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Looking for a new crib? Now’s the time to buy

**Crib pictured above is Lauren Crib in Espresso
If you are in the market for a new crib for your little one, now is the perfect time to buy. Why, you ask? Because Stork Craft is having it’s largest crib sale ever right now. Whether you’re interested in a simple stationary side crib, or a 4-in-1 that grows with your child, you can find many of our best cribs at some amazing prices. Yes, that’s a crib that converts to a toddler bed, day bed and full size bed for under $150! But now is the time to buy, as your favorite models and colors will currently be sold-out. If you need any crib suggestions, feel free to leave a reply here and I will help you out as best as I can.

StorkCraft Gliders – A Hidden Pleasure In Plain Sight

I found this article online from a customer and thought I should post it on our blog. Cheers.

By: Greg Baker

You know I have noticed something about StorkCraft Gliders, they are a hidden pleasure in plain sight. Let me explain what I mean. You ever notice how you don’t notice something until you have one?

Like for example buying a new car… did you ever notice when you bought a new car all the sudden that same color, same model, same year now seem’s like it is every where? You never noticed it before, in fact that’s why you bought that color or model because not everyone had one or so you thought. But yet there it is, every where you turn. Now I might be getting a little carried away but I think you know what I mean. It doesn’t have to be a new car it could be anything… bicycle, clothes, shoes even a StorkCraft Glider.

My wife’s family lives a couple of hours away from us. We visit with them a couple of time’s a year… more if we can. On a recent visit to my in-laws and the few that call themselves outlaws (every family has them) I noticed something that I NEVER noticed before in the 20 years I have visited. Like at my mother in-laws house… sitting there in plain sight is a StorkCraft Glider.
I make my self look stupid and ask my wife, “When did your mom get a glider?”
My wife with this puzzled look on her face replies, “Been there forever”… then she says, “maybe not the exact same one, but there always has been a rocker there. You have sat in a few hundred times. You feeling okay?”

I tell her, “I’m fine… just never paid that much attention to it.”
She just looks at me like you sure your okay, shakes her head and walks away. I over hear her tell her mother in the kitchen what I said and that her old man is losing it. I decide it might be best to let it be.

During our visit we make the rounds to the different siblings house’s and this is something I NEVER EVER noticed. Being to think my wife might be right I am losing it. There sitting in plain sight again in every home and we were in four different one’s… is a StorkCraft Glider. Again been there for years and I just never really noticed.
Maybe you have one maybe you don’t! All I know is there’s a reason why they all have one…

StorkCraft Gliders are a hidden pleasure that sits in plain sight.
Life has so my complications. Sometimes you just take a simple pleasure for granted. Like a StorkCraft Glider for example.
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Guest Post: A Brand New Life

Stork Craft will be featuring Parent Bloggers from time to time. This will be a new feature on our blog to help our readers get to know some amazing women and men in the online community. Meet our first ever guest blogger, Lauren Jimeson:

A Brand New Life by Lauren Jimeson

A couple months before having my daughter, my husband started apply to jobs. Not that he wasn’t happy at his current one, he just wanted to see if he could get a better position somewhere else (not thinking that he would actually get it.) Two weeks before I went into labor my husband went up to NYC for an interview with a potential company. We lived in Tampa at the time and I didn’t think much of it. Why would my husband want to move us all the way to NYC when we have a baby coming in two weeks? We just painted her nursery and got our house prepared for her homecoming. The day I went into labor my husband gets a call from the company offering him the position. Surprise! Not only is my life going to change dramatically because I am about to be responsible for another person, but I’m moving 1100 miles away to a city that it completely foreign to me.

I was a teacher and had just started the school year before having my daughter. I told my husband before, that if he did get this job I wanted to stay in Tampa to finish the school year. I had a responsibility to my school and I loved my job. The one downside of that was that my husband had to be up in NYC in one month. Sticking to that decision, I stayed in Tampa with my newborn daughter to finish out my teaching position, while my husband went up to NYC.

When I originally decided to stay in Tampa, I didn’t know the difficulties of parenthood. I had no clue that the first couple months are TOUGH! Why doesn’t anyone tell you the truth about the first couple months BEFORE having a baby? Not that it would have changed my decision on having one. I just think I would have gone into this a little more level headed then with rose colored glasses on. Having a baby is even tougher when you don’t have your spouse there to help you in the middle of the night to feed her or change a diaper. There is no one there to rock her back and forth during the witching hour.

In those nine months that my daughter and I lived in Tampa without my husband (he would come home on weekends when he could), I gained an enormous amount of respect for single moms and working moms. I would come home from work and immediately start to get things ready for the next day. I had to wash bottles, feed her, get her bathed, play with her, get her to bed, and at some point find some time for me to eat and take a shower.

Looking back on that time, even now that I am with my husband in NYC, I wouldn’t have changed my decision for anything. My daughter and I have an amazing relationship and I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I am capable of doing a lot more than I ever thought that I could do. I became much more independent and self sufficient. There were many tears along the way, but they were all worth it. I feel like I can do anything now! Even conquer this new city we are now living in.

Now that one adventure has ended, a new one had begun. I am now a stay at home mom trying to make it in this huge city with my daughter!

You can read about our adventures in this new city at

You can follow Lauren on Twitter @LaurenJimeson

Stork Craft launches customization program, opens distribution centers

Jane Kitchen — Kids Today, 10/12/2010 10:21:17 AM

Stork Craft is launching a Create Your Own program for its glider rockers, offering 63 different combinations in its Hoop Glider & Ottoman collection, and six wood finishes and four fabric combinations for its Tuscany Glider & Ottoman collection.
With no increase in price point for the customization, the Hoop Glider & Ottoman combo will retail for around $199; the Tuscany combo for $250.
Stork Craft also announced the opening of new regional distribution centers in Dallas, Texas; Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Northern New Jersey, which will warehouse all the Stork Craft brands, beginning with Ragazzi, Status, and Canwood. Shipments will commence this month, and there are plans to include distribution centers in the Midwest and Northeast.
“Our goal is to construct distribution points which will provide our dealer network with outstanding timely customer service and quality products that they can be proud to sell and represent,” said Jim Moore, president and CEO.
“The benefit of having regional distribution centers throughout the United States not only provides Ragazzi dealers more competitive freight rates, but also allows for faster product availability to our dealer network and to their customers,” said Dan Ward, vice president of sales and marketing.