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Happy New Year!

To our blog followers and customers worldwide,

On behalf of all Stork Craft Employees, I would like to wish you a happy and healthy new year and best wishes for 2010. You can expect big things from our company in the coming year, with new products being rolled-out from all of our brands: Stork Craft, Status Furniture, Ragazzi Fine Furniture and Canwood Furniture.

Stay tuned to this blog for the latest product news and contest giveaways from Stork Craft.

Happy 2010 everybody!

Adam Segal
Manager, E-Marketing & Social Media
Stork Craft Manufacturing Inc.

Happy Holidays from Stork Craft!

On behalf of Stork Craft and its employees, we would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a very Happy New Year. Have a joyous and memorable Christmas and we will be back to work starting Tuesday, December 29th.

Update: Stork Craft responding to customers and sending out conversion kits

Stork Craft has been making some positive strides in light of the high demand for drop-side crib conversion kits. The initial surge of of inquiries and requests have been taken care of, and everybody should be able to access our online repair kit form at

We have already processed and shipped out thousands of drop-side repair kits and have received confirmation that some customers have already received their parts. Again, the fastest way to request your repair kit is through our website as our phone lines are still being tied up with calls.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. Parts are being shipped out in priority sequence. Please understand that we are processing tens of thousands of orders and are shipping them out as quickly as we can.

Here are some positive responses we have received from our valued Stork Craft customers:


My name is Jennifer and I have a 9 month old son who sleeps in a Fisher Price, Storkcraft drop side crib. He loves his crib and sleeps really well in it. We are first time parents so may have a tendancy to be cautious, one might say overly cautious with our son.

When I saw the crib recall I panicked and thought we would have to buy a new crib. Money is tight as I am on maternity leave and we just bought a new house, a crib was definitely not in the budget. Much to my deligh I found the blog that Adam S. from Strokcraft was responding to and was happy to see so many positive reviews of your cribs even with the recall. I was able to blog my concerns and questions and Adam responded as quick as he could. We received our repair kit less then 2 weeks after we emailed our information to Storkcraft.

I have been very pleased with Storkcraft through what could have been a very stressful time. Thanks so much for taking responsibility and thanks for responding so quickly!!

Keep up the good work

I had a recalled crib, which I sold when my daughter out grew it (at the same price that I paid for it)
It was my dream crib, solid as a rock right up until the day it left. Beautiful and I would buy it again, and again and again.
Im sorry that there is so much negative gossip about these cribs. Mine was put together correctly and I NEVER had any concerns, even after the brackets were recalled, I checked mine, they were fine, I ordered the new brackets, and that was that. I am so sorry to see these wonderful cribs coming off the market. I searched for a long time to find a retailer in Edmonton who carried it, and it is a shame other families are losing out on this amazing product.
I stand behind my storkcraft crib

I also received my kit today. Thanks so much for the quick response from Storkcraft!!