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My first experience with a crying baby

I went over to my sister’s place last night to visit my 6 week old niece Kacey. She was lying in her bassinet swinging back and forth and seemingly happy. Instead of leaving her be, I became a selfish uncle and wanted to pick her up and hold her. So i put her in my arms, started rocking her back and forth and I could see her face scrunching. I think she was realizing that I was not her mom or dad and that must have upset her, because the tears started streaming down her face! My sister told me that it could have been because she was hungry, so I’m hoping that it was for that reason and not something personal against me :p

This was my first challenging experience with Kacey and this gave me a very small taste as to what parents with babies have to go through each and every day (and hour). I certainly have a new-found respect for new parents.