Company: Why Buy Stork Craft?

Award-winning Stork Craft Furniture. Experience you can trust.

We value the long standing commitment of our customers

  • A long standing manufacturer of juvenile products with a world renowned brand image.
  • Manufactured to bring you affordable, durable products, using an assortment of solid wood and wood products.
  • One of the largest selections of stages cribs in the industry allows you to design your babies’ nursery with the future in mind.
  • A large assortment of finishes allows you to add to your Stork Craft nursery as your child grows.
  • All chests include a tipping restraint and fortified steel drawer glides with safety stops, ensuring the security of your little one.
  • Adjustable mattress support base and storage space.
  • Stork Craft Furniture owned factories worldwide for timely delivery.

Looking Beyond Our Borders

The most valuable information about our products and services comes from our customers, retailers and end-consumers. Read about Stork Craft’s performance from our customers below. Feel free to tell us about your experiences with Stork Craft.

What our customers say about our products

This product of yours is the best engineered baby crib I have ever seen. I am greatly impressed with its strength and sturdiness, and of the obvious time that was invested in the design of the interconnecting parts.

~ John Allen

I purchased this crib for my third child and am now expecting my seventh child. It has been taken apart and put back together many times through moving and for storage, and the crib has held up very well!

~ Julie A Johnston

This is a good time to tell you how much we have enjoyed the Stork Craft crib that is elegant in design, straightforward in functionality, and convenient to adjust as baby grows. In fact we were so pleased with this premium crib that we purchased a second one at Stork Craft!

~ C. Gordon Owen

…or overall quality, packaging and clarity of customer instruction, your product is just about the very best I can ever remember seeing. To cap it all off, your service information included with your warranty statement adds comfortable assurance to the customer.

~ Charles A. Allman, Jr.

I own one of your fine cribs. May I say that my wife and I are very happy with the quality and excellent service that the crib has provided for my family over the past 2 years. The construction is sturdy and safely designed.

~ Paul Resendes

Stork Craft is a company which knows how to make and keep loyal customers. I am one of them now.

~ Heather Smith

I have just finished assembling a crib that was made by your company. Of all the products that I have ever assembled, this crib was the easiest. The instructions were detailed and easy to understand. All the holes were drilled in the correct places & (wonders will never cease) ALL the parts were included!!

~ Angela Townsend

I am very impressed and very pleased with the quick and effective service you provided me. You have shown to take the safety of babies seriously.

~ Dr. Martine Janicki

…thank you for your concern for our children’s welfare. I phoned hoping to buy replacement parts for our crib only to my surprise that Stork Craft had made safety a concern when it came to broken parts. Your prompt attention was incredible.

~ Sharon Godoy

It sure is nice to deal with a company that does value its customers and honours the product they produce.

~ Kim Heath