Status Furniture, Tuscany Glider= exciting times!

So I was up in the Stork Craft showroom yesterday browsing some of our new products and brands. Let me tell you firsthand that the new Status Furniture line, which has just recently hit retail stores, is extremely impressive looking. These are very high quality cribs and case pieces, not only in the way they look but how they feel too. You can just tell that Status products are going to be a hit with customers looking for beautiful, trendy furniture at a mid-range price.

So it was about 11am and I was getting hungry for lunch and was a little tired in the showroom so I decided to try out the Tuscany Glider, Stork Craft’s new high quality glider/rocker. I was surprised at the size and the plushness of the microfiber cushions. Now I’m no small guy, I’m 6’3, 200+ pounds and I still had plenty of room to spare. The gliding motion was smooth and overall the Tuscany Glider had a luxurious feel to it.

Here are some pictures of the new Status Line 1000 Series in Espresso and Stork Craft’s new Tuscany Glider. Enjoy!