The New Guy

It’s always interesting being the new person in a company. Granted I had already worked at Stork Craft from August 07-July 08, but I had taken a year to go back to school and obtain my Masters Degree. I rejoined Stork Craft just two weeks ago and found out that a lot can change in 10 months! In my time away from the company some major events have occured:

-Sales have increased considerably (which is remarkable given the economic state of the world)
-We have some new employees filling various positions throughout the company
-Stork Craft has replaced their old coffee machine with a brand new, state of the art Van Houtte gourmet that gives us far too many options to caffeinate ourselves. We can make:
Cappuccino: An espresso-style coffee combined with hot and frothed milk
Caffè Latte: Hot and frothed milk topped with an espresso-style coffee – slightly stronger than Cappuccino
Mochaccino: A delicious combination of espresso-style coffee, hot and frothed milk and creamy hot chocolate
Steamer: Hot and frothed milk, regular or flavored with your choice of 3 flavors
Hot Cocoa: Rich and creamy hot cocoa
Hot Chocolate with Milk: Rich and creamy hot cocoa topped with hot and frothed milk
Café Mocha: Fresh brewed dark roast coffee combined with rich and creamy hot cocoa

Us employees have so many choices that there is no excuse for any of us to fall asleep at our desks, ever.

Tomorrow we celebrate being named CIO Magazine’s ‘Top 100 Companies’ award for our IT excellence. Congratulations to our IT Department for this prestigious award.

Well…the coffee machine is calling. I think this time I’ll have a latte.