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When Does it Get Better?

You Get Better At It 8.5.14


Still depleted from the delivery, sleep deprived, and feeling lost about “what to do” after bringing the baby home, I knew that I still needed to “enjoy the moments” because “they grow up so fast”.  But really.  When will this get better?  This was the phrase that constantly ran through my head.  It went on repeat through the struggle with breastfeeding, battling a screaming baby that resisted sleeping training, cleaning up projectile vomit…  The list can go on.  I never thought that a year later, I would see the day when my Little One could sleep through the night.  I can finally claim my evenings back with a good read, a drink out with a girlfriend, or sit back with my husband for a Netflix movie.


Did anything actually “get better” or “any easier”?  Some things simply go away because the Little One outgrows them.  The days of watching the clock like a hawk for the next feeding, constantly sterilizing bottles, and sleeping for only stretches of 2-3 hours at a time may be over.  But with the exit of the newborn stage, my little family has arrived to the new world of toddler tantrums, picky eating, and sessions of screaming bloody murder in the car seat.  Right when I find myself thinking “When will this get better?”, my news feed on the mommy forums squash all hope by telling me that the upcoming “terrible twos” are nothing compared to the newly termed “terrible threes” (Here, here and here.  Yipes, save me!).


Perhaps it’s Kim Simon’s The Secret Every New Mom Should Remember that says it most succinctly: “I wish I could tell you that it gets easier, but it doesn’t. The secret is that you get better at it.”  When I came across this article the other day on Huffington Post Parents, her message really hit home.  While we tend to put so much focus on the child and his/her growth- trying to get them healthily and happily from one stage to the next- the other half of parenting is recognizing that I, as a parent, need to grow and adapt healthily and happily too.  The key isn’t in hoping that my child can quickly outgrow whatever “terrible phase” that she is going through.  The reality is that once one phase is over, there will be another one.  Those cries for milk turn into screams over a toy, and soon those “feed and change me” requests will give way to ones for the car.  Rather, it is navigating an uncharted road together where my child, my family unit and I will come out stronger and closer as we go along.


If I could go back in time to those early days, I would remind myself that parenthood is not a passive journey of cringing and questioning if the difficult times will “get better” or not.  It is a purposeful one of actively learning and being better.  I know this is all easier said than done.  This is especially true when you are covered in barf, rocking your feverish baby at some God-forsaken hour of the night, or wrestling a screaming child away from the candy section.  But one day when my Little One is grown up and it’s time to send her off from under my roof, I hope that that I will be able to say, just like Kim Simon writes, “You thought you’d never make it, mama. And then you did.”

Regular Dressers VS Juvenile Dressers: What’s the Diff?

Ever wonder what the difference is between a regular dresser and one that is sold in the nursery section?  Are there any actual benefits to a dresser that is being marketed “for children”?  Indeed there are!  Storkcraft dressers are tested to meet specific safety standards in order to be sold as juvenile furniture.  This also includes the use of materials that are made to withstand the wear and tear that only little ones would bring.


1)      Sturdy Finishes: While the top of dressers usually become home to books, jewelry and small knick knacks in a master bedroom, dressers for babies tend to be places to balance drippy bottles, wet cloths, and even the odd dirty diaper.  Storkcraft dressers do not use paper-based laminates or materials that may “bubble” or melt upon contact with moisture.  Rather, the dressers are made of durable finishes that can be cleaned with a damp cloth and can hold up to everyday wear and tear with a baby.



Aspen 3 Drawer Dresser


2)      Anti-tipping: Did you know that according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission that “More than 25,000 of [tip-over] injuries are to children under the age of 18?”  Moreover, “falling furniture accounts for more than half (52 percent) of the injury reports” (Source).  The difference between a dresser made for juveniles vs a generic piece for the rest of the home is that several anti-tipping measures have been incorporated into each Storkcraft baby dresser.  These include

-Wall mounts to attach the furniture to the wall

-Reinforced bases to help distribute weight of the dresser closer to the floor and away from the top of a dresser

-Anti-tipping tests that are performed by placing weights on top drawers, etc. to determine if the overall construction and design of the dresser holds it balance



Aspen Combo Dresser


3)      Drawer-stops and locks:  The stops prevent drawers from falling out of their tracks even if they are fully pulled open.  The locks keep a drawer from unintentionally slamming close into little fingers when a drawer is open and in use.



Beatrice 3 Drawer Dresser


4)      Ergonomic measurements: Anyone who has ever had to change diapers or rummage in a drawer for something while wrestling a baby knows that it can be backbreaking work.  This is especially true for mothers who are still recovering from childbirth.  Storkcraft 3 drawer dressers, combos and 6 drawer dressers are designed to be at the optimum height of 34”.  This allows for easy access to items, and especially for changing diapers should customers choose to use a contoured changing pad on the top.




5)      Avoiding choking hazards: Juvenile dresser knobs are selected to be too large to swallow, but yet small enough to not provide any easy climbing foothold.



Beatrice Combo Dresser with Hutch sold separately (Right).


So while it may seem tempting to simply pick up the extra storage for your nursery at the home department, there are definitely many reasons why including a dresser that is compliant to health and safety codes for children’s furnishings is a wise decision.  All furniture geared for juveniles are required to be strictly tested and certified, so feel free to ask your nursery retailer for more information on how to select a dresser for your little one’s room.




Crib Simplicity

There was a time when I used to think that I would have a nursery with the grand crib and all its matchy-matchy dressers.  I pictured my baby nestled soundly in a bed that would rival something out of a fairytale.  But years later, pregnant and armed with ideas from my Pinterest and Etsy accounts, I chose Storkcraft’s Bradford 4 in 1 crib in white for its simplicity and versatility.  A far cry from what I had pictured for my future nursery when I was growing up.


When it comes to furnishing a baby’s room, the crib used to be the central focus and the “piece de resistance”.  Headboards were ornate and hefty, there were carvings, layers of wooden molding, and colour even included options of “look-at-me” metallic finishes.  All other decor in the nursery took its cue from the crib.  The past few years, however, have seen a big shift in style to where the crib has become more subtle and streamlined.  Rather than dominating a room with a crib’s decorative detailing, the devil-in-the-details now lie in more simple sleep accommodations that can help showcase well-edited and meaningful accessories.


Below are some inspirational, modern rooms.  They have simple, white cribs in spaces that are nothing short of a whole lot of personality.



^It’s all in the details with this soft pink, grey and turquoise room, from the paper crafts to the kitchy pillows and wall decal.  Image from Chole Fleury.



^There’s nothing boring about a streamlined crib against dark walls and being surrounded by accessories with pops of colour and texture.  Image from Housetweeking.



^We have featured this before from The Glitter Guide’s tour of baby Isla’s room.  The crib’s clean lines and white finish keep the focus on the paper flower installation.


Crib with abc

^The perfect combination of simple elegance with splashes of bold colour.  The crib acts as part of a canvas for the room’s unique architecture and fun decorations.  Image from Carousel Designs.



^Bright, airy and serene, and filled with handmade details.  Image from On to Baby.


For a similar look as the above rooms, create your little one’s nursery with the Storkcraft Sheffield 3 in 1 Crib or Mission Ridge 3 in 1 Crib (as shown directly below) and personalize it with unique accessories, Etsy finds, and DIY projects.  The Sheffield and Mission Ridge are currently both under $100.00 at and are convertible to accommodate as your little one grows.

Mission Ridge White  Sheffield White crib final


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Hello, Sorrento

Sorrento.xcf 7.10

It’s a summer full of new products here at Storkcraft!  The Sorrento 3-in-1 Crib and its matching change table is one of the newest collections to join the Storkcraft family.  We heard our fans’ request for a crib with wider slats for extra sturdiness and visual impact, and combined this with a handsome silhouette.  Our favourite features are the swooping sides and the generous wooden mouldings that run along the rails because, after all, the devil is in the details!  It is a 3 in 1 crib that will transition into a daybed and full bed so it will also grow with your baby in the years to come.  Available in espresso, cherry or white finish, it is already available at Walmart for $249.99.




Get Your Chevron On

Chevron Glider Giveaway


Our Tuscany and Hoop glider and ottoman sets have been mainstays in Storkcraft’s product lineup for years, so when it was time for a makeover, our designers figured what better way to spruce up our top sellers than with a punch of colour and infusion of pattern?  We are so excited to launch the gliders in a Chevron motif with the choice of five fabric colours.  They are available to pair with your choice of finish on the wooden base, and are available for purchase at our official retailers at the end of this month.  In the meantime, we are celebrating the launch with a giveaway of a chevron glider and ottoman set to one lucky reader, so head on over here to enter for your chance to win*!


*Contest is open to readers in the continental US and Canada, and closes at the end of July 11th, Friday.  Winner will be selected at random and be contacted directly by Storkcraft.



The Bayshore: Modern Goodness

midcentury inspriation

Image source (Clockwise from top left): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


Decor cult-favourite sites, Pinterest and Apartment Therapy, are always featuring refinished midcentury modern dressers. But while do-it-yourself projects are inspirational, not everyone has the time or tools to recreate that midcentury modern look.  So… Enter Storkcraft’s newest addition to its growing family:  The Bayshore 3 Drawer Dresser!

It has been a while since Storkcraft has come out with a completely new dresser design, so we are excited to have Walmart USA feature the Bayshore 3 Drawer Dresser in a two-tone espresso/white (as seen below) and also grey/white.  Not only is the overall look updated for a contemporary nursery (In fact,I could see this being great storage for any bedroom), it also features Storkcraft’s new, exclusive Tufflink Assembly.  Say goodbye to those pesky bags of hardware and Allen wrenches.  The Bayshore has parts that simply lock into place with the sound of a click for easy and sturdy assembly.





Paper Decor

With Storkcraft setting up a permanent showroom at headquarters, it’s got me thinking about simple, DIY nursery decor.  Paper accessories are an easy and creative way of infusing colour, texture and dimension in a kid’s room.  Whether it’s for a boy, girl, or even a shared room, paper decor items can be customized to pretty much any colour under the rainbow.  The fact that they are cost effective (Yay!) and lends itself easily to future decor changes (Double yay!), need we say more?  Here are some of my favourites.



^This paper flower wall is swoon-worthy.  To get the look, try this floral decor over Storkcraft’s Sheffield Crib in white.

Image Source: The Glitter Guide



^Paper tassels have been taking over Pinterest, from party garlands to nursery mobiles.  It’s so easy to make, can be done in pretty much any colour that tissue paper would come in, and oh-so-sophisticated!

Image Source: Style Me Pretty


modern-nursery-fancy-life-ceiling modern-baby-boy-nursery-21488519

^Cluster some paper lanterns in a few choice colours for a look that is dynamic and yet put together.  Create a similar look as the nursery above by searching your local craft store for the lanterns, and pair it with the Zutano Tivoli Crib & Dresser by Storkcraft.

Image Source: Unique Baby Gear Ideas



^Got a favourite wallpaper pattern that you just cannot quite get yourself to paste permanently all over those walls?  Try putting them up in frames.

Image Source: Make By Girl


As with any other decorative items in a children’s room, always be reminded to make sure that they are secured properly.  Hang them far up and away from cribs and play floor areas to keep away from curious little hands.





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On Change and On Being Mom

“…making compromises in the way you’d envisioned your life isn’t a sign of failure, it just means you’re now a parent and not always first in line…”


I recently came across this post from Design Mom where she interviews Ann McGraw- mother, career woman, and a  transplant to Nashville.  Ann’s thoughts on learning to not only accept, but embrace the changes and fluidity of life with children resounded with me.  While this city-loving momma was describing the journey that she took to adjust to her life in suburbia, I felt that it could have applied to any of the transitions that anyone goes through when becoming a parent.


“I have struggled for so long with this new life of ours…  I felt like I had a dress on that didn’t quite fit and wasn’t quite me… But I recently realized – belatedly – that this isn’t about me. That this is where our family belongs right now, and this is what works for us. I walk around our house and think every day that I couldn’t possibly love any house or the people who live in it more than I do. I’ve had to reframe what I pictured our life looking like, and being appreciative for how good we have it.”


So often I find myself with unsettling thoughts of dissatisfaction since becoming a mom: The sudden lack of living space, on working only part-time, on missing out on girls’ nights out because I have to be home to put the baby to sleep, on wondering when I can get back into my pre-baby wardrobe of fitted dresses and skinny jeans…  But right when I find myself going down the list of “What if’s” I am reminded that just like Ann says, “…I recently realized – belatedly – this isn’t about me. That this is where our family belongs right now, and this is what works for us.“  In those moments when the husband is making our Little One giggle with uncontrollable laughter, when I peer down into the crib to see a peaceful sleeping baby, when I scroll back at the pictures on my phone and marvel at how quickly baby has grown, I know that I am blessed.  This life may not have been exactly what I had envisioned for myself, but it is freeing to know that I have much to be grateful for, and where I am is where I currently need to be.



Image: Instagram @dawn.wm



Got Questions?



We love to hear feedback from our customers!  If you have something that you love about your Storkcraft furniture, we want to hear about it!  Shoot us an email at


Got questions about your furniture, or need some extra help with replacing parts or assembly?  Don’t hesitate to email us at or call 1-877-274-0277 (Customer service is open M – F, 7:00AM – 3:00PM Pacific Standard Time).  We are here to hear and help you out.  To make sure that our customer service representatives can service you as efficiently and effectively as possible, please make sure to include all your Storkcraft product’s information as follows:

-Product name and model #

-Country of manufacture

-Date of manufacture

-Part ID of the damaged part as according to the instruction manual (if you are requiring replacement parts).


We know that welcoming a new baby, or sending your little boy or girl onto their “big kid” rooms are momentous occasions.  So we want to send a huge THANK YOU to our Storkcraft customers and fans for their continued loyalty, and for marking these milestones with our furniture in your homes!



Getting Summer Crafty

Summer break is just around the corner.  With school being let out, got plans for how to keep the kids preoccupied yet?  I recently came across plenty of DIY activities and it got me wanting to roll up my sleeves and get my craft on.   Here are my top 5 favourite summer projects for both kids and adults alike.


1) Tipis:


Image from A Subtle Revelry


When I started seeing backyard tipis and reading nook tipis popping up on my Pinterest feed, I knew I would have to make one one day for my Little One.  You will find that there are endless styles and methods for constructing a tipi/tent, but for the purpose of keeping things simple and portable, I like this one by A Subtle Revelry.  Purchase a set of tabbed curtains from any discount store for a no sew version (or make your own), 4 rods, and some twine and you’re good to go.  You can go with the whimsical sheer fabric that A Subtle Revelry has chosen, or select something thicker with a more canvas-like feel.  Set it up in a family room for sleepovers or bring it to the beach for some shade to stretch out under.


2) Dyed Blanket


Image from Say Yes


This is a project that the kids would love to help out with and you get to boast a one-of-a-kind piece for those trips to the park and beach.  The process is surprisingly easy and while this one is a sophisticated indigo, you can try it with whatever other colour that inspires you.  I could see this easily in a canary yellow or vibrant fushia pink.  These instructions from Say Yes talk about hemming the fabric too, but for easy-peasy no-sew, pick up a set of discounted white cotton sheets to use instead.  While you already have the dye mixed and ready, have your little ones throw in a few little white T’s or onesies (like this) for a new set of tie dye outfits.


3) Dipped Shoes


Image from


If you can do picnic/beach blackets, why not shoes?  Liven up those canvas shoes and let the kids personalize them with their own colour.  I may need to make a pair in my size to usher in warm weather and bid a temporary goodbye to winter boots.


4) Braided Basket


Image from Corner Blog


Colourful and a great use of those old t-shirts that the kids and partner may have outgrown, this woven basket may help “clean up time” become a bit more pleasant.  …Ok, Fine.  It will probably not make any difference to how the kids accept putting away the toys.  But at least they get an activity out of making the basket, and you get something pretty to have in your home.





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