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Getting Summer Crafty

Summer break is just around the corner.  With school being let out, got plans for how to keep the kids preoccupied yet?  I recently came across plenty of DIY activities and it got me wanting to roll up my sleeves and get my craft on.   Here are my top 5 favourite summer projects for both kids and adults alike.


1) Tipis:


Image from A Subtle Revelry


When I started seeing backyard tipis and reading nook tipis popping up on my Pinterest feed, I knew I would have to make one one day for my Little One.  You will find that there are endless styles and methods for constructing a tipi/tent, but for the purpose of keeping things simple and portable, I like this one by A Subtle Revelry.  Purchase a set of tabbed curtains from any discount store for a no sew version (or make your own), 4 rods, and some twine and you’re good to go.  You can go with the whimsical sheer fabric that A Subtle Revelry has chosen, or select something thicker with a more canvas-like feel.  Set it up in a family room for sleepovers or bring it to the beach for some shade to stretch out under.


2) Dyed Blanket


Image from Say Yes


This is a project that the kids would love to help out with and you get to boast a one-of-a-kind piece for those trips to the park and beach.  The process is surprisingly easy and while this one is a sophisticated indigo, you can try it with whatever other colour that inspires you.  I could see this easily in a canary yellow or vibrant fushia pink.  These instructions from Say Yes talk about hemming the fabric too, but for easy-peasy no-sew, pick up a set of discounted white cotton sheets to use instead.  While you already have the dye mixed and ready, have your little ones throw in a few little white T’s or onesies (like this) for a new set of tie dye outfits.


3) Dipped Shoes


Image from


If you can do picnic/beach blackets, why not shoes?  Liven up those canvas shoes and let the kids personalize them with their own colour.  I may need to make a pair in my size to usher in warm weather and bid a temporary goodbye to winter boots.


4) Braided Basket


Image from Corner Blog


Colourful and a great use of those old t-shirts that the kids and partner may have outgrown, this woven basket may help “clean up time” become a bit more pleasant.  …Ok, Fine.  It will probably not make any difference to how the kids accept putting away the toys.  But at least they get an activity out of making the basket, and you get something pretty to have in your home.





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Web Wednesdays

Needing a little inspiration to get you through to the weekend?  Take a look at these three blogs by amazing women who are mommies!  Whenever I need the pick-me-up during what seems like a long week, I make a quick visit over to these inspirational blogs.


1) Say Yes


While the world wide web is often full of creative and gorgeous things and ideas, they can often be pricey, time consuming or simply not inline with a busy mommy’s lifestyle.  Enter Liz Stanley, lifestyle blogger and mommy of two, who has her own team that brings “a collection of pretty, creative, and budget-friendly ideas to Say Yes to a more crafty, stylish, and family-focused life.”


2) A Cup of Jo


Joanna Goddard, former magazine editor and Manhattan mommy, reminds us that the hectic life of parenthood can still mean time for good food, beautiful living spaces, and beauty.  My favourite posts are the House Tours that showcase homes of on-the-go families, and Beauty Uniform, a feature that gives us a glimpse into the lives and beauty secrets of different mommies.


3) Lala Lovely


Trina McNeilly’s aesthetic is clean and minimal, and her blog is the perfect place to wander and relax.  Escaping into her world of “where lovely things land”, you would never guess that she manages quite the hectic life as mom of four.



Hilcrest Gone Grey, Grey, Grey

What better way to welcome a new crib to the Storkcraft family than to introduce it in our current colour obsession, grey!  Say hello to the Hilcrest 3 in 1 Crib.  It’s modern and has those clean lines that will complement a variety of dresser/storage pieces.  Yet it has all the subtle details like the rounded rail edges and lower arched side panels to make this crib a timeless piece.  Should I also mention that it’s only $159.99 over at AmazonSwoon.







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Mapping It Out

With the recent summer weather, I have been itching to travel.  Combine that with all things furniture related here at Storkcraft, and it had me dreaming about map themed nurseries and kids room.


Go big or go home, right?  These three rooms dedicate a full wall to feature a world map, but each achieves a distinctive look with their map’s unique style, from calm and sophisticated to colourful and fun.  Scrolling between all the images, I can’t determine which room I want to obsess the most over.  Right when I have determined that I could totally be the fun, hipster mom that would go for the kitchy and colourful, the Martha Stuart in me wants the Hamptons-style retreat.

Images 1, 2, 3 & 4.









Not ready for such a big commitment as those above?  A school map adds colour and whimsy with minimal work.  My next Craigslist search will now have to be “vintage maps”.  Images 1 & 2.





Not limited to only kids rooms; here are two different styles of nurseries that incorporate the art of travel.  I think my little Jet Setter would appreciate sleeping in either of these nurseries!  Image 1 & 2.







Throwback Thursdays

This is my first time spending Mother’s Day as a mom.  During the one last year I celebrated with my own mother, who had flown in from out of town, and my husband’s family over a sushi dinner at our place.  I was already in labour that early Sunday morning, and got through the Mother’s Day dinner by stepping away from the table every once in a while to weather the increasing contractions.   It’s hard to believe that it has been a whole year already and I now have a little girl of my own!


In honour of the upcoming Mother’s Day weekend and Throwback Thursdays, here’s a picture of me and my mom.  Fast forward a few decades later and you have the second shot with my mom as grandma and holding my LO.  Looking at these two images, I am reminded of the kind of selfless love that my own mother had for her children.  Her patience, can-do attitude, and ability to listen and empathize have set the bar high for my own journey through motherhood.



^Yes, note that 80’s decor!



^Grandma and her first grand baby


Wishing all the women out there who have opened up their hearts and home to love and raise children, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!   Your role as your children’s mentor, caretaker, advocate, comforter and so much more is celebrated!

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