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Gift Giving: Count Down to Christmas

With the Christmas rush coming on and the overwhelming number of products to choose from, make your hunt for those family presents easier by looking no further than the Parent Tested Parent Approved’s Holiday 2012 list.  Tested and rated by everyday parents, and not as endoresments from the manufacturer, the PTPA awarded products make the cut only after being approved by real families that put the products through the rigours of day to day life with children.

Stork Craft had their Tuscany Gilder and Ottoman set, Carrara Crib and Aspen Combo Dresser rated just this year by PTPA!  Check it out on their blog!

So who are the PTPA?  They are ”a community of parents across North America sharing valuable feedback about the products we bring into our homes and to our families.”  Their reviews and seals of approvals are not only limited to toys, but extend to a range of household and family products.  So the next time that you need to pick up something for that girlfriend who is expecting, or even simply thinking of switching to another household brand, check out the PTPA list of approved products before you head out to make a purchase.

No more fear of buyer’s remorse and the long trek back to make a return.  And definitely say goodbye to any disappointments on Christmas morning: Jimmy Kimmel’s I Gave My Kid’s a Terrible Christmas Present


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