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Stork Craft proudly supports JPMA’s ‘Safe Sleep Initiative’

Stork Craft is very proud to support JPMA in their Safe Sleep Initiative. We value their commitment to providing parents and caregivers access to vital safe sleep information, through proper education.

On the JPMA Safe Sleep Website, http://www.cribsafety.org/, you will find important resources on how to create a safe sleep environment. Please take a moment to watch the demonstration videos and view the safety links. In September, JPMA will be embarking on a five-city education and sleep product donation tour. Watch for them in Chicago, Milwaukee, New York, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia. Also, make sure you check out JPMA’s new blog called “The Parenthood” as well as Stork Craft’s blog for updates.

The safest place for an infant or child to sleep is in a fully functional, properly assembled, JPMA certified crib. Stork Craft is completely JPMA certified.

For more information or to contribute to the Safe Sleep Program contact jpma@jpma.org or talia@storkcraft.com


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