I’ll spare you with the rest of the details but I got out of the hospital at 1am after receiving 1 stitch in my nose. Could have been much worse!

The employees at Stork Craft wondered what had happened. I thought of making up an elaborate story but I ended up telling them the truth. Now I just wanted to apologize to all of the Stork Craft people here who have to look at this unsightly nose for the next little while!

Ragazzi Gets an "A" Grade!

8th Edition Baby Bargains Book- Ragazzi Gets an “A” Grade!

Ragazzi Fine Furniture, the fine furniture division of Stork Craft, is pleased to announce that we have received an A rating in the newest 8th edition of the Baby Bargains book. We are proud of the hard work of our employees, sales representatives and valued Ragazzi Dealers, resulting in this achievement.

Here are a few comments from inside the book on Ragazzi:

“They have shipped what they promised: a high-quality nursery furniture collection.” (Baby Bargains, 2009)

“Quality is impressive: top drawers feature felt-lining, dove-tail joints, self-closing drawers and more. How does that stack up against its other competitors in the premium segment? Compared to Munire, Ragazzi has nicer drawer hardware.” (Baby Bargains, 2009)

Stork Craft Tuscany Glider Giveaway: Stay Tuned!

Stork Craft is planning a contest giveaway online in the very near future. The item that is up for grabs is the Stork Craft Tuscany Glider in Cherry with Beige cushions. This will be Stork Craft’s first ever online contest. Stay tuned to this blog for more information about this exciting giveaway!

Ragazzi: Tropicale Summer Fest

Ragazzi Fine Furniture will kick off the Tropicale Summer Fest, on June 15th, 2009. The Tropicale collection is well known for its “beach, jungle and rainforest” styled looks and it will be the perfect collection for you to promote just in time for summer! We want to help you visualize an exotic adventure, a journey to an island paradise of pearl-white buildings and turquoise seas. Just imagine the luxurious beaches and lush natural beauty of the tropical regions. Well, now you will have the opportunity to take this all home, at a huge discount!

Check out a store near you for details!

Click here to view the Tropicale line from Ragazzi

Scratch and Dent Sale: Stork Craft, Ragazzi and Status!

Brand names such as Stork Craft, Ragazzi and Status Office up to 80% off!

Spread the word and bring whomever you wish! July 20th-25th

contact for more details about this exciting sale!

Status Furniture, Tuscany Glider= exciting times!

So I was up in the Stork Craft showroom yesterday browsing some of our new products and brands. Let me tell you firsthand that the new Status Furniture line, which has just recently hit retail stores, is extremely impressive looking. These are very high quality cribs and case pieces, not only in the way they look but how they feel too. You can just tell that Status products are going to be a hit with customers looking for beautiful, trendy furniture at a mid-range price.

So it was about 11am and I was getting hungry for lunch and was a little tired in the showroom so I decided to try out the Tuscany Glider, Stork Craft’s new high quality glider/rocker. I was surprised at the size and the plushness of the microfiber cushions. Now I’m no small guy, I’m 6’3, 200+ pounds and I still had plenty of room to spare. The gliding motion was smooth and overall the Tuscany Glider had a luxurious feel to it.

Here are some pictures of the new Status Line 1000 Series in Espresso and Stork Craft’s new Tuscany Glider. Enjoy!