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Win a Stork Craft Aspen Change Table

Dee at Two of a kind, working on a full house is giving away an Aspen Change Table to one lucky reader. Visit the highlighted link above to read her review on the change table, and enter to win one, color of your choice! Contest ends April 2nd, and is open to both US and Canada. Enter as many times as you want.

Good luck everyone!

Congrats Brent, the big winner!

This past Friday we had a draw to win a Team Canada hockey jersey. All of the Stork Craft office and warehouse employees’ names were put into a hat and the winner received an authentic red Team Canada jersey. After everyone gathered together for the big draw, Michelle finally drew the name of………..BRENT! Brent, who is an Administrative Assistant in Ecommerce, was rumored to be very confident that he would win the jersey. Brent can be seen in the pictures above sporting his brand new Team Canada gear. I’m sure you all agree that he looks like a young Wayne Gretzky in these pictures.

On behalf of all of the jealous employees of Stork Craft, congratulations Brent and wear that jersey with pride!

Canwood available to buy online in Canada!

Great news for those who want to purchase Canwood in Canada…You can now order it online at have it shipped right to your home, anywhere in the country! Visit TJ’s The Kiddies Store online to order the Canwood products of your choice, and enjoy!

Canwood Furniture: Your Questions Answered

There’s lots of interest in our Canwood Furniture line. Here are some recent questions posted on our blog about Canwood. I have posted the responses to below each question. Feel free to post more questions on this topic and I will do my best to answer them for you!

(1)Anonymous said…
Can anyone tell me where, other than Kacz Kids who don’t seem to be getting their shipments, I can buy this line in Alberta?? Thank you Thank you!!
February 22, 2010 2:29 PM
(2)Anonymous said…
Any stores carrying this furniture in Edmonton Alberta in 2010??? If so, could you tell me who?Great looking beds!!!

I suggest trying as they have a good selection of Canwood and they ship within Canada. The products should be uploaded to their site very soon.
(3)Anonymous said…
Can anyone HELP me find pics of the Whistler bed with the storage options (3 drawer chest, 2 door cabinet, slide out desk) underneath? I know it’s made to be a system but I can’t find anywhere that tells me what you can fit under it and in what configurations. Can I fit all 3 pieces under?
February 27, 2010 1:28 PM

All three are designed to fit underneath the Whistler Junior Loft Bed. The picture above is of a Whistler Junior Loft bed in Espresso with the slide-out desk fitting perfectly underneath.

Stork Craft gets into the Olympic Spirit!

(Me with Jenn Heil, Canadian Silver Medalist in Freestyle Moguls)

Stork Craft is excited to welcome the world to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Some of our employees are wearing red and white colours to work to show their support for Canada, while others were fortunate enough to get tickets to some exciting events! Kevin, the lone American, must be feeling quite lonely and left-out this week as us Canadian employees were instructed not to talk to him while the Olympics were here (just kidding!!)
On behalf of the patriotic employees here at Stork Craft, we wish Canada and the rest of the world the best of luck at these 2010 Olympic Games and enjoy the beautiful city of Vancouver and its surroundings.

Meet contest winner Vonetta and her daughter Sarah!

Stork Craft was pleased to partner up with Jennifer from Barefoot Mommies for a Soom Soom Toddler Bed review and giveaway. You can see a video of the review here. After thousands of people entered to win this wonderful bed, we finally randomly selected a winner. Congratulations to Vonetta and her 3 year old daughter Sarah on being the big winners of this bed!
Vonetta was very excited to win this bed for her little girl:

Thank you so much! I am VJ (Tweeted @vantalee) winner for the Stork Craft toddler bed in the white color. I am so excited about this! My little girl needs a bed! Thanks so much! Her name is Sarah and will be 3 on the 21st! She loves the bed, as do I! Thanks for everything Adam!!! You’re wonderful!

On behalf of everyone here at Stork Craft, we hope that Sarah enjoys this toddler bed for years to come.

Which product would you like to win?? You choose!

Please take our poll on the right hand side of the page and vote for our next product giveaway! Here are your choices:

Tuscany Change Table (pictured in Espresso color)

Child’s Glider (for your little one to glide in **Not an Adult Glider**)

Aspen Change Table (pictured in Natural color)

Rocking Horse

The winner will be featured in our next Blogger Review/Contest Giveaway!

Meet contest winner Karen and her baby boy Bryce!

Stork Craft’s first ever contest giveaway was hosted on Dee’s blog at Two of a kind, Working on a full house and was it ever successful! We gave away a Stork Craft Tuscany Glider, Stork Craft’s newest and most plush glider to hit the market. With over 3000 entries in just over a month’s time, this was our most popular product giveaway ever! After a random selection process, we finally had a very deserving winner.

Meet Karen and her brand new baby boy Bryce Rowan, born on September 17, 2009, 8 lbs 4 oz. In Karen’s own words:


I enjoy my glider so very much!! I rock my sweet little boy to sleep every night. It is so plush and comfy that I have to be careful not to fall asleep myself!! I just wanted to thank you very much for my beautiful glider!! It is a must have for any Mom!!!!

Karen and Bryce, on behalf of Stork Craft we thank you for entering our contest giveaway and hope you two enjoy your brand new Tuscany Glider and Ottoman.

Who am I?

Corporate Blogs tend to remain just that, corporate. It is about companies pushing products to their followers, which is really just another way of advertising. Since I started this blog in the summer of 2009, I wasn’t entirely sure which direction to go in. Should I update our customers on upcoming products, have contest giveaways, highlight community involvement or get personal (meet the people of Stork Craft)? I started out just talking about our products and noticed very few people reading this blog. After a few months of blogging and having only 4 followers (one of them was my Mom, thanks Mom!) I decided to change it up. Gone were the flavorless, corporate posts that could have been read on our website or any advertisement, and in were the more colorful, interactive posts about winning prizes and meeting the employees.

I’m very fortunate to have the freedom to post about whatever is on my mind. I am not pigeon-holed into pushing company strategies and agendas on this blog. What I am encouraged to do is showcase my creativity and writing skills and encourage healthy conversation and dialogue. I hope that over the last number of months you have enjoyed reading all sorts of different articles. I try to freshen and mix things up every once in a while.

So I figured this would be a good time to get to know me, Adam Segal, the creator of this blog. My position at Stork Craft is officially titled ‘Manager, E-Marketing & Social Media’. What this means is I oversee and manage all of the social media outlets that Stork Craft is tied to (Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin). I need to drive traffic to these pages but I also thoroughly enjoy interacting with our customers (and potential customers). Who would’ve thought that a 25 year old male would be interacting with Moms on Twitter throughout the day? Not I.

A little bit about me: I am one of four children in my family, and all of us grew up in Vancouver, Canada. I did my Honors Bachelor of Arts at the University of Western Ontario in Sociology. I graduated on-time and had no idea what to do, applied for an internship to work on Parliament Hill for the Canadian Government and was accepted. I was the only representative of British Columbia and one of eight chosen in Canada. After a year of working as a fresh-faced 21 year old for the Deputy House Leader to the Prime Minister, I decided that Ottawa was far too cold for my West-Coast blood so I came back home to Vancouver.

Upon my return I got my Tennis Canada Certification and taught children for the summer. Running my own tennis lessons was fun, but this wasn’t a realistic full-year job for me. I then joined the Stork Craft team as Assistant Logistics and Warehouse Coordinator, and worked in that position for a year until I decided to go back to school. I attended the University of British Columbia and received my Masters of Management Degree. I wanted to become more business savvy and this program helped me infinitely. Upon graduation a new position opened up at Stork Craft, and I fully understood the need for Stork Craft to become more of an online presence. I told the Executives that we needed to become well-known online and responsive to customers concerns. We needed to interact with our customers and listen to them. This is where I fit into the equation, and I have been working in this position since May 2009. I love it!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to post a comment here!

Wear Red for Haiti

Stork Craft’s thoughts and prayers are with victims and families of the earthquake in Haiti. Last Thursday, certain Stork Craft employees dressed in red to show their support for the relief of this terrible disaster. Talia Beckett, Marketing Manager of Stork Craft, attended a charity event for Haiti that was organized by Rose Charities. There is so much need for help in Haiti and Stork Craft is trying to contribute to the relief effort. We will be organizing more in-office donations and encourage people to give to this most worthy cause.

Here is an article about how your company can help with Haiti:

How Companies Can Truly Help in Haiti

Philanthropy expert Timothy Ogden says the best advice for corporate givers is: “Don’t just do something, stand there.” Allow him to explain

By Timothy Ogden

The news and images from Haiti are heartbreaking. Many individuals and companies are reaching for their wallets; others are wondering what they can do to help. But the best advice for corporate givers trying to figure out how best to respond is the old adage: “Don’t just do something, stand there.” To understand why, take a look back at the responses to other recent disasters. There is a discernable pattern, and not a good one:

1. Donations spike in the immediate aftermath.
2. A huge portion of the funds donated are spent on setting up disaster-relief operations that are no longer the primary need.
3. A flood of cash and materials cause a logistics nightmare leading to waste and ineffectiveness, if not corruption.
4. Six months later, reconstruction stalls because the world’s attention has moved elsewhere.
5. And, finally, a series of reports bemoan the fact that too many funds are devoted to disaster relief and not enough to disaster preparedness and reconstruction.

Companies are in the perfect position to break this cycle: They have the ability (and the obligation) to be thoughtful and strategic about how they handle their charitable giving. Here are a few ways businesses can help—and some principles everyone can apply to post-disaster giving:

Don’t earmark your donations for Haiti. Funds for disaster relief are absolutely necessary in the short term—but immediate relief efforts are just one part of a long recovery process. By the time money earmarked for disaster relief arrives in charities’ bank accounts for a particular disaster, recovery workers have already moved on to the much harder, much more expensive rebuilding phase. Rather than earmark a gift for Haitian disaster relief, direct your donations toward replenishing the cash and materials that disaster-relief agencies will expend in the next few weeks in Haiti, so they will be ready to respond immediately to the next disaster.

Go with experience.
If you feel that you must give to disaster relief in Haiti, make sure you are giving to an organization that has extensive experience in Haiti and people already on the ground. They will be much more effective because of their existing knowledge of communities, cultural norms, and power dynamics.

Give money.
Gifts-in-kind may seem like an appealing and useful way to contribute but they tend to cause huge logistical problems that dramatically undermine their value. Money gives those responding to the disaster the ability to act flexibly, according to the needs at hand. If you do have materials you are convinced will be useful (construction supplies, computers, and so on) ask the charity your working with whether it can effectively use what you can give. (And be prepared to hear that they’d rather have the cash.)

Look ahead. Long after their immediate health and safety needs are taken care of and the media spotlight has moved on, Haitians will still benefit from your organization’s help in rebuilding their lives and livelihoods. One way to do this—and engage employees and customers—is to match the dollars they contribute for immediate relief with a corporate gift for reconstruction, to be given in six or eight months. By that time it will be clear which areas of the rebuilding effort are underfunded. You’ll also have time to thoroughly vet agencies, projects, and so forth, to ensure that your donations will do the most good.