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Rock On

Stork Craft has been making cribs and dressers since 1945, but did you know that our top sellers of today are our glider and ottoman sets?  Our Hoop and Tuscany glider and ottoman sets have been such big hits, that retailers have requested Stork Craft to design some pieces that are exclusively for them to offer to their customers.  Take a look at these and tell me you don’t want to kick your feet up in one too!  They’re great for rocking baby to sleep, or even just for yourself to take that much needed break.


For those of you who are waiting for baby and have a stiff back, SC gliders with the nursing ottoman are a option to ease up the strain on the body.  I finally attended my prenatal-in-a-day class at our local hospital this past Saturday, and the nurse mentioned that good posture with your lower back pressed up well to the chair’s backsupport is essential to decreasing back pain.  In order to help with this, she suggested we place our feet on a nursing stool.  These gliders sets below with the pull-out nursing stools are perfect for mommies’ prenatal and postpartum rest! 


Hampton Glider & Nursing Ottoman:  Found exclusively at Walmart.


Kingston Glider and Nursing Stool Ottoman: Sold exclusively at Burlington Coat Factory


Davenport Swivel Glider and Nursing Stool Ottoman: Sold exclusively at Burlington Coat Factory.

Needing extra storage?  That’s our Aspen Cube Organizer Change Table to the right in the above image.  It works as a change table with a changing pad, and when your baby grows up, it turns into extra cubby space, with the perfect top to keep small items from rolling off.

Pins of the Week

I’ve been on Pinterest quite a bit now that I have all things baby on my mind!  From food to decor, here are my pins of the week.


-Good Eats:

How smart and simple is this for an easy, yet healthy, on-the-go snack?  Peanut butter is a great source of protein especially during pregnancy if you’re not a big meat eater.  Better yet, is to use an all natural peanut butter.  I’m currently constantly at our local Whole Foods refilling the PB at the fresh grind PB station!


-Gettin’ Crafty:


Home-ec class back in high school was a bit painful for me (I had no patience with the sewing machine and measuring), but I may have to dust off those sewing skills after seeing this project.  Using outgrown baby clothes to make an activity book (buckles, Velcro, zippers, buttons, clips, snaps, etc.) is a great way to recycle, have something compact as a keep sake of some favourite pieces, and a gift for your child!


-Style File for the Mini Me:

Boy or girl, every parent will tell you that they will love their child as he/she is.  The only “but” is that girls just hands down have cuter clothing selections!

Soft and pretty.


Fun print.


Style inspiration for fall/winter. 



Hot on Mod

As everyone probably knows by now, I’m am partial to more contemporary styles and especially ones that pay tribute to Scandanavian design, so I’m thrilled to announce that Stork Craft has partnered with Target on the Target 365 Crib!  How awesome is this grey/white combination pictured below?  Move aside white and espresso, grey is the new neutral to go with everything!  Get yours in grey/white or the classic espresso/white at Target.  Too bad I already selected the crib for my own nursery or else I’d be all over this one.

Infuse your baby’s nursery with Room 365 Convertible Crib’s fresh, modern charm.   The perfect combination of style and function, this solidly built crib converts into a toddler bed, daybed and (with the separate purchase of a full-size, double-ended mattress rails) a full-bed.  Select your preferred theme colour in a classic espresso/white, or sophisticated grey/white combination.


– Available colours: Espresso/White and Grey/White

– 4 in 1 crib that converts to daybed, toddler bed, and (with separate purchase of a full-size, double-ended mattress rails) a full-bed

– Toddler rail included

– Fix-side rails for security and safety

– Three adjustable mattress heights

– Made of solid wood and wood products with non-toxic finishes

– Meets or exceeds to all North American safety standards

– 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


A crib like this needs some fun accessories for the rest of the room.  I’ve got my eyes on these.


Dachshund Lamp by Offi: We had a mini doxi when I was little so anything to do with these adorable dogs, I am all over it!  This lamp comes in a selection of colours.



Michelle Mason’s London and Picadilly Circus Cushions: I would have one on the Stork Craft Tuscany Glider and Ottoman set!



Fun prints: Moon and Bear

Snack Attack

Did you have any particular cravings during your pregnancy?  During my first trimester, I was feeling too sick to even think about food.  I probably had a longer list of “cannot eat” due to my hightened sensitivity to smells than a list of what I could manage to keep down.  During the second trimester my appetite went back to normal, but now that I’m in my 30th week,  it has accelerated full force to where I now cannot stop thinking about what to snack on (This doesn’t bode well for someone who has an office job that lets her sit all day!).

Last night, my husband had a craving for a dipped ice cream cone so he made a trip to our local Dairy Queen and brought me back an Oreo blizzard.  It was the first time that I finished one by myself from top to bottom and I have to say, it was heavenly!  Unfortunately, the satisfaction doesn’t last too long before I’m thinking, “What’s next?”.

Whether savoury or sweet, these are some items that I could totally take a bite out of (Find all links and credits for images below on my Eat, Drink and Be Merry Pinterest board)!



Chocolate crepes with strawberries and creme: Need I say more? 😉


Chocolate frozen bananas:  I actually might have to make these at home since it looks relatively easy and healthy!  Bananas are a source of potasium too.


Eton Mess:  “Whether its creation was a happy accident or divine design, this thoroughly English dessert is heaven in a bowl.”  Meringues are another weakspot of mine and with a description like that… I’m sold.


Honey roasted apricots: I can’t wait for summer to do this one.  If you had to minus the ice cream, it’s still the perfect combo of healthy and delicious!



Sliced baked potatos: Of all carbohydrates, potatos are another one of my weak spots.  Cannot.  Resist.


Roasted brussel sprouts: I actually do enjoy brussel sprouts!  It seriously has been the undog of all vegetable with most people recalling it as a dull and lifeless chore to take care of when they were little before being released from the dinner table.  But I’m happy to see that this underrated veggie is now enjoying a revival in both restaurants and home.


Roasted vegetable mac ‘n cheese: This one’s on my dinner roster tonight!  Really!  It’s reviving a childhood favourite while packing those veggies in.


Vietnamese pickled vegetables: While I can’t say that I have had any cravings for pickles and ice cream, I have noticed that I have been partial to sour foods.  This is another recipe that I think I will put on the “to try” list.


Baguettes: Was never much into bread prior to being pregnant, but since then, I’m always up for a fresh slice of a hearty one.  I have noticed that since packing a good quality dense bread for lunch, it has carried me through the work day better than the generic fluffy stuff.

I Left My Heart With Santino

***Update March 20, 2013: The Santino 3 in 1 Crib design has been updated to convert from a crib to a toddler bed and then to a  daybed.  It does not convert into a full-bed.

-Available finishes: Espresso and white
3 in 1 crib that converts to toddler bed and daybed.  Toddler rail is included.
-Solid stationary sides offer security and stability
-Three   adjustable mattress support positions to accommodate your baby’s growth
-Made of solid wood and wood products with non-toxic finishes
-Meets or exceeds to all North American safety standards
-Easy to assemble with permanently attached instructions
-1 year manufacturer’s warranty
-JPMA certified



Here’s a preview of another Stork Craft piece that will be part of the Spring 2013 collection (along with the Giovanna and Princess Cribs), the Santino 3 in 1 Crib.  This is hands down my top pick so far with 2013’s cribs as it works beautifully for a boy or girl, and with its contemporary shape, it’s got just the perfect amount of details like the curved railings and bold legs to make the piece have personality and be a canvas for making the nursery’s decor pop.

With its rounded legs and contoured rails, the Santino 3 in 1 Crib has just the right modern touch to grow with your baby in style! 

-Available finishes: Espresso and white
-3 in 1 crib that converts to daybed, and (with separate purchase of a full-size, double-ended mattress   rails) a full-bed.  
-Solid stationary sides offer security and stability 
-Three   adjustable mattress support positions to accommodate your baby’s growth
-Made of solid wood and wood products with non-toxic finishes
-Meets or exceeds to all North American safety standards
-Easy to assemble with permanently attached instructions
-1 year manufacturer’s warranty
-JPMA certified


To keep things contemporary and light, I would love to pair some of these crib bedding sets with the Santino.


Olio’s Cobblestone in Taupe: Even minus the crib bumper, which many parents are now forgoing due to safety concerns, this cribs set still has all the graphics that keep it interesting and sophisticated.



Dwell Studio’s Skyline Collection: Perfect for the little city dweller.


Oli & Lime’s George Set: As much as I like soft pastels for a calming effect in the nursery, a pop of colour is also a great alternative for decorating.  Bold colours placed where your baby can see is good for sight developement during the first few months when he/she will be drawn to high contrast colours.


Zig Zag Rainbow: Whimsicle and fun!  The colours and mix of polka dots with zig zag reminds me of “craft time” in elementry school.


May as well get the little one started early on ABC’s with Skip Hop’s Bumper Free Alphabet Zoo collection.