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Fashion blogs used to be my vice, but since I have had the Little One, I am a big fan of blogs by women who are also moms.  These women show that you can be mommy and also realize talents as a designer, artist, career woman, visionary, dreamer…      Below are my top 3 that I am always checking up on.


1) Oh Joy!- Joy Cho’s blog is a visual delight.  I suppose you can’t expect otherwise from someone who currently has her own line of kids bedding at The Land of Nod and party accessories at Target.  From her latest edible indulgences to her design projects and pictures of her adorable little girl, Ruby, I can’t get enough of blog-stalking Oh Joy!



2) Design Mom- Gabrielle best describes her own blog as “…where design and motherhood intersect”.  She makes motherhood (and to 6 kids!) look so good.

Design Mom


3) Chloe Fleury-  This mom to 8 month old Lula is a paper artist.  She creates the most vibrant paper portraits, landscapes and miniatures, all the while documenting her daily life with her little girl.  Need we say more?




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