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Stork Craft: Meet the Accounting Team!

On Day 2 of ‘Meet the Team’, I am pleased to introduce you to Stork Craft’s Accounting Team. This fine looking group of Stork Craft employees bleeds Stork Craft purple. Their blood, sweat and tears go towards making sure the company has all of its finances in order. Here is a little bit of information on each of the Accounting employees, in their own words:

(far left): ‘When I’m not tending to my full-time job of looking after my 2 young kids, I’m busy with my hobby of ensuring my fellow Stork Craft co-workers are adequately compensated so they can feed, cloth & provide shelter for their own families and stay out of the homeless shelters.’

Stephanie (second from left): ‘Responsible for Accounts Receivable of Stork Craft US customers , and I am an assistant to Emely and Raj (Accounts Payable). Hobbies: reading , swimming , have a walk in the park if the weather is good, and working very very hard on my CGA (it is not a hobby , but it is what I do in my spare time), on-line shopping (if it counts?!)’

Melissa (second from right): ‘Accounts Receivable. My favorite to do on my spare time is shopping and watching TV shows like CSI, Bones & Wipeout.’

Jorge (far right): ‘I’m the accounts receivable person for Ragazzi US. I like interacting with all of our different clients, whether its via email or by phone. In my spare time I like watching sports go canucks! Also doing outdoor sports.’

Emely (not in the picture): ‘My job is to put customer on hold who doesn’t pay” their bills, better be nice with me :) On a serious note, take charge of the accounting team for Stork Canada and USA. To make sure proper protocol is being followed. I’ve been working with Stork Craft for 5 years now. My hobbies include outdoor activities and watching movies.’

Stork Craft : Meet the Team

I received a few requests to post pictures of some of the Stork Craft employees. Today I would like to introduce you to myself, Adam Segal, and my associate Taylor Moore. Taylor, dressed in all black, is the Sales Manager for Canada, and I must say that he is one of our most talented and self-driven employees at Stork Craft. Taylor is only 23 years old but is wise beyond his years. He has been with Stork Craft for five years. His hobbies include sports, watching movies, cars and ATVing.

I am in the white shirt and am involved with Online Marketing and have recently been shifted into Sales. I am 25 years old and have been with the company for a total of 1.5 years. My hobbies include working out at the gym, watching sports (especially Canucks hockey!) and enjoying the beautiful city of Vancouver in any way that I can.

Stay tuned for more of the faces of Stork Craft.

We want to hear from you…

I’ve been writing this blog for a few months now. We started out with a modest four followers (friends and family of myself but I am not ashamed to admit this!) and now we have almost 200 followers of the Stork Craft blog. I have blogged about the following:

-Stork Craft’s new products
-Reviews of Stork Craft Products/Giveaways
-Videos/Pictures of Stork Craft products
-How to assemble cribs
-How Stork Craft is getting involved in the community

Now it is time for our fans and customers to tell us what they want to know about Stork Craft. Is it a behind the scenes look at our employees and what they do each and every day? Is it a Q&A session, asking the Stork Craft product experts specific questions about our products? Are you curious what we all look like? :p

This is your chance to tell me what you want me to blog about. I will listen to each and every one of your requests. Just leave a comment under this post and share your thoughts and ideas with me.

I look forward to hearing from you!

What should Stork Craft’s next contest giveaway be?

Stork Craft Products

We need 100 votes on our side poll to giveaway another product. Please vote, and tell your friends to vote for whichever product you think we should giveaway next! We have already given away a Tuscany Glider and Wooden Rocking Horse. What’s next? YOU DECIDE!

Ensure that the product you want to win will be featured next by voting and telling everyone you know to vote!

Tuscany Stages 4 in 1 Crib Video

For those of you wondering how to put your Stork Craft Tuscany Stages 4 in 1 Crib together, we have added something more than just written instructions.

A video, outlining step-by-step how to convert the Tuscany from a crib, to a daybed, to a toddler bed and then to a full-size should help.


Stork Craft will be attending the ABC Kids Expo

From the website ABC Kids Expo:

The ABC Kids Expo is the primary trade show for the juvenile products industry.

It was founded as a partnership between independent specialty store retailers and the manufacturers who support them, as a method in which to promote the long-term sustained growth of the industry as well as to provide valuable opportunities for networking and education.

The main focus of the show is on products from newborn through teen, predominantly in the areas of furniture, bedding, room décor, baby gear, gift and layette, toys and related accessories.

Stork Craft is looking forward to being at the show and showcasing our new products! We hope to see you there too. Feel free to stop by Booth 942 and say hi.

Time is running out! Enter to win a Stork Craft Rocking Horse TODAY!

Win It! Stork Craft is giving one Jolly Mom reader a Rocking Horse! Winner chooses finish color!

Contest closes Thursday, September 10th at 11:59pm EST.

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Congratulations to Karen – Stork Craft Tuscany Glider winner!

Stork Craft is pleased to announce that Karen (SCMOMOF2BOYS) is the winner of Stork Craft’s first ever online contest giveaway! We are sure that she will enjoy the glider and wish her all the very best with it.

You can purchase a Stork Craft Tuscany Glider at the following retailers:


Win a Stork Craft Rocking Horse…Color of your choice!

Stork Craft is pleased to announce its next Contest Giveaway which is going on now at: Win a Stork Craft Rocking Horse and choose the color!

This giveaway will end September 10th, 2009 at 11:59 PM EST. Winner will be drawn via and will be announced on Jolly Mom’s Blog. US and Canadian entries only, please.

Good Luck from everyone here at Stork Craft!

Stork Craft Supports ‘Run For One Planet’

Stork Craft Manufacturing Inc. is proud to support Environmental Action – Run For One Planet against climate change. Coming from the website:

‘The Run for One Planet is an ongoing run endeavour focused on “Inspiring Environmental Action, One Step at a Time”.

The Run for One Planet 2008/2009 North America Tour is our kick-off initiative – a carbon neutral year-long run around the continent by two Canadians, Matt Hill and Stephanie Tait, to inspire Environmental Action. Our goal is to run 1 marathon each per day, inspire 1 million new Actions for Earth and raise $1 Million for our Legacy of Action’

Stork Craft employees filled out the ‘Action Challenge’ at work, committing to at least 1 of 10 actions to minimize our carbon footprint. The actions included:
-Eat Local and Organic
-Turn Off Your Car
-Eliminate Plastic Bags
-Use Green Cleaners
-Turn Off the Lights
-Turn Off the Taps
-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
-Bring Your Own Bottle
-Teach Your Children Well

Personally I agreed to a few of the actions such as ‘Turn Off Your Car’ and ‘Eliminate Plastic Bags’. Altogether Stork Craft is very proud to help the environment and reduce climate change through its employees’ actions. Stork Craft also encourages you and/or your company to also be a part of the ‘Action Challenge’.

You can download the form here: and post it on the bulletin board in your lunchroom at work, or bring it home with you and post it on the fridge. Hopefully together we can all help make a difference one small step at a time.