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Moms will attest to the fact that once you have children in your life, mommy’s needs, rightly or wrongly, tend to take a backseat to those of the family.    The best of resources, whether it is in time, energy or finances, are allocated first to children and partners.  So does this mean that moms are relegated to sweatpants, pony tails, and staying in until they wave their children off to college?  According to website Elizabeth St, “Where Stylish Moms Meet”, definitely not!  While not everyday may hold a fancy date night, Elizabeth St. shows how moms can incoporate style with their daily life of errands and car pools.  On top of insprational street styles that are taken around the world showing trendy moms and their little mini-me’s, Elizabeth St is a lifestyle site that feature tips on decorating, healthy living, and interviews with mothers, including singer and academy award winner Jennifer HudsonWhile mothers will always appreciate dinner recipes, pointers on ridding diaper rash and the benefits of  opening an RESP account, it’s refreshing to be reminded that even with a family and home to take care of, women can actively maintain the role of style mavin and mommy extroidinaire.




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