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StorkCraft Gliders – A Hidden Pleasure In Plain Sight

I found this article online from a customer and thought I should post it on our blog. Cheers.

By: Greg Baker

You know I have noticed something about StorkCraft Gliders, they are a hidden pleasure in plain sight. Let me explain what I mean. You ever notice how you don’t notice something until you have one?

Like for example buying a new car… did you ever notice when you bought a new car all the sudden that same color, same model, same year now seem’s like it is every where? You never noticed it before, in fact that’s why you bought that color or model because not everyone had one or so you thought. But yet there it is, every where you turn. Now I might be getting a little carried away but I think you know what I mean. It doesn’t have to be a new car it could be anything… bicycle, clothes, shoes even a StorkCraft Glider.

My wife’s family lives a couple of hours away from us. We visit with them a couple of time’s a year… more if we can. On a recent visit to my in-laws and the few that call themselves outlaws (every family has them) I noticed something that I NEVER noticed before in the 20 years I have visited. Like at my mother in-laws house… sitting there in plain sight is a StorkCraft Glider.
I make my self look stupid and ask my wife, “When did your mom get a glider?”
My wife with this puzzled look on her face replies, “Been there forever”… then she says, “maybe not the exact same one, but there always has been a rocker there. You have sat in a few hundred times. You feeling okay?”

I tell her, “I’m fine… just never paid that much attention to it.”
She just looks at me like you sure your okay, shakes her head and walks away. I over hear her tell her mother in the kitchen what I said and that her old man is losing it. I decide it might be best to let it be.

During our visit we make the rounds to the different siblings house’s and this is something I NEVER EVER noticed. Being to think my wife might be right I am losing it. There sitting in plain sight again in every home and we were in four different one’s… is a StorkCraft Glider. Again been there for years and I just never really noticed.
Maybe you have one maybe you don’t! All I know is there’s a reason why they all have one…

StorkCraft Gliders are a hidden pleasure that sits in plain sight.
Life has so my complications. Sometimes you just take a simple pleasure for granted. Like a StorkCraft Glider for example.
Article Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Greg_Baker

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