The Simple Things

The Simple Things

Remember those days, before the internet, when research for an elementary school project always involved the use of the Britannia Encyclopedia set and sifting through piles of yellow bound National Geographic magazines?  Oh, how I date myself! :)   Over the course of lunch today, one of my colleagues mentioned that his niece, who is currently in elementary school, works off an iPad in class now.  Each child is given an iPad that is connected to the teacher’s screen at the front, and this is how they learn!  It brings to mind my last flight to San Diego where just about every toddler on board had a pair of headphones hooked up to a smart tablet of some sort.  They were all watching a movie or playing a game.  Talk about how quickly technology has revolutionalized the way students learn, children play, and the way us “adults” go about work (That Blackberry that never stops buzzing!).

While all these gadgets have provided us great conveniences and entertainment like never before, it makes me nostalgic for the old fashioned things.  I’m one of those “old school” kind of people who still believe in the magic of cutting up construction paper, and playing make believe with stuffed animals and pillow forts (Take a look at this awesome concept by Child’s Own Studio of turning your child’s drawing into a real toy, as featured in Today’s Parent Magazine, May 2012 issue!). 

Stork Craft is a juvenile furniture manufacturer, but we can’t resist having our own version of a classic children’s entertainment piece in our product lineup: The Stork Craft Rocking Horse.  This beautifully finished wooden Rocking Horse by Stork Craft, with its soft mane and tail, is sure to please any little cowboy, or princess looking for her pony!  Featuring long runners to maximize safety and with generous seating room, this rocking horse is sure to be your little one’s favourite accessory (Here’s a list of retailers where you can get yours!).



 What are some of the simple things that you remember from your own childhood that you have fond memories of?





  1. by Lauralee Hensley on April 22, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    I remember some horse rockers much like the ones above being in the church nursery. They were great fun.

  2. by Heather Watson on June 5, 2012 at 9:42 am

    I would LOVE to pwn this rocking rse…”Mini” due in early September wuold absoultely fall in love with this vintage-like piece. It’s like a page from my youth and that lil’ something special to pass on to my child and future chidren!


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