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Thank you Baby Furniture Plus for visiting Stork Craft!

On behalf of Stork Craft, Ragazzi Fine Furniture, Status and Canwood we would like to thank those from Baby Furniture Plus who came to visit us here at Stork Craft last week. We really enjoyed showing you around our facility and introducing you to some of our new product lines, namely Status and Canwood as well as some new Ragazzi products. We also very much valued and appreciated all of the feedback and suggestions that you gave us.

The BFP Woods Comittee Chairperson, Zara Sawyer, wrote a very promising letter regarding the recent visit to Stork Craft. Some of the key points from her letter include:

-’…Stork Craft’s knowledgable and kind staff members’

-’We had a sneak preview of the new products – foremost of which is “Status”, at a lower price point a quality line worthy of your consideration’

-’The new Status will be shown at the ABC show and I believe you will find great interest in this new series’

-’Ragazzi furniture came out with innovating designs; and I feel they will be a big success at the ABC show too.’

Once again, Stork Craft was very glad to have you come visit our company and we look forward to working with you more in the future.


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