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Back With Pinterest Tuesday

I’m back from maternity leave and, boy, has time flown by.  When I first packed up my desk for the leave at 11 months pregnant, I thought that a whole year would be a “long” time to have off.  But like any parent knows, time runs like water when you have a child.  My little girl is already approaching her first birthday, so all things birthday party related has been on my mind lately.  Here’s to re-starting up this blog again with a Pinterest Tuesday, and this time as a new mommy so I can take this crazy journey of parenting along with you.





^Bright and colourful for the children (and the children at heart), and sophisticated enough for the adults.  I ran out to get the plates, hats, noisemakers and Happy Day banner already and will be incorporating them somehow into baby’s bday, but who says you can’t take inspiration and create your own colour theme with some DIY?  (Image credit 1 and 2)



^My little girl has a love for balloons and would be delighted to see this table set up.



Say hello to the non-traditional cake (Pinata cake, Doughnuts, Brownies).  I think the piñata cake may have to be saved for the day I polish up my baking skills, but the other two are great DYI and would still be easy to transport and assemble should the party be at a location outside of home.






Having been to a few children’s birthday parties for my friends’ children, I can say it’s not easy to hunt down a gift.  My dilemma is usually that kids seem to “have it all” these days.  And if they do not have it, it’s probably for good reason, like the parent does not wish for their child to have it (Ex. A drum set or any noise making devices) or it’s in a price range that is out of budget.  So what’s a good “auntie” to do?  I have stuck to old fashioned items that I hope still awaken the imagination in today’s children, as much as it did in my childhood.


^The Storkcraft Rocking Horse is my go-to gift for baby showers and birthdays.  It’s a piece that will last for years to come and may even be an item that your child could pass down to the next generation. 



^To our surprise, my LO has taken a liking to books (Yes, that’s her up there).  Whether she flips through the pages on her own or wants you to read her a story, she has yet to grow tired of books that are illustrated by Caroline Jane Church.  We can’t wait to add more to her collection.


 diy-baby-tees-3 diy-baby-tees-5

  diy-baby-tees-6 diy-baby-tees-1

^Get your DYI on and gift some custom T’s.  With this craft project from 100 Layer Cakelet, you’ll be sure that there won’t be any gift duplications.



^How cute and thoughtful would a framed infographic be as a gift for a first birthday?  This is taken from the lovely blog, Life Love & Lucy.  Not a graphic artist?  Me neither.  I will be custom ordering mine off Etsy.






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