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  • Meet contest winner Vonetta and her daughter Sarah!

Meet contest winner Vonetta and her daughter Sarah!

Stork Craft was pleased to partner up with Jennifer from Barefoot Mommies for a Soom Soom Toddler Bed review and giveaway. You can see a video of the review here. After thousands of people entered to win this wonderful bed, we finally randomly selected a winner. Congratulations to Vonetta and her 3 year old daughter Sarah on being the big winners of this bed!
Vonetta was very excited to win this bed for her little girl:

Thank you so much! I am VJ (Tweeted @vantalee) winner for the Stork Craft toddler bed in the white color. I am so excited about this! My little girl needs a bed! Thanks so much! Her name is Sarah and will be 3 on the 21st! She loves the bed, as do I! Thanks for everything Adam!!! You’re wonderful!

On behalf of everyone here at Stork Craft, we hope that Sarah enjoys this toddler bed for years to come.