On Change and On Being Mom

“…making compromises in the way you’d envisioned your life isn’t a sign of failure, it just means you’re now a parent and not always first in line…”


I recently came across this post from Design Mom where she interviews Ann McGraw– mother, career woman, and a  transplant to Nashville.  Ann’s thoughts on learning to not only accept, but embrace the changes and fluidity of life with children resounded with me.  While this city-loving momma was describing the journey that she took to adjust to her life in suburbia, I felt that it could have applied to any of the transitions that anyone goes through when becoming a parent.


“I have struggled for so long with this new life of ours…  I felt like I had a dress on that didn’t quite fit and wasn’t quite me… But I recently realized – belatedly – that this isn’t about me. That this is where our family belongs right now, and this is what works for us. I walk around our house and think every day that I couldn’t possibly love any house or the people who live in it more than I do. I’ve had to reframe what I pictured our life looking like, and being appreciative for how good we have it.”


So often I find myself with unsettling thoughts of dissatisfaction since becoming a mom: The sudden lack of living space, on working only part-time, on missing out on girls’ nights out because I have to be home to put the baby to sleep, on wondering when I can get back into my pre-baby wardrobe of fitted dresses and skinny jeans…  But right when I find myself going down the list of “What if’s” I am reminded that just like Ann says, “…I recently realized – belatedly – this isn’t about me. That this is where our family belongs right now, and this is what works for us.”  In those moments when the husband is making our Little One giggle with uncontrollable laughter, when I peer down into the crib to see a peaceful sleeping baby, when I scroll back at the pictures on my phone and marvel at how quickly baby has grown, I know that I am blessed.  This life may not have been exactly what I had envisioned for myself, but it is freeing to know that I have much to be grateful for, and where I am is where I currently need to be.



Image: Instagram @dawn.wm