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Happy Canada Day!

As Stork Craft will be closed July 1st for Canada Day, we would like to wish all of our Canadian friends a very happy Canada Day. Be thankful for the country that we live in and celebrate responsibly.

Meet Taylor!

Taylor is the youngest employee of Stork Craft, but he is wise beyond his years. I consider Taylor one of the funniest people we have in our office. He has interesting taste in music but we won’t hold that against him.

Meet Taylor…

1) Where are you from?
White Rock, BC
2) What do you do at Stork Craft?
National Sales Manager – Stork Craft Canada

I deal with all of the major retails collaborating marketing efforts and strategic sales initiatives to promote our product and succeed in the Canadian marketplace.

3) How long have you been working at Stork Craft?
5 years
4) What do you like to do in your spare time?
I enjoy fly fishing, tying my own fly’s, 4x4ing, ATVing, Boats, Reading outdoor Canada Magazine, Golf, Hockey and Helicopters.
5) Tell us a weird/quirky fact about you that we might not know.
I use very odd sayings sometimes;

“ I was all over that like a hen on a June bug”
“ Nobody likes a guy that pumps his own tires”

Long Horn Bunkbed on Rollback – only $199.99

**Bed pictured above is the Stork Craft Long Horn Bunk Bed

The all-new Stork Craft Bunk Beds, Caribou and Long Horn, have been flying off the shelves since they were introduced just over a month ago. They have been so popular that the Caribou is currently sold-out everywhere. Customer reviews have been very positive, mostly 4 and 5 stars. These beds are not only attractive but sturdy too, made of high quality wood. Did you know that the bunk beds can be separated into two twin beds? You can’t beat that for the price.

You can purchase the Stork Craft Long Horn Bunk Bed online now from for only $199.99 (for a limited time only).

World Cup fever at Stork Craft!

Even though the Canadian national soccer team did not qualify for the World Cup, we still have many soccer fans within the Stork Craft office. Loyalties are divided:

-USA is naturally a popular choice within our US office as well as our VP of Sales & Marketing Dan, though he can’t be that big of a fan if I just had to inform him that the US scored in injury time to advance to the round of 16 :)

-Portugal is the team of choice in our warehouse, as we have a few people of Portugese descent. This is also Taylor’s team of choice because he really likes Nando’s Portugese flame-grilled chicken.

-Brazil is Debbie, Jorge, Carolina and Melissa’s favourite team and is always a safe bet to advance far in the World Cup.

-Mexico is my team of choice as I’ve had several relaxing warm weather vacations there

Some other countries Stork Craft employees are cheering for: Spain (Annie), South Korea (Ed), England (Daniel).

5 popular Stork Craft cribs on sale

**Stork Craft Aspen Stages Crib pictured above**

Stork Craft is now offering a price reduction for some of their most popular cribs:

-Stork Craft Aspen 3-in-1 stages crib

-Stork Craft Heather 4-in-1 stages crib

-Stork Craft Rochester 4-in-1 stages crib

-Stork Craft Monique 4-in-1 stages crib

-Stork Craft Chelsea 4-in-1 stages crib

You can find sales prices on these select five cribs from from all retailers that carry Stork Craft products.