Attacked by a parrot (not a stork!)

I came to work on Monday morning at Stork Craft a little bit more tired than usual. Sunday nights are supposed to be quiet, relaxing evenings while the weekend is wrapping-up and you prepare for another work week. I spent some time with my family on Sunday night and I was getting ready to leave, I wanted to say goodbye to the two household pets that live with my parents- Ziggy the puppy and Mango the cockatoo. Mango was in her cage at the time and seemed quite playful. Throughout Mango’s 16 year existence she has always had a ‘love-hate’ type of relationship with me. As I put my face up to the cage to say goodbye, something must have triggered some angry feelings inside of her. She latched her beak onto my formerly attractive nose and took a chunk out of the front. I’ll spare you with the rest of the details but I got out of the hospital at 1am after receiving 1 stitch in my nose. Could have been much worse!

The employees at Stork Craft wondered what had happened. I thought of making up an elaborate story but I ended up telling them the truth. Now I just wanted to apologize to all of the Stork Craft people here who have to look at this unsightly nose for the next little while!