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Now that Spring is in session and the cold, dreary days are easing up, I can’t wait to take baby out and about town.  I had previously written about indoor places to go in Vancouver, BC to shake off the winter blues.  Here’s three places to take the children to welcome clear skies and warming weather.


1) Southlands Farms-

With my LO’s obsession with farm animals (She loves saying “quack quack quack” and “moo” to her stuffies and picture books), the Southlands Farms is the perfect place to introduce her to the real thing.  Just large enough to keep your LO entertained and exploring, but small enough to cover the grounds and make it back home in time for the nap, this family run farm has all the essentials: A stable (They have riding lessons!), petting zoo with goats, sheep and pigs, orchard, and chicken coup.  On your way home, check out the market stand for fresh, local produce and products.


Image courtesy of Southland Farms.


2) Kitsilano Beach-

Need some fresh air and gorgeous view of Vancouver?  This is just the place for a relaxing stroll along the jogging path.  For children who are steady on their feet, Kits beach has a great playground.  Well equipped with a rubber surface for soft landings, and sprawling play decks, slides and bars, let your little one get their energy out here.  My 11 month old isn’t fully walking on her own yet, so we will be sticking to the baby swings.


3) Easter Train-

This miniature train runs rain or shine and is fully covered, so no fear of getting wet with Vancouver’s often inclement weather.  The two kilometer ride through the forest and tunnels will have our little one excitedly saying, “Choo choo!”.


Image courtesy of stanleyparkinfo.ca


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