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Storage Galore

Whether it’s short of space or simply not having the right system to organize, lack of functional storage is one of those dilemmas that everyone seems to have.   When you already have all the dressers and case pieces but still need additional places to get everything in order, here are some storage ideas for reorganizing that nursery or the up-coming back-to-school cleanup.


Cornered- Make use of those corners, no matter how small.  They can hold all those picture frames, small collections, and knick knacks that you may want displayed but do not want to take up precious dresser-top space with.


^Image: Project Nursery


Tiered- You’ve probably re-purposed that vintage cake stand into your jewelry console, so why not a Farmer’s Market Epergne/fruit stand into your baby’s accessories caddy?


^Image: Project Nursery


Under Bed Storage-  There’s no room for bed-time monsters here!  Make use of that space under the crib with a flat storage box.  Use a crib skirt to hide anything unsightly, or find some bins that you do not mind displaying.  Just make sure that the items inside are either sealed shut or are baby-proofed around any crawling Little Ones.

DSC05734 DSC05736

^Images: A Lovely Lark


^Image: The Bump


^Image Credit


DIY Library-  There are so many configurations and ways to style a bookshelf wall that there is definitely a variation that will work for just about any space.  It’s a must-have for any child’s room as they display all those beautifuly illustrated book covers, and do not take up any floor space that regular bookcases do.  Score!


^Image: Mini Style Blog


^Image: The Book and the Boy


^Image: Popsugar


How to Stack Those Stuffies?– This is probably the age old question that parents have been asking themselves since mass-produced stuffed animals came into existence (I have a one year old and we are already swarmed with fur babies everywhere, thanks to grandma and grandpa, aunties and uncles, and friends).  I have been (and am still) on the hunt for effective, but also aesthetically agreeable ways of corralling these little beings.


^A vintage style wooden crate with wheels.  Image: Cozy Cottage Cute


^The basket seems to be the majority’s answer for all general toy clutter.  If it’s going to all have to get piled somewhere, it may as well be in a style that can double as some interior design eye-candy.  Image: The Glitter Guide



^Re-purposed garden wire baskets are an unexpected but cute way to display those dollies and animals.  Image 1: Modern Kiddo, Image 2: Babble


^Make those animals double up as wall art with this DIY branch swing.  Just make sure to keep the ropes high enough away from little hands.  Image: Garden Therapy




Inspiration | Application: It’s Shades of Gray

Green and yellow tend to be the default colour choices for “gender neutral” nurseries and baby accessories.  But in terms of giving incredible flexibility for mix and match or change down the road, my current favourite combination is gray and white.  These shades placed together are calm and soothing, and is perfect for making the addition of colourful accessories pop against a neutral background.


Our Inspiration:


^Bright and airy, this gray and white themed nursery keeps things interesting with textures and accessories.  (Image from Lay Baby Lay)



^Mixing up playful patterns with textiles (Image credit here).


Our Application:

SC Hillcrest 3 in 1 Crib

^The Hillcrest 3 in 1 Crib in gray.  Classic and contemporary, this crib would be fit for a little boy or girl.


SC Zutano Tivoli 3 DrawerSC Zutano Tivoli

^The Tivoli collection is a collaboration between Zutano and Storkcraft.  Modern and functional, the Convertable Crib and Three Drawer Dresser come in a dreamy Cloud/White finish.


SC Hoop Glider and Otto with Chevron Cushions

^The wonderful worlds of chevron and gray come together in the form of the Hoop Glider & Ottoman set.


SC Tuscany Glider and Ottoman with Swirl Cushions

^Click here for a closer look at the subtle play of pattern on the cushions on this Tuscany Glider & Ottoman set.  We’re loving the swirl dots.




Tidbit Tuesday

A little tidbit of this, and a little tidbit of that on a Tuesday afternoon.


-Did anyone catch the super moon that took place over this past weekend?  If you missed this past one, there is another super moon to catch sight of on September 9th!


^My Little One and my husband taking a minute to catch a view of the huge moon in the early evening sky.


-August is the time to fit in those last family road trips before school is back in swing.  Loving these 10 Road Trip Activities for Kids from Say Yes.


-We like this Back to School Shopping List that is broken down by grade.  It takes the guess work out of figuring out “needs” vs “wants” when at the shopping mall.


-Glider & ottoman sets are a nursery staple and we love the new swirl dot cushion series that has just recently launched.  Take a zoomed-in look at the swirl dot pattern.  It’s fun and modern, but subtle enough for any of the three colours (oatmeal, slate, or blush pink) to blend seamlessly into any decor.

Swirl 8.12.14


-You can never do too many crafts with the kids, especially ones like this mismatched sock snake.  Now we know what to do with all those lonely socks that lost their partners during laundry.


-Ever wonder what it would be like to raise a child in a different country?  A favourite series of mine from A Cup of Jo, Motherhood Around the World, takes us around the world to see how North American mothers are faring in far away lands.




Whenever I hear the term “polka dots” my mind conjures images of Mini Mouse’s red and white dress, the Twister game board and clown outfits.  None of them lend to the general feeling of “calm” or “serene” when it comes to decorating for a nursery.  But with the help of wall decals and DIY paint projects, there are some pretty amazing and inspirational nurseries that have been able to take the polka dot to a whole new level of creativity and sophistication.  Take a look at these lovely spaces that have successfully incorporated and updated the ubiquitous “dot”.


1) The Scatter: Who says that dots have to be placed in neat little rows?  These rooms use the “scatter” to create the illusion of movement and infusion of whimsy.  Use them to fill an entire wall, or have them trickle down over a select area.


Image: Roxanne Stellmacher


Image: Gilt


Image: Walls Need Love


Image: Walls Need Love


2) Colour: My Pinterest feed has been flooded with metallics as the finish of choice for wall decal dots, but these rooms show that coloured spots can be just as sophisticated and modern.  Use the all the colours of the rainbow, or stick to only a few for a consistent theme.


Image: Momo Design


Image: Outer Towners


Image: Babyology


Image: Momo Design


3) Black and White: Black and white dots with the right proportion and spacing adds visual interest but stays timeless.


Image: Laura Winslow Photography


Image: Lolita


Image: Down That Little Lane


4) Size It Down… Or Up:  Sizing seems to be one of the keys to getting this dotted look just right.  Either blow it way up to create something bold and graphic like the way that Tori Spelling has done with her coral circles, or size it down to keep the the space bright and open.


Image: Red Book Magazine


Image: Interiors Addict


Image: Pisaroita


What do you think of the polka dot?  Would this be something that you would incorporate into your nursery or kid’s room?



Regular Dressers VS Juvenile Dressers: What’s the Diff?

Ever wonder what the difference is between a regular dresser and one that is sold in the nursery section?  Are there any actual benefits to a dresser that is being marketed “for children”?  Indeed there are!  Storkcraft dressers are tested to meet specific safety standards in order to be sold as juvenile furniture.  This also includes the use of materials that are made to withstand the wear and tear that only little ones would bring.


1)      Sturdy Finishes: While the top of dressers usually become home to books, jewelry and small knick knacks in a master bedroom, dressers for babies tend to be places to balance drippy bottles, wet cloths, and even the odd dirty diaper.  Storkcraft dressers do not use paper-based laminates or materials that may “bubble” or melt upon contact with moisture.  Rather, the dressers are made of durable finishes that can be cleaned with a damp cloth and can hold up to everyday wear and tear with a baby.



Aspen 3 Drawer Dresser


2)      Anti-tipping: Did you know that according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission that “More than 25,000 of [tip-over] injuries are to children under the age of 18?”  Moreover, “falling furniture accounts for more than half (52 percent) of the injury reports” (Source).  The difference between a dresser made for juveniles vs a generic piece for the rest of the home is that several anti-tipping measures have been incorporated into each Storkcraft baby dresser.  These include

-Wall mounts to attach the furniture to the wall

-Reinforced bases to help distribute weight of the dresser closer to the floor and away from the top of a dresser

-Anti-tipping tests that are performed by placing weights on top drawers, etc. to determine if the overall construction and design of the dresser holds it balance



Aspen Combo Dresser


3)      Drawer-stops and locks:  The stops prevent drawers from falling out of their tracks even if they are fully pulled open.  The locks keep a drawer from unintentionally slamming close into little fingers when a drawer is open and in use.



Beatrice 3 Drawer Dresser


4)      Ergonomic measurements: Anyone who has ever had to change diapers or rummage in a drawer for something while wrestling a baby knows that it can be backbreaking work.  This is especially true for mothers who are still recovering from childbirth.  Storkcraft 3 drawer dressers, combos and 6 drawer dressers are designed to be at the optimum height of 34”.  This allows for easy access to items, and especially for changing diapers should customers choose to use a contoured changing pad on the top.




5)      Avoiding choking hazards: Juvenile dresser knobs are selected to be too large to swallow, but yet small enough to not provide any easy climbing foothold.



Beatrice Combo Dresser with Hutch sold separately (Right).


So while it may seem tempting to simply pick up the extra storage for your nursery at the home department, there are definitely many reasons why including a dresser that is compliant to health and safety codes for children’s furnishings is a wise decision.  All furniture geared for juveniles are required to be strictly tested and certified, so feel free to ask your nursery retailer for more information on how to select a dresser for your little one’s room.