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The joys of being a first-time Uncle

For months and months, my whole family was waiting in anticipation for my sister Haley’s first baby. I was excited, but I didn’t really know what to expect. It was hard for me to imagine what a new baby in the family would be like, as we haven’t had one in our immediate family since my brother was born in 1990. Uncle Adam had a nice ring to it, but what kind of uncle would I be to Kacey? While many of these questions are still unanswered, I must say that the first 10 days of me being an uncle have been both proud and exciting for me. My sister and her husband have invited me over to see Kacey and I’ve jumped at every chance to hold her. At first I was pretty nervous to go anywhere near her as she is so tiny and delicate, but I think I’m much better now.

I want Kacey to think of me as a cool, fun, caring uncle to her. Although she probably won’t remember these last 10 days with me, I know that I will never forget them.

Tristan the cowboy

Even though his mother Randi won the Rocking Horse giveaway, Tristan came away the big winner. I’m told that although he looks like he’s in pain in this picture, that this is the face he makes when he is told to smile. According to his mother, Tristan is loving the Rocking Horse!

Enjoy it Tristan, and giddy up!

Meet Kacey Skye, the newest addition to the Stork Craft family…

Yesterday morning I had the privilege of meeting my brand new baby niece, Kacey Skye. She was born the morning of April 20th a healthy 6 lbs, 15 ounces. This is my sister’s first ever child and my parents first ever grandchild, so she is sure to be a spoiled little girl! Uncle Adam got to hold her yesterday and she started crying, but maybe one day she’ll learn to like him :)

I will post pictures of her nursery very soon. At her Mom’s house she has a complete set of Status Furniture – Sussex Collection and at her Nana’s (my Mom does NOT want to be called Grandma) she has the Stork Craft Aspen Crib in Black. Lucky girl!

Stay tuned for more pics…

Meet Randi, winner of the rocking horse!

Randi Schmid was the big winner of the Stork Craft Rocking Horse from our last contest giveaway. She chose the cherry color (great choice!) and is very excited to give this to her two sons. In the words of Randi:


Thank you so much. I’m Randi Schmid or @sclubmama or . I won the rocking horse which I am very excited to get. I have two sons who will be sharing the rocking horse, although my older son Tristan will be using it more than Isaac {he’s only 8 months}. It’s going to be sort of an early birthday present for them {they are both July babies}. I attached a picture of me and my boys for you too. If you need anything else, let me know. Thank you again – I am very appreciative of this! -Randi

Congratulations Randi and we hope that Tristan and Isaac enjoy their new toy!

New Stork Craft beds available to buy now!

I posted about the all-new Stork Craft Bunk Beds a few months ago, but the beds were still in the preliminary stages of being built and approved. Now not only are the all new Stork Craft Caribou and Long Horn bunk beds produced, but they are available to buy now on I think you’ll be surprised at the affordable prices of these new bunk beds, especially given their high quality materials!

Stork Craft Caribou Bunk Bed – Espresso

Stork Craft Long Horn Bunk Bed – Espresso