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Time is running out to win a toddler bed!

Less than two weeks remain in the Stork Craft Soom Soom Toddler Bed Giveaway at Barefoot Mommies…You can enter as many times as you want so enter today and enter often! Lucky winner receives a Soom Soom Toddler Bed shipped to his or her house in the color of their choice.

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Social Media has helped us connect with you

I have to admit that this is my first ever experience blogging. When I was hired by Stork Craft back in May, creating a Stork Craft Blog and signing us up for Facebook and Twitter accounts were only a small part of my job description. Things started slow….really slooooooooooooooooooow. If I remember correctly, Stork Craft only had 4 followers of this blog in the first month of its existence (one of them being myself).

Being new to the ‘Social Media World’ I was discouraged with the lack of instant results. Why weren’t more people reading our blog? I kept telling myself that I had to be patient and that eventually the readers will come. Being one of the the world’s largest baby furniture manufacturers in the world, I knew we had the customer base. But did the customers know that Stork Craft was finally online and ready to connect with them?

Through contests and other Mommy Blogs being extremely helpful with tips and referrals (Dee at Twoofakind, Jolly Mom, Barefoot Mommies and J Leigh Designz) we have finally achieved a strong reader base for this blog, on Facebook and Twitter. While we certainly have a ways to go before I will be fully satisfied with the Social Media Department here at Stork Craft, I can safely say that there is nothing that I enjoy more at work than interacting and connecting with customers and fans of Stork Craft online. Whether it be a simple email asking me questions about new products, or comments on our blog, or tweets on Twitter, or thumbs up on Facebook, the feeling that I get from responding to customers is one of satisfaction and gratitude.

Thank you Mommy Bloggers, fans and customers of Stork Craft who continue to read this blog and show interest in our company. Your support is what motivates me to make this blog what it is today. Feel free to contact me at anytime if you have any questions or comments about our products. Blog post suggestions are always welcome too :)

FurnishWEB software selected by Stork Craft

FurnishWEB Software Suite Selected by Stork Craft Manufacturing, Inc.for Order and Inventory Tracking

(Blacksburg, VA) — Internet Databases, developer of FurnishWEB, a dealer and sales representative portal for the home furnishings industry, featuring a comprehensive online order, inventory, shipping and tracking system, announced that Stork Craft Manufacturing, Inc. selected the FurnishWEB software suite to offer clients access to its superior quality juvenile product line.

According to Barry Welch, developer of FurnishWEB, “We have found Stork Craft to be as approachable and engaging to work with as they represent themselves online. Stork Craft uses social media—including the Stork Craft Blog and @StorkCraft on Twitter—to communicate as a team their enthusiasm for their company and products and to interact with their customers. FurnishWEB’s data management system will only enhance Stork Craft’s ability to offer comprehensive information and personal service to its customers.”

“FurnishWEB is great value add for our dealer and sales force network by providing a heighten customer service support system,” said Dan Ward, VP of Sales and Marketing. “FurnishWeb’s technology allows instant and up-to-date information with orders, shipments, inventory, product knowledge, and sales. Stork Craft is very excited to have partnered with FurnishWEB using their innovative technology.”

Soom Soom Toddler Bed Giveaway………. Why should you enter?

Here are 5 reasons why you should enter the Barefoot Mommies Soom Soom Toddler Bed Contest:

1) This is one of the highest rated Toddler Beds on the market receiving 5/5 stars on most major retailers sites

2) You can enter as many times as you want…The more you enter, the better your chance of winning

3) If you are the big winner, you can choose whichever color of Soom Soom Toddler Bed that you like

4) It costs nothing to enter, and it’s open to the US and Canada!

5) Your toddler would love to have this bed!

Stork Craft introduces new Bradford Crib

Stork Craft is pleased to introduce the all-new Bradford Stages Crib. Pictured above in Espresso, the Bradford is a 4-in-1 (crib to day bed to toddler bed to full size bed) which provides value and longevity for customers who purchase this crib. A great feature is the 3-drawer changer that attaches to the side of the crib, giving this crib everything you need for your baby. It is beautifully designed and made of high-quality wood, ensuring that your baby is safe and secure. Stork Craft has been keeping babies safe for over 60 years.

The Stork Craft Bradford Stages Crib will be released in early 2010, so stay tuned for more details on which retailers will be carrying it…

Stork Craft gets spooky for Halloween!

Since Halloween falls on a Saturday, Stork Craft decided to get into the spirit early with employees dressing-up in costume for work today. There were some great costumes in the office that made for a fun yet fierce competition…So who had the best costume?

We had an office-wide vote and the winner of Stork Craft’s top costume is…’Sumo Elvis’! I mean, Amy. Congratulations Amy and enjoy the Canucks game.

Who would you have voted for?

Win a Stork Craft Toddler Bed NOW!

Barefoot Mommies along with Stork Craft have teamed up to giveaway a Stork Craft Soom Soom Toddler Bed to one lucky reader! This is the giveaway that everybody has been waiting for and it is finally here!

To enter, please visit Barefoot Mommies Gift Guide to enter.

First required entry is to follow Stork Craft on Facebook

Second required entry is to follow Stork Craft on Twitter

Third required entry for following the Stork Craft Blog

Good luck everyone!

Stork Craft attends Lusso Baby Grand Opening

1037 Marine Dr. North Vancouver

Lusso Baby in North Vancouver had its Grand Store Opening this past Saturday, October 17th and Taylor attended representing the Stork Craft and Ragazzi brands. This was an action packed, fun-filled day for Taylor as Virgin 95.3 FM Radio was on-hand and stacks of cupcakes and non-alcoholic champagne were awaiting Taylor’s monstrous appetite. This was a very classy, well-attended Grand Opening with a very good customer turnout. They even had a baby race where the first place won a $2500 gift certificate!

Stork Craft congratulates Lusso Baby on a fantastic Store Grand Opening and wishes it great success.


Stork Craft would like to thank all of you for following our blog. We reached the milestone of 200 followers today and are very excited about all of the people reading our blog.

In celebration of this milestone, expect some very exciting product giveaways to be posted at the Stork Craft Blog in the very near future! Check back regularly to see which Stork Craft product you could win next!

Thanks again, and encourage others to follow our blog :)

Stork Craft Toddler Bed Giveaway just days away…

I know that the Stork Craft Soom Soom Toddler Bed is a favorite amongst parents. How do I know this, you may ask? Well…after already giving away a Tuscany Glider and Rocking Horse online, and reading the thousands of comments posted by mothers and fathers about which Stork Craft product they’d like to win next, the Soom Soom came up time after time. This bed is not only high-quality and attractive, but it is most importantly safe. Styled with a sleek sleigh design, the Soom Soom toddler bed is a handsome addition to your child’s room. It comes with 2 safety rails to keep your toddler safe and has a beautiful, nontoxic, classic finish.

If you want to purchase the Soom Soom Toddler Bed, it is available at a number of fine retailers including Walmart, Amazon, Toys R Us and other fine retailers.

If you want to win a Stork Craft Soom Soom Toddler Bed in the color of your choice, you’ll just have to stay tuned and keep checking our blog, twitter and facebook pages. I promise that I will have some good news for all of you soon :)