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Stork Craft: Meet Ms. Marketing!

Talia is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Stork Craft. She is energetic, fun and is a very hard worker. Talia may be small in stature but she more than makes up for this with her big heart (and her pink shoes).

Talia in her own words:

What I do: My role is centered in an integrated marketing and communications environment where I develop marketing materials, maintain brand consistency, develop our communications and advertising portfolio, manage our sales team and execute trade shows and promotions.

Hobbies: Used to play soccer and enjoy running , but I was “boarded” by a guy twice the size of me and now my knee is twice the size of the other one. Hopefully it gets better soon! Now I go to the driving range and pretend I can golf. I also enjoy cocktail and dinner parties with friends on Saturday’s and shopping and lunch on Sundays with girlfriends

I am currently completing my Bachelors’ in Communications studies- homework eats away a lot of my spare time.

Interesting facts:
1. Like Kevin I’m a tea drinker, we often have tea time together.
2. My favourite t.v. shows are Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill
3. I am officially a brand new homeowner
4. Love love dogs, I’ll take 15 please
5. Adam writes me love poems